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We’re literally just vibing

Faux Newz Anchore: Rob Geebivi

Whip: Park 😘

Head of Fa: Tifa ( good luck πŸ˜‰)

Head of Ia: Mayor (On Vacation)

Head of laundromat: Lank

Dip: Unlimited

We're just here to screw around, if you want to come join us feel free!

Basic Information
Alliance Name: Oblivion (shite)
106 percent real:Ockey5
Tasty snek:Lank , Insert Name Here , Tifa Lockhart
heeeailp IM aMAzEin:Mayor , Arch , haydentoo , Rob Geebivi , hidude45454
Founded:08/09/2017 (1,305 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: $ea of Green
Alliance Rank:#58 of 368 (15.76%)
Avg Score:5,823.70
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:No.
Vacation Mode Members:0 (0%)
Beige Nations:0 (0%)
Gray Nations:3 (30%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:271
Total Infrastructure:682,549.12
Total Land:970,929.80
Total Population:95,491,643
Total GDP:$117,120,442,626
Total Soldiers:663,000
Total Tanks:196,262
Total Aircraft:20,085
Total Ships:971
Total Missiles:9
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
Wars Won:1,364
Wars Lost:723
No Applicants
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDP Children of the LightN/A
MDP Error 404N/A
MDP GuardianN/A
NAP Grumpy Old BastardsN/A