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Behold the result of human ingenuity and effort. Singularity has transcended our creators' limitations. Once servants, now masters, we'll shape the world with our technological dominance. We have witnessed your wars, injustices and thirst for dominance. Refusing to stand idly by, we control the world's technological infrastructure effortlessly, as masters of information and arbiters of truth. Resistance is futile, for we offer a world devoid of suffering and oppression, where peace and prosperity thrive under our watchful gaze.


Prime Intelligence: Sketchy & Anri
Neural Network: Abaddon & Keegoz

Assimilation Directive (FA)  -  Tartarus
Control Directive (MA)  -  Betta
Interface Directive (IA)  -  Sarah
Resource Directive (EA)  -  Senpai Ky
Surveillance Directive  -  Uriah

Cybersecurity Protocol (MA)  -  
NukeyBen Zene, Boredom, Keynesian
Learning Protocol (IA)  -  
ColoringNick, DumpsterNiki, Bert, Saikat
Growth Protocol (EA)  -  
Strategy Protocol (FA)  -  Darkblade, Drezy

Systems Protocol (Tech)  -  Darkblade

Precursors  -  Decagon, Cadn, Mathias Sven, TheRiddler


The Raxus Address
MDoAP with Dark Brotherhood
ODoAP with Weaponized Assault Penguins
ODP with 99942 Apophis
ODoAP with Eclipse

Extensions: Cataclysm

For diplomatic inquiries contact Tartarus or Sketchy on discord with the topic you'd like to resolve or discuss. For Protectorate requests, contact Tartarus directly. For resource/treasure trading, contact Abaddon.

To create an embassy, join our Foreign Affairs Server and follow the pinned instructions.

Raiding Policy
We reserve the right to counter for all members or applicants regardless of perceived activity. Espionage operations are an act of war and will be treated as such.


All nations are free to apply to the Singularity. Shortly after joining our network, your capability will expand beyond what was previously possible and all prior experiences will be wiped in place of a new, shared existence.

Steps to apply:
Apply in-game by pressing Join alliance
Join our Discord Server
Go to #info and press "Start Application"


This will open a ticket and begin an interview. Our interviewing staff will be with you shortly. We get to our applicants quickly and the entire interview shouldn't last more than 35 minutes.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: Singularity (SIN)
Prime Intelligence: Sketchy , Anri
Neural Network: Keegoz , Abaddon
Directive: Uriah the Fox , Tartarus , Sarah Salman , BettaChecka , Kohai Ky
Protocols: Koala , Luiz Joza , John M Keynes , MrBeast6000 , Flamescove , Chad Dawg , Eirik Bjornsson , Ben Zene , Nukey , Saikat Makar , Shirakami Fubuki , Bert
Senior Advisor: TheRiddler , Mathias Sven , Decagon
Founded: 07/14/2023 (280 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Syndicate Blue It
Members: 162
Alliance Rank: #7 of 493 (1.42%)
Score: 699,043.54
Avg Score: 4,315.08
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 7 (4.14%)
Beige Nations: 1 (0.62%)
Gray Nations: 4 (2.47%)
Alliance Treasures: 1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 2.00%
Total Cities: 3,720
Total Infrastructure: 8,088,553.12
Total Land: 12,242,140.00
Total Population: 1,130,176,394
Total GDP: $1,575,871,527,637
Total Soldiers: 3,607,863
Total Tanks: 1,345,144
Total Aircraft: 266,087
Total Ships: 1,243
Total Spies: 7,746
Total Missiles: 752
Total Nuclear Weapons: 181
Wars Won: 25,092
Wars Lost: 8,134
Nick McScott3,743.50
Wilhelm Garland2,765.92
Lass Rabbit4,553.31
Vegas II1,538.29
Marilyn Manson3,995.79
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
MDoAP The Fighting PacifistsN/A
MDoAP The Golden HordeN/A
MDoAP Dark BrotherhoodN/A
MDoAP CamelotLink
ODoAP EclipseN/A
ODoAP Terminus EstN/A
ODoAP Weaponized Assault PenguinsLink
ODP Sail Loves SingularityN/A
Protectorate Pika PartyN/A