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Respublica Romana


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Respublica Romana (R&R)
A continuation of a CyberNations alliance, R&R, which was founded on October 12, 2006.

We originated from a land far away from here. Our home was dying, so we made the ultimate sacrifice and abandon our lands, to set sea for the unknown. During our voyage we were facing harsh seas, and as the skies became black, we lost where we were. What must have been nothing short, but a tsunami, smashing against the entire fleet and capsizing us. As we struggled to swim, the ships started to sink. We felt the very ships we stood on only moments before press against our bodies and move faster downward...or so we thought. Our ships broke free through the water surface with bright sunshine hitting our faces, jolting several of us awake. We became grounded near a city we later found to be called Rome. There was unrest throughout the city, and by listening to the stories of the people and seeing firsthand what the reigning ruler was doing, we realized our purpose. We rose up with the rebellion and ended the tyranny that had plagued this city for decades. The people didn't know what to do afterwards, so we stepped up once more, bringing forth the legacy of our home and proposed the Roman Republic, give voice to the people.

So was born R&R in the world of Orbis. All, but remembered as myths in the old world. Here it's legacy can be reborn and continued from the ancient roots it once had from far away. Here we embrace our new gods, our new people, and our new home. Long live R&R, long live the Roman Republic.

Consul - Dreadnought

Quaestor (Econ) - Carl Sagan
Praetor (War) - ELSheepo
Censor (IA) - Vacant
Aedile (FA) - Vacant

Chief High Priest
Pontifex Maximus - Viselli

MDoAP with House Stark
ODoAP with Ming Empire

For all Foreign Affairs inquires, contact Dreadnought.
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If you are interested in joining this alliance, join our discord and tag Dreadnought. Anyone is welcome! Except Zygon, he's weird!
Discord is required for the most part. We are understanding people, usually, but life is easier with discord.
All Applicants are considered members. In the sense of protections from raids.

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Basic Information
Alliance Name: Respublica Romana (R&R)
Senator/High Priest:Carl Sagan , ELSheepO , Viselli
Founded:08/19/2018 (335 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Typhon's Brownies
Alliance Rank:#13 of 305 (4.26%)
Avg Score:4,517.82
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:2 (7.41%)
Beige Nations:0 (0%)
Gray Nations:1 (4%)
Alliance Treasures:3
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help3.46%
Total Cities:503
Total Infrastructure:1,366,351.13
Total Land:1,494,092.00
Total Population:186,333,948
Total GDP:$228,892,270,424
Total Soldiers:4,753,941
Total Tanks:408,968
Total Aircraft:43,222
Total Ships:5,336
Total Missiles:28
Total Nuclear Weapons:35
Constantine III53.64
Brysonius Maximus158.67
Scarlett Fox93.04
Michael Komnenos I90.93
Romulus Augustulus282.50
Alliance Score Over Time
Member Score Distribution
MDoAP House StarkLink
ODoAP Ming EmpireN/A