"One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind" - Neil Armstrong

Lunar Surface

Landing on the moon is a massive accomplishment, and this page showcases the few, proud nations who have done so.

To land on the moon, a nation must first build the Missile Launch Program, Space Program, and Moon Landing National Projects. Landing on the moon does not benefit a nation competitively, except to showcase their excellence and achievement at Politics & War.

First Nation to Land on the Moon

Landing Date

02/01/2020 12:11:15 am

R lyeh

Leader: Frezasan

Alliance: Morningstar

Subsequent Landings

Landing Date

02/01/2020 12:14:38 am

Embrace It

Leader: Do Not Fear Jazz

Alliance: The Enlightenment

Landing Date

02/01/2020 12:20:27 am

Schrute plague

Leader: Dwight k Schrute

Alliance: Schrute Farms

Landing Date

02/01/2020 03:41:34 am

Arctic Icelandic Republic

Leader: Polar Bear the Great

Alliance: Farkistan

Landing Date

02/01/2020 08:14:48 pm


Leader: Cjfly

Alliance: Respublica Romana

Landing Date

02/04/2020 09:33:47 pm


Leader: Luciano Leggio

Alliance: La Cosa Nostra

Landing Date

02/05/2020 11:50:16 pm


Leader: Wolfgang

Alliance: Horsemen

Landing Date

02/06/2020 01:07:52 am

Democratic Shanghai

Leader: Yang_Cheng

Alliance: Camelot

Landing Date

02/12/2020 03:35:11 am


Leader: Globoid

Alliance: World Task Force

Landing Date

02/16/2020 03:29:11 pm


Leader: zeekeal

Alliance: Horsemen

Landing Date

02/17/2020 06:06:52 am

Nueva Granada

Leader: Don Juan

Alliance: The Commonwealth

Landing Date

02/19/2020 12:40:43 am

Fraggle Rock

Leader: Fraggle

Alliance: Groundhog Day

Landing Date

02/22/2020 03:54:10 am


Leader: Alphabravo42

Alliance: Farkistan

Landing Date

02/22/2020 02:16:41 pm

Darwinium of Slugs

Leader: Buck Turgidson

Alliance: Yarr

Landing Date

02/24/2020 05:47:47 am

Fourth Circle of Hell

Leader: Azazel

Alliance: Camelot

Landing Date

03/09/2020 01:20:23 am

New Chiraq

Leader: Bahgat

Alliance: Yarr

Landing Date

03/17/2020 04:35:05 pm


Leader: Prozenz

Alliance: Farkistan

Landing Date

03/19/2020 02:48:48 am

The Lost Isles

Leader: Shakyr

Alliance: The Syndicate

Landing Date

03/20/2020 02:36:26 am


Leader: CK421

Alliance: Horsemen