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We’re literally just vibing laser cats.



Faux Newz Anchore: Rob Geebivi

Head of Fa: Tifa (good luck 😉)

Official Spokesperson: BSK

Head of Ia: Mayor (On Vacation)

Head of laundromat: Lank

Head of Bank Investments: Codename V

Not Dip: Unlimited














We're just here to screw around, if you want to come join us feel free!


Have a complaint about a bad kitty?

File a complaint at our very official™️ complaints discord* to find out how much we care

*Say “meow” in our official™️ complaints discord to receive a special bonus! Link below!


Protected by Rose. Double protected by Camelot

We reserve the right to counter for all members and applicants or call in our protectors Rose and double protectors Camelot


Hot News!

The coronation ceremony will be set at Monday. Tell it to Inst, plz.  He should know what to do. If you want invitation ticket join to our discord!


Topic for today: 

So bad it's good?

So I recently watched Wiseau's "The Room" after seeing a trailer for "The Disaster Artist" and I absolutely loved the hell out of how bad it was. This of course got me to thinking if the media of video games can have something similar, a video game that is so bad its good. I'm not talking about games like Pony Island where the bad video game is an intriguing part of a kind of meta-narrative, I'm talking a game that is irredeemably bad so much so that it paradoxically becomes entertaining.

I'm of a mind that the nature of the medium precludes the "so bad its good" game as having to actively engage in a poorly designed video game evokes only frustration from me. I'd love to hear thoughts and opinions, and even examples of games that you all think fit the category of "So bad it's good."


For sale:

Hidude for sale. Auction will take place at our discord. (Update: Sold)
We are selling Hidude NFT on our discord.(No scam! Really! It's legit)


Inspirational quote:

No matter how many spies you lose, enjoy life…


Interview with Ockey:

P: :)

O: (:


Hello Everyone -Haydentoo 



Ockey5 is seven feet tall!

Tifa is an italian senate now.

I am basically just one guy with multiple personality disorder. Don't hate me just be supportive to me.


100$ bounty:



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Basic Information
Alliance Name: Oblivion (S H I T E)
195 percent not Ockey: Ockey5 , hidude45454
Dat Boi: Helium Raven
Faux News Achore: Rob Geebivi
Leader of NPO?: Roquentin
Real Ockey: romax , Ramona
Founded: 08/09/2017 (2,480 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: $ea of Green
Members: 13
Alliance Rank: #47 of 523 (8.99%)
Score: 102,862.99
Avg Score: 7,912.54
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 1 (7.14%)
Beige Nations: 0 (0%)
Gray Nations: 2 (15.38%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 498
Total Infrastructure: 1,286,858.58
Total Land: 2,152,174.00
Total Population: 181,040,264
Total GDP: $276,845,475,548
Total Soldiers: 1,509,000
Total Tanks: 393,807
Total Aircraft: 37,200
Total Ships: 1,114
Total Spies: 690
Total Missiles: 67
Total Nuclear Weapons: 23
Wars Won: 3,895
Wars Lost: 1,902
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
MDoAP RoseLink
MDoAP ValinorN/A
MDP ParagonN/A
MDP GuardianN/A
MDP Atlas TechnologiesN/A
MDP OrchidN/A
Protectorate Rabid Kitten ApocalypseN/A
Protectorate PokimansN/A
Protectorate Anti-Horridism Obocchama KunN/A