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The Syndicate


Power Through Economic Dominance.

The $yndicate is an invite-only alliance located on the Green sphere. Unsolicited applications are not accepted, and will result in removal without warning. Please apply both in-game, and on our off-site forums. Please contact Flame of the Flawed if you would like to inquire about joining The $yndicate. Please be advised that no applications will be approved during wartime.

Raids on $yndicate Associates are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with swiftly, regardless of perceived inactivity. Please come to our forums with any and all protectorate requests. Direct messages will be ignored at the discretion of the receiving government member.

Strategic Planning (FA): Sabriel, Zed
Operations (IA): Flame of the Flawed (a.k.a. Chaunce)
Finance & Security (Econ & MilCom): Jessica Rabbit, Ivan the Red


The $yndicate protects Treasure Island

t$ members on the above protected affiliation are still full-time associates of the $yndicate Corporation, and remain enrolled in the $yndicate benefits plan, and hence, are beneficiaries of its entitlements in full.


Mutual Defense & Optional Aggression Pacts:
Black Knights, Brotherhood of the Clouds, the Coalition, The Knights Radiant, Pantheon, The Chola

Mutual Defense Pacts:
Guardian, Mensa HQ

Protectorates (Syndicare):
Charming Friends, House Stark, Ragnarok, The Teutonic Order

Basic Information
Alliance Name:The Syndicate (t$)
Executive Board:Sabriel , Flame of the Flawed , Jessica Rabbit
Upper Management:Ivan the Red , Zed
Executive VPs:Roy Mustang , Manthrax , Ishmael , Timmy , Hillbilly
Founded:11/21/2014 (829 Days Old)
Continent:North America
Color: Green
Alliance Rank:#4 of 179 (2.23%)
Avg Score:2,148.39
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:No.
Vacation Mode Members:1 (1.35%)
Beige Nations:3 (4.11%)
Gray Nations:0 (0%)
Alliance Treasures:3
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help3.46%
Total Cities:1,056
Total Infrastructure:2,055,201.04
Total Land:1,907,495.46
Total Population:225,478,625
Total GDP:$747,536,272,089
Total Soldiers:2,128,032
Total Tanks:78,824
Total Aircraft:90,131
Total Ships:693
Total Missiles:47
Total Nuclear Weapons:33
No Applicants
Alliance HQ