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Empire of the Romans




Welcome fellow traveler to the great city of Rome! We hope you enjoy your visit with us. 

Rome offers many great benefits to its citizens, great community and roleplay. 

Feel free to join our discord if you have any questions or want to join. 

This is a oligarchic centralized Republic existing within the framework of the Principate system of Magistrates.

(Alliance founded in 2018 by Rome’s First Emperor, Justinian Magnus Caesar)

(Joining our discord and applying for citizenship within 12 hours of applying in game is a requirement and those after the mark will be removed off the list, if you have any issues joining the server or opening a application then send a message to Blox and Azor in game stating your issue and we will help you or if you are in server then ask for help at the Aurelian Gate channel in discord)




Imperator Augustus of Rome: Tiberius Aurion Caesar

Praetorian Legatus Augusti (High Gov IA):  Bloxeus Severus

Magistrate of the Aerarium Ministorium (High Gov Econ): Lucilla Inepta

Titus Caeso
Legatus Diplomaticus (High Gov FA): NotSad

Legatus Augusti (High Gov MA): Boom Abbas


Chief Justice of Rome: Vulpes Inculta


Magistrate of Roman Culture and Harmony:

Biggus Dickus

Praetorian Prefect (High Gov IA 2ic): Azerath Neretzes & Jayden Kennedy

Quaestor (Econ 2ic):

Daxxus DeMarco


Magistrate (High Gov without portfolio):

Procurator Augusti (Econ Banker): Desperado


Vexillarius (FA Low Gov):

Praetorian Guard (IA Low Gov): 
Harambe Dio
Junius Clanaticus
Victorius Saturnus

Tribunus Militum (MA 2ic):



Former Emperors of Rome



Rome has all sorts of amenities to offer to all types of people. We have a executive branch led by the Imperial family and Imperial representatives organizing the executive branch. 



We have the organization for a elected Imperial Senate organized and led by two Consuls elected by a vote of the People. Citizens can vote for or against bills, run for public office, and serve in any executive department. 


The Empire of the Romans goal is to create a vibrant community with regular Consular and Senate elections to give all citizens a say in the future of Rome. 




This is a multi ethnic Empire with people from all over the world with many different religions and beliefs. We welcome all and everyone no matter their age, gender, game experience, or race is welcome here. We do not tolerate discrimination or or openly seeking to violate the rules whether they be Alex or Discord or your local laws. Beyond that and following our alliance rules and requirements will be free to speak your minds freely and openly here and all are welcome to Rome. 


We hope to see you join the Republic and help us expand the light of Rome. 



We do provide grants and loans to citizens who meet the requirements for them. 

Evolution of the Roman Legions






Rome Counters all hits on our Citizens and applicants; if your defensives are filled we will slot someone else in your alliance.  


Rome is at War


We are protected by: House Stark & Dark Brotherhood


For FA reach out to Paulus in the FA server.


Discord Server




Basic Information
Alliance Name: Empire of the Romans (SPQR)
Imperator Augustus of Rome: Tiberius Aurion
Magistrate (High Government): Biggus Dickus , Lucilla , Expert Dust , Donald MacNeil , Azerath , Eddy , Bloxman , Jayden Kennedy , NotSad , Daxxus DeMarco
Procurator Augusti (Econ Banker): Marcus Domitius
Propraetor (low Government): Harambe The Third , Basileios II , Kazato
Roman Patrician Class: Jarek Nowtriwski , Maximus D Meridius , Doge Of New Rome , Dartmaster500 , TANMAY , Friedrich Wilhelm IV , Cornelius Sulla , Areus Agiad , Muzan , Sigitlite , Fallix , Niccolo Machiavelli , Harrison Stormcloak , Enclasio Minsiari , Willy McGregor , Lucky Luciano , Valkorian , Sebastian Petersson , Justinianus I , Sir Nathan thy First
Founded: 02/01/2023 (503 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Purple is Legion
Members: 45
Alliance Rank: #34 of 533 (6.38%)
Score: 172,014.07
Avg Score: 3,822.53
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 9 (16.67%)
Beige Nations: 1 (2.22%)
Gray Nations: 3 (6.67%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 959
Total Infrastructure: 1,444,873.23
Total Land: 2,063,262.01
Total Population: 191,259,389
Total GDP: $187,178,416,327
Total Soldiers: 11,754,294
Total Tanks: 950,916
Total Aircraft: 61,970
Total Ships: 11,414
Total Spies: 1,951
Total Missiles: 400
Total Nuclear Weapons: 97
Wars Won: 3,909
Wars Lost: 1,123
Gran Consiglio1,658.77
Dorijan Pajic924.71
Mosiek Isjoino30.25
Ivan Schneider436.99
Albert the greatest698.83
Ariane iv110.50
Wilhelm l283.45
The Roman Senate celebrates the Success of the Ambitious Construction Initiative

These cities are effectively created by issuing parcels of land to veterans who either having served 12 years in the Imperial Army and are entitled to discharge or having been wounded in action…

First Citizen Tiberius Aurion Caesar: A Mastermind of Modern Roman Empire's Resurgence

His visionary policies and unwavering commitment to the welfare and betterment of the Roman people have solidified his reputation as the guiding light of this great nation.

Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
ODoAP Cult of CanyonLink
ODP The RemnantN/A
PIAT Heung Shing CorporationLink
Protectorate Dark BrotherhoodN/A
Protectorate House StarkN/A