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Knights Templar



We're the Knights Templar, a Christian militaristic Order whose obligation it is to defend and protect the Holy Land. We're followers of God's will, and His will is to bring judgment upon the infidels who try to take our holy city - the heart of Christianity - Jerusalem!

Join our Discord! Discord is mandatory for membership. To join KT apply in game and join our Discord, then ping @Internal Affairs and ask for an interview. If you aren't willing to git gud, do not apply; if you have low meme energy, do not apply; if you are emotionally fragile, do not apply.



Executive Grand Master: Denison

Visionary Grand Master: Horsecock


Grand Seneschal: Xavier Renarus

Grand Chancellor: Mayor

Grand Almoner: Dryad

Grand Marshal: Barbarossa


Seneschal: Brexit

Almoner: Quorthon





Please submit your formal complaints directly to the bin.



Quotes from Friends and Fans:

"Well done Knights Templar, another 3 people left the game." - Cuff

"All you people are is war mongers. Go back to your moms basement." - Royal Aries

"Why are you joining the Templars? Only corruption and oppression lie beyond." - Pedro

"Why are you guys so serious about being not serious?" - Hidude

"KT may get rolled, but will win the war on the sole basis of forcing the word Horsecock to be used so many times in serious conversation." - Hodor

"God committed suiсide because he realized that he accidentally set in motion the cogs that would create kt" - japan77

"I thought it'd been well-established that KT were liars, cowards, and cheaters." - Queen M

"KT hugs stat pixels" - Vali

"And Sheepy said unto the Templars in their desolation, you will spread from paperless to consume all the land in salt and tears." - Epimetheus

"KT needs to just stop being KT and rebuild" - IndomitableJoseph

"Everyone should now kill KT for bullying micros" - Latsu

"KT is so evil they make me look like a nice smart friendly person with wings" - Moonshadow

"The fact that kt and it's friends want to back a criminal will be no surprise to the wider PnW community" - Lossi

"without KT this game would be boring" - (anonymous)

"kt mega drug-enhanced child soldiers" - Sus

"Damn KT hit another alliance? They've gotta be feeding their soldiers on a steady diet of cоcaine and those sketchy gas station alpha male vitality pills, it's the only explanation" - Cassia


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