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Rose is more than an alliance, Rose is a people and a purpose. It’s a brotherhood of common players who wish to not only have fun, but contribute value and meaning to the game around them. An alliance guided and held together with a meaning, with a philosophy and a value system. An alliance where those within will make sacrifices for one another, and who will stand together even in the most adverse of events.

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Sovereign: Dynamic
Regent: J.A. Goldington

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Ephor of State: Mhearl
Ephor of Homeland: Fares
Ephor of Defense: Bopolo

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Vizer of Coordination: Jangles
Vizer of Raiding: Dang
Vizer of Recruitment: Izzetzoltan I
Vizer of Recruitment: Riliindk
Vizer of Banking: Gemyni
Vizer of Growth: Moonshadow
Vizer of Community: Kitsune

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Kurdanak, Belisarius, DtC Justice, Mayor

Discord Link: Click Here
Wiki Page: Click Here
Charter: Click Here

Foreign Affairs matters should be addressed to @Gold or @Mhearl on discord.
Rose is NOT interested in seeking any new protectorate treaties at this time.

In addition to the treaties listed below, Rose has a non-aggression pact with New Pacific Order, Black Knights, Guardians of the Galaxy, Polaris, UPN, Acadia, TUE and Wildfire. (Expires 10 October 2018)

Only nations with 10 or more cities are accepted into Rose. If you are interested, join our discord server and type r! request I am interested in joining in the #public channel. This will file a request so a member of our team will get back to you for a short interview!

Current Tax Rates:
5% of Money
5% of Resources

We do not allow raiding of our inactives or applicants. If you raid our members, we will fight back.

If you're a pixel hugger, you're not gonna have a good time.
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Basic Information
Alliance Name:Rose (🌹)
Bank:J A Goldington , Bopolo , Gemyni , Fares
Government:Belisarius , Kurdanak , Mayor , DtC Justice , Jangles , Izzetzoltan I , Mhearl24 , MoonShadow , Kitsune , riliindk , dang
Founded:11/04/2014 (1,384 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: The Pink Wall
Alliance Rank:#7 of 177 (3.95%)
Avg Score:2,671.27
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:No.
Vacation Mode Members:3 (4%)
Beige Nations:0 (0%)
Gray Nations:0 (0%)
Alliance Treasures:3
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help3.46%
Total Cities:1,185
Total Infrastructure:2,380,893.87
Total Land:2,831,761.85
Total Population:277,333,181
Total GDP:$374,512,943,847
Total Soldiers:1,286,754
Total Tanks:317,198
Total Aircraft:97,991
Total Ships:5,703
Total Missiles:23
Total Nuclear Weapons:31
Tifa Lockhart3,272.50
VanSputia II162.12
Alliance HQ
MDoAP RagnarokN/A
ODP The Fighting PacifistsN/A
Protectorate YarrN/A
Protectorate GodFuryN/A
Protectorate The FoundationN/A
Protectorate The Mighty AtlanticN/A
Protectorate UNSCN/A