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The Legion


Founded in 2006, The Legion is a premier community with a rich and detailed history. Originally created on CyberNations, The Legion established a P&W community in 2020. We look forward to welcoming new members into our alliance. 

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Imperator: kiwilliam 

Praetor: David Ben-Gurion

Consul of Economic Affairs: Gerald Bashir

Consul of Internal Affairs: Kapliel Bruce

Consul of Military Affairs: TzarRob


We are currently accepting applications.

Discord is required for all Legionnaires.


Basic Information
Alliance Name: The Legion (SPQR)
Praetor: David Ben-Gurion
Centuriate Assembly: Lord Windmark , totem , Xineoph , TzarRob
Consulate: Kapliel Bruce , Gerald Bashir
Tribune: Uncle Iroh
Emeritus: Nome
Questor: Napoleon Bonapartee , Tubby , Silver Witch , DeadASS
Founded: 05/31/2020 (1,373 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Purple is Legion
Members: 49
Alliance Rank: #18 of 510 (3.53%)
Score: 279,274.63
Avg Score: 5,699.48
Forum Link: Click Here
Discord Server: Click Here
P&W Wiki Page: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 2 (3.92%)
Beige Nations: 1 (2.04%)
Gray Nations: 1 (2.04%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 1,383
Total Infrastructure: 3,455,032.92
Total Land: 4,045,584.00
Total Population: 483,212,995
Total GDP: $632,091,462,529
Total Soldiers: 3,828,652
Total Tanks: 957,510
Total Aircraft: 95,327
Total Ships: 4,312
Total Spies: 2,960
Total Missiles: 119
Total Nuclear Weapons: 28
Wars Won: 5,435
Wars Lost: 2,342
Dustin Albright2,386.68
Snjar Dreki3,101.88
Gregor Eisenhorn2,888.04
Sci Socrates3,980.00
Solid Snake2,653.31
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Member City Distribution
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MDoAP The SyndicateLink
MDoAP AuroraN/A
MDoAP Church Of AtomN/A
MDoAP Event HorizonN/A
Protectorate Planet FitnessN/A
Protectorate City Skylines 2N/A