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Founded in 2014, Rose is one of the largest alliances in Politics & War and has a rich history of being involved in almost all major events the world of Orbis has seen over the years. However, Rose is more than just an alliance. Rose is a people and a purpose. It is a brotherhood of like-minded players who wish to make some noise and have fun during times of peace and conflict - but also serve a higher purpose by contributing value and meaning to the game around them. Thus, Rose is an alliance guided and held together by the core values of a true community, where those within make sacrifices for one another and stand together even in the most adverse of events.

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Imperial Command
Emperor: Lucianus
High Justices: Kurdanak, Krameleon

Horizon Guard
Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs: Wasteking
Horizon Guard of Economic Affairs: Borga
Horizon Guard of Military Affairs: Diamond
Horizon Guard of Internal Affairs: Valkorion Baratheon
Horizon Guard of Technological Affairs: Mateus

Knights of Rose
Knights of Foreign Affairs: Cosmos, Nacho Libre, George
Knight of Economic Affairs: Malakai
Knights of Military Affairs: Aurelia, Magier
Knight of Internal Affairs: Darkflame 10
Knight of Technological Affairs: RoseCP

Council of Scions
Abbas Mehdi, Mr Booty, Zoot, DtC JusticeJarlesValkorion Baratheon,
Callisto, Dreadnought, BelgiumFury, Harry Flashman, Vexz, Jordan, Mike


MDoAP with Guardian
MDoAP with Oblivion
MDP with Arkham Asylum

Protectorate with Yarr
Atlas Technologies, Orchid, Valinor, Pika Party and Respublica Romana are extensions of Rose and will be treated as parts of Rose.


Establishing Relations 
New diplomatic inquiries and proposals should be addressed to @.kinker. or @wasteking via Discord.

Raiding Policy
We do not allow the raiding of our members or applicants regardless of perceived activity. Raiders will be countered.




Application Process

Anyone is welcome to apply to Rose, regardless of experience! 

To apply, simply join the Rose Discord Server and click the rose at the bottom of #welcome to begin the application process.

You will then be able to start our mandatory interview process, which can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. Please be patient - we might not be available immediately.

However, you will have 24 hours at a maximum to complete your interview. We hope to see you in our member chats soon!

What We Look for in Potential Members

1. Loyalty! Our government works hard to provide the best guides and advice for our membership - only in unity is the strength to achieve our goals. Treat others as you wish to be treated; your integrity and actions directly reflect on the alliance! 

2. Sacrifice! Rose members are expected to help each other at every opportunity and regularly participate in defending the alliance. You should even delight in this endeavor, as war is exciting gameplay! 

3. Activity! Logging into P&W on a daily basis and being responsive to Discord especially, is expected for swift communication between the government and membership! 

4. Willingness! Both to be curious and to follow instructions!


Basic Information
Alliance Name: Rose (🌹)
Emperor: Lucianus
High Justice: Kurdanak , Krameleon
Horizon Guard: Mateus , Valkorion Baratheon , DiamondB10 , wasteking , Xulan
Exchequer: Narimuros , Jordan , -Mike-
Economic Affairs: Malakai
Foreign Affairs: Exar Kun , Nacho Libre
Military Affairs: Magier , Aurelia Greenwood
Internal Affairs: Darkflame 10
Founded: 11/04/2014 (3,398 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Rose Pink
Members: 207
Alliance Rank: #1 of 516 (0.19%)
Score: 1,232,412.23
Avg Score: 5,953.68
Discord Server: Click Here
P&W Wiki Page: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 15 (6.76%)
Beige Nations: 4 (1.93%)
Gray Nations: 9 (4.35%)
Alliance Treasures: 3
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 3.46%
Total Cities: 6,056
Total Infrastructure: 16,077,778.28
Total Land: 21,113,563.01
Total Population: 2,269,839,236
Total GDP: $3,296,759,003,300
Total Soldiers: 8,794,047
Total Tanks: 3,246,582
Total Aircraft: 428,745
Total Ships: 6,768
Total Spies: 10,716
Total Missiles: 1,516
Total Nuclear Weapons: 478
Wars Won: 25,562
Wars Lost: 11,399
Dine Brands Global5,884.01
Maria Bin1,285.32
Giulio Cesare II979.93
Owena Madulin34.05
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
Extension Pika PartyN/A
Extension Atlas TechnologiesN/A
MDoAP Arkham AsylumN/A
MDoAP GuardianN/A
MDoAP OblivionLink
Protectorate Respublica RomanaN/A
Protectorate OrchidN/A
Protectorate ValinorLink
Protectorate YarrN/A