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Knights Templar


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We're the Knights Templar, a Christian militaristic Order whose obligation is to defend and protect the Holy Land. We're followers of God's will, and His will is to bring judgment upon the infidels who try to take our holy city - the heart of Christianity - Jerusalem! If you like a lax environment, want to actively be involved in our Discord community, hungry for war and growth, and in addition have the zeal and volition to take the Holy Land from Sheepy, then join us and become a Templar! DEUS VULT!

If you are unwilling or unprepared to shed pixels for your fellow knights at any given moment, do not apply. If you are not active enough and do not use Discord, do not apply. If your meme energy is low, do not apply.

FA inquiries: Please submit your formal complaints directly to the bin.

Join our Discord: Click here!

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Grand Master - Horseсоck 🐴🐓
Grand Commander - Denison 🔥🔔
Seneschal - Doge 🐶
Chancellor - ThineHolySaint
Almoner - Whisper 🦊
Marshal - Barbarossa ⚔️

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Quotes from Friends and Fans:
"Well done Knights Templar, another 3 people left the game." - Cuff
"All you people are is war mongers. Go back to your moms basement." - Royal Aries
"Why are you joining the Templars? Only corruption and oppression lie beyond." - Pedro
"So KT has done literally nothing. Got it." - Betulius
"KT is the worst for never fighting in a global war." - Bastion
"How about KT do a real war already?" - Buorhann
"Why are you guys so serious about being not serious?" - Hidude
"ET is not KT if they raided you, but if you raid ET, it's KT." - Sketchy
"I love it when everyone comes together for a good flame war on the KT server." - Shifty
"KT gave up after round one and was kinda trash tbh." - underlordgc
"Apparently though, KT's FA isn't even (its) FA" - CuppyCakeYums
"KT may get rolled, but will win the war on the sole basis of forcing the word Horseсоck to be used so many times in serious conversation." - Hodor
"God committed suicide because he realized that he accidentally set in motion the cogs that would create kt" - japan77
"I thought it’d been well-established that KT were liars, cowards, and cheaters." - Queen M

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Basic Information
Alliance Name: Knights Templar (KT)
Grand Master:Horsecock
Grand Commander:Denison
Templar Council:Thalmor , Vladamir Putin , ThineHolySaint , Barbarossa , Doge
Founded:02/01/2017 (1,040 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: The Regiment Red
Alliance Rank:#51 of 346 (14.74%)
Avg Score:1,453.00
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:1 (4.35%)
Beige Nations:14 (63.64%)
Gray Nations:4 (18.18%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:462
Total Infrastructure:194,261.03
Total Land:1,143,552.00
Total Population:26,506,817
Total GDP:$16,974,791,097
Total Soldiers:2,138,909
Total Tanks:0
Total Aircraft:5,585
Total Ships:4
Total Missiles:13
Total Nuclear Weapons:9
Keith Abela-Wadge1,733.16
Alliance Score Over Time
Member Score Distribution
MDP The Golden HordeN/A
MDP EmpyreaLink
MDP GuardianN/A