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Rose is more than an alliance, Rose is a people and a purpose. It’s a brotherhood of common players who wish to not only have fun, but contribute value and meaning to the game around them. An alliance guided and held together with a meaning, with a philosophy and a value system. An alliance where those within will make sacrifices for one another, and who will stand together even in the most adverse of events.

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Sovereign: Zevfer
Regent: Vack

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Ephor of Military & Internal Affairs: Valkorion Baratheon
Ephor of Foreign Affairs: Mhearl
Ephor of Economic Affairs: Mayor

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Viziers of Internal Affairs: Aquileius, BelgiumFury, Gold

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Abbas Mehdi, Angelus, Belisarius, Kurdanak, Mr Booty, Zoot, Alexandros o Megas

Wiki Page: Click Here
Charter: Click Here

Everyone is welcome to join Rose! To apply, join our discord and type r! apply NATIONLINK in the #public channel. Running this command will put you in contact with our interview team!

Foreign Affairs matters should be addressed to @Zevfer, @Mhearl, or @Vack via discord. We are not interested in new protectorate treaties.

We do not allow raiding of our members or applicants regardless of activity. We will fight back.

If you're a pixel hugger, you're not gonna have a good time.
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Basic Information
Alliance Name: Rose (🌹)
Sovereign:Leader Name Here
Bank:Kurdanak , Mayor , Vack , Mhearl24 , Narimuros , Aquileius XIV Caesar , Valkorion Baratheon
Founded:11/04/2014 (1,752 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Rose Pink
Alliance Rank:#10 of 324 (3.09%)
Avg Score:1,644.92
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:9 (11.84%)
Beige Nations:21 (31.34%)
Gray Nations:16 (23.88%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:1,483
Total Infrastructure:1,011,531.37
Total Land:4,121,188.28
Total Population:139,365,488
Total GDP:$162,135,198,020
Total Soldiers:6,221,415
Total Tanks:86,825
Total Aircraft:19,233
Total Ships:1,413
Total Missiles:61
Total Nuclear Weapons:105
Abbas Mehdi1,372.92
Michael K Ultra1,057.89
Lane Missel762.54
Marian Rushanov I215.72
Mina Wadie298.01
Bentley Gustavo165.10
Alliance Score Over Time
Member Score Distribution
MDP Ming EmpireLink
ODP The Fighting PacifistsN/A
Protectorate YarrLink
Protectorate North PointN/A
Protectorate Spanish ArmadaN/A