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Black Knights


Nos similis eius debent

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Emperor - Leo the Great
Viceroys - Tiber & Taco
Archduchess of Foreign Affairs - Amaryllis
Archduke of Internal Affairs - Shadow Company
Archduke of Defense - Curufinwe
Archduke of Economics - Pestilence (Gorge)
Archduke of Communications - xSTRYKAx
Archduke of Expansion, Development, and Optimization - DVDCCHN

First Duke of Foreign Affairs - Rnar
First Duke of Internal Affairs- Tyler
First Duke of Communications - Messi
First Duke of Econ - JDTech
First Duke of EDO - GreyOps
First Duke of Defense - Nikhelobultra

BK Net Administrator - ComradeMilton

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The Inquisition with New Pacific Order and Guardians of the Galaxy
MDoAP with Order of the White Rose
MDoAP with Nuclear Knights
MnDoAP with Acadia
MDP with The United Empire of ZahAharon
ODP with WildFire
Protectorate with Celestia
Protectorate with Argos
Protectorate with Yakuza
Soul Bond with Eregion

--- All applicants must apply on our forums and have a Discord ---
We protect our applicants

Winner of Following 2017 Orbis Awards:
Best Military
Most Active Alliance
Best Diplomatic Team
Best Propaganda Staff
Best Forums
Best Alliance for New Players
Best Economic System
Best Recruiting Staff
Most Honorable Alliance
Most Entertaining Discord Channel

The Black Knights are not accepting new members at this point in time. Should you feel you should be allowed in BK for some reason, message Shadow Company.

Basic Information
Alliance Name:Black Knights (BK)
Emperor:Leo the Great
Viceroy:Tiber , Taco
Archduke:ComradeMilton , DVDCCHN , Amaryllis , Fluttershy , Pestilence
Founded:12/12/2014 (1,289 Days Old)
Color: Black
Alliance Rank:#3 of 210 (1.43%)
Avg Score:1,655.95
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:No.
Vacation Mode Members:10 (5.75%)
Beige Nations:14 (8.54%)
Gray Nations:6 (3.66%)
Alliance Treasures:3
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help3.46%
Total Cities:1,975
Total Infrastructure:3,519,398.95
Total Land:3,733,019.00
Total Population:387,650,343
Total GDP:$1,210,553,293,358
Total Soldiers:7,030,784
Total Tanks:131,997
Total Aircraft:155,903
Total Ships:6,573
Total Missiles:96
Total Nuclear Weapons:76
Emannuel Reinhardt661.05
Alliance HQ
MDoAP Nuclear KnightsLink
MDoAP AcadiaN/A
MDoAP Order of the White RoseN/A
MDoAP New Pacific OrderN/A
MDoAP Guardians of the GalaxyLink
MDP The United Empire of ZahAharonN/A
ODP WildFireN/A
Protectorate ArgosN/A
Protectorate YakuzaN/A
Protectorate CelestiaN/A