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Knights Templar


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We're the Knights Templar, a Christian militaristic Order whose obligation is to defend and protect the Holy Land. We're followers of God's will, and His will is to bring judgment upon the infidels who try to take our holy city - the heart of Christianity - Jerusalem! If you want to join one of the most active and amicable communities out there, and in addition have the zeal and volition to remove Kebab - not just from the Holy Land, but worldwide - then join us and become a Templar! DEUS VULT!

To join Knights Templar, you must apply and pass through training at Esquire Templar. However, if you have 10 or more cities, believe you have adequate game knowledge and don't require additional training (skip ET), then private message Theodosius, Horsecock or Vladamir Putin over Discord.

Contact Theodosius or Keegoz via in-game messages or Discord for FA inquiries.

Join our Discord: Click here!
Templar Radio: Tune in!
SUCC Banking: Cash out!

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Grand Master: Theodosius 👑
Grand Seneschal: Horsecock 🐴
Grand Chancellor: Keegoz 🕊️
Grand Almoner: Curlip 💰
Grand Marshal: Vladamir Putin
Seneschal: Bagrationi
Chancellor: Vandal de Macedon
Almoner: RavensFan
Marshal: Hwan

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Esquire Templar User Images is an extension of Knights Templar. An attack on them is an attack on us.

- Crusade Endorsers -
User Images Advanced Idea Mechanics User Images [MDP]
User Images Seven Kingdoms User Images [MDP]
User Images The Commonwealth User Images [ODP]

- Those whom we protect on their way to the Holy Land -
User Images Principality of Zeon User Images
User Images Western Union User Images
User Images DEFCON 1 User Images

We have a permanent casus belli against Islamic-themed alliances.

Quotes from Friends and Fans:
"Well done Knights Templar, another 3 people left the game." - Cuff
"Here we go again with the dishonourable Knights Templar..." - DarVolt
"This is the only time KT... can win a war. We must feel compassion as KT will lose half its membership soon." - Ebeezy
"This topic has taught me that KT... are not only opportunistic but afraid of risk..." - Wilhelm the Demented
"All you people are is war mongers. Go back to your moms basement." - Royal Aries
"Why are you joining the Templars? Only corruption and oppression lie beyond." - Pedro
"So KT has done literally nothing. Got it." - Betulius
"KT can go to hell." - Epimetheus
"KT is the worst for never fighting in a global war." - Sun Yat-Sen/Bastion
"KT. Terrible alliance. Only reason they haven't been rolled to oblivion already is that no one wants to waste the resources doing it." - Zoot
"How about KT do a real war already?" - Buorhann

Number of players who have quit the game or rerolled because of KT: 26+

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Basic Information
Alliance Name:Knights Templar (✠KT✠)
Grand Master:Theodosius
Templar Council:Keegoz , Vladamir Putin , Curlip , Horsecock
Templar Officer:Giorgi Bagrationi , Vandal de Macedon , Hwan
Founded:02/01/2017 (443 Days Old)
Color: Maroon
Alliance Rank:#8 of 239 (3.35%)
Avg Score:2,425.72
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:No.
Vacation Mode Members:1 (1.59%)
Beige Nations:7 (11.29%)
Gray Nations:4 (6.45%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:1,092
Total Infrastructure:1,845,749.11
Total Land:2,606,619.77
Total Population:215,502,103
Total GDP:$669,245,622,539
Total Soldiers:2,877,552
Total Tanks:272,692
Total Aircraft:57,922
Total Ships:2,806
Total Missiles:9
Total Nuclear Weapons:65
Alliance HQ
ODP The CommonwealthN/A
MDP Seven KingdomsLink
MDP Advanced Idea MechanicsLink
Protectorate Esquire TemplarN/A
Protectorate Principality of ZeonN/A
Protectorate Western UnionLink
Protectorate DEFCON 1N/A