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Event Horizon



Founded on 1st of March, 2024

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Event Horizon also known as EVH - is a brotherhood, a dedicated, long-standing community of people from all walks of life. More importantly, it is a place where those with skills and strength are valued. 

Have you ever wondered what lies at the very edge? Above all, we pride ourselves in striving towards our limits - be it technological, economic, military, or political. We stand ready to sacrifice everything for each other and our home. 

Those who wish to join us in this mission may apply and if accepted, may begin at our very own ROOKIE Program™ - where you'll receive some of the best training in the game. However, you're expected to listen and carry your own weight.


Council of Ascended

Ascended: EvilPiggyFooFoo (MA) · JaxTeller (IA) · Xi Jinping (FA)

Overseers: Krampus · Franz

Temple Prime

Harbingers: Misko Jones III (IA) | Shiko (MA) | Masked Titan · Yassin Hakim (FA) | Grandmaster Bee (EA)

Enlightened: (IA) Go0se · Noot · Safeway |  (MA) Rynoru | (FA) Jacob Knox 

Elders: Daveth · Asierith · Limi · Real · Gross · AlexW


 Member of SAIL:

The Syndicate · Church of Atom · The Legion

MDoAP with:


STELLAR Program™:

 Vault Tec (VT) · Blackwater (BW) · Royal Alba Company (RACC)

ODoAP with: 



Please contact Foreign Affairs with any diplomatic inquiries.


Follow these steps:

1. Join our Discord Server.

2. Verify using: $register link (← your link).

3. Start a short interview in #information-board.


If you can't be patient or follow simple instructions, don't bother applying. 

Do you have what it takes?


We reserve the right to counter for our Applicants and Acolytes alike, regardless of perceived inactivity. 

You have been warned.


Basic Information
Alliance Name: Event Horizon (EVH)
Ascended: EvilPiggyFooFoo , Jax Teller , Xi Jinping
Overseer: Krampus , Franz Steiger
Harbinger: GrandmasterBee , Misko Jones III , Shamadruu , Yassin_Hakim , Masked Titan , shiko
Elder: Daveth , AlexW , MrGross
Enlightened: Wild Horizons , Jacob Knox , Robert2424 , Rynoru , Bolshev , SafewayFan
Founded: 02/04/2024 (162 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Olive Horizon Coast
Members: 216
Alliance Rank: #3 of 523 (0.57%)
Score: 1,159,103.74
Avg Score: 5,366.22
Forum Link: Click Here
Discord Server: Click Here
P&W Wiki Page: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 8 (3.57%)
Beige Nations: 1 (0.46%)
Gray Nations: 3 (1.39%)
Alliance Treasures: 2
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 2.83%
Total Cities: 5,773
Total Infrastructure: 13,648,042.48
Total Land: 17,778,448.26
Total Population: 1,914,268,116
Total GDP: $2,705,904,308,460
Total Soldiers: 13,787,692
Total Tanks: 3,206,274
Total Aircraft: 424,377
Total Ships: 10,576
Total Spies: 12,163
Total Missiles: 767
Total Nuclear Weapons: 603
Wars Won: 35,211
Wars Lost: 10,258
Daniel Throne5,918.50
Agnosia Prakita3,849.45
Scrambled egg5,400.00
Willowy Hazel Cookie636.71
Sultan Von Darvesh732.46
Jaycub Maverick1,028.61
Matthew h777.27
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
Extension CarthagoN/A
Extension AuroraN/A
Extension Goon SquadN/A
MDoAP The LegionN/A
MDoAP Church Of AtomLink
MDoAP Man I Love FrogsN/A
MDoAP The SyndicateN/A
MDoAP Knights TemplarN/A
Protectorate Vault-TecN/A
Protectorate Royal Alba Charter CompanyN/A
Protectorate BlackwaterN/A