Alliance Treaty Web

The Alliance Treaty Web is a visualization of the of alliances and their in-game formal obligations to each other. Below the web is a list of treaty types and brief descriptions. The Treaty Web was originally created by the player Phiney (and kept updated by various players), but is now operated automatically through in-game mechanics.

Show alliances starting at rank and the following types of treaties

MDP MDoAP ODP ODoAP Protectorate NAP/PIAT NPT Extension

NAP/PIAT treaties are hidden by default to reduce clutter. Click here to view the entire treaty web.

MDP: Mutual Defense Pact. Both parties agree to come to the other's defense if attacked

MDoAP: Mutual Defense and Optional Agression Pact. Both parties agree to come to the other's defense if attacked, and have the option to help in the other party's offensive endeavors

ODP: Optional Defense Pact: Both parties agree to optionally helping the other if they are attacked

ODoAP: Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact: Both parties have the option to defend each other if they are attacked, and to engage in the other party's offensive endeavors

Protectorate: A one-way MDP wherein one alliance agrees to protect another. The protected alliance is under no obligation to defend the protector.

NAP: Non-aggression pact. Both parties agree not to attack each other.

PIAT: Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty. Both parties agree to help each other and pledge non-aggression, but are not obligated to defend each other.

NPT: Non-Proliferation Treaty. Both party alliances, and all member nations, agree not to and are prohibited from building Nuclear Weapons. The NPT does not prohibit the use of pre-existing Nuclear Weapons.

Extension: Extension Treaty. Indicates this alliance is an extension of the sending party.

*Note: Treaties are not enforced by the game, except non-aggression. Nations in treatied alliances will not be able to declare wars on each other.