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The Knights Radiant


Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

The Knights Radiant is an alliance based on Brandon Sanderson's fantasy book series The Stormlight Archive. If you like fantasy books, this is the alliance for you!

High gov:
King of the Heralds: Infinite Citadel/Dalinar
Prince of the Heralds: Lordship
Herald of Growth: Deus
Herald of War: Woot
Herald of Internal Affairs: Robert E Lee/Rickky
Herald of Foreign Affairs: Kayser

Low gov:
Herald of the People: Sargun
High Prince of War: Best Leader
High Prince of War: Walling
High Prince of War: Blazerman
High Prince of Resources: Azaghul
High Prince of Internal Affairs: Ching-Chong/Tormato
High Prince of Foreign Affairs: Fanag
High Prince of Foreign Affairs: Smith
High Prince of Foreign Affairs: Emperor Penguin
High Prince of Foreign Affairs: Floating Hippo
High Prince of Growth: Yir Yoronti

Current Treaties:
The Obsidian Accords: MDoAP Bloc with The Black Knights and The Brotherhood of the Clouds
The Purchased Oathpact: MDoAP with The Syndicate
Guardian of the Storm: MDoAP with Guardian
Sword in the Clouds Accord: MDoAP with Brotherhood of the Clouds
The Radiant Stone Accords: MDoAP with Cornerstone
Deus Meets Zeus: MDoAP with Pantheon
Orange Enforcement Agency MDoAP with The Commonwealth
NAEP with the Nuclear Knights

Protectorates: Grumpy Old Bastards and The Federal Reserve

Applicants apply in game and on our forums.

Voted Most Honorable Alliance in the 2015 and 2016 P&W Awards!

Basic Information
Alliance Name:The Knights Radiant (TKR)
Royalty:Dalinar , Lordship
Bank Government:Azaghul , Deus , Woot , Yir Yoronti
Government:Sargun , Best Leader , Robert E Lee , Walling , Fanag , Floating Hippo , Ching-Chong , Emperor Penguin , Kayser , Blazermen , Smith
Founded:06/29/2015 (609 Days Old)
Color: Orange
Alliance Rank:#1 of 179 (0.56%)
Avg Score:1,817.25
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:0 (0%)
Beige Nations:3 (2.38%)
Gray Nations:1 (0.79%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:1,434
Total Infrastructure:2,658,250.98
Total Land:2,642,197.53
Total Population:290,144,692
Total GDP:$918,626,976,438
Total Soldiers:4,761,257
Total Tanks:537,616
Total Aircraft:97,929
Total Ships:4,464
Total Missiles:97
Total Nuclear Weapons:72
lefa gregori8.75
Viktari Saforovic10.17
Kim Hayate5.72
Un Gung Fabio5.75
Jav Lau12.75
Antigonos Antimarcus131.97
Ethan Griffith67.50
Jaw Lau13.00
Donnie T7.50
Lourdes Evans0.25
Deonte Clarke0.25
Malcolm Davis8.00
Tshang Jang Fu6.40
Alliance HQ