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The Knights Radiant



"I have seen the end, and have heard it named. The Night of Sorrows, The True Desolation. The Everstorm." 

The Desolation is coming and it will wreak havoc on mankind. It is the duty of The Knights Radiant to be ready for that day. 

The Knights Radiant is one of the largest and most active alliances in Politics & War. We recognize the importance of our new members and invest in them accordingly with aid, guides, mentors and by providing an incredibly fun and welcoming community. 

Join today and fight for the future


Queen of the Heralds: Adrienne
Prince of the Heralds: Benfro

Herald of War: Zeotrope
Herald of Growth: Miller
Herald of Internal Affairs: Indger
Herald of Fabrials: Ricky
Ghostblood Babsk (Foreign Affairs): BigMorf
Ghostblood Babsk (Foreign Affairs): HannaH

Shards: Invention, Honor, Survival, Harmony, Ambition, Valor, Devotion


Herald of the People: Laffopuritain

High Prince of War: DragonKnight
High Prince of War: Icarium
High Prince of Growth: Galerion
High Prince of Growth: RagnarBuliwyf
High Prince of Internal Affairs: Liam the 2nd
High Prince of Internal Affairs: Fulcrum
High Prince of Internal Affairs: Thomas Washington
High Prince of Fabrials: Kyubnyan 


The House with Grumpy Old Bastards, The Immortals, and The Sword Coast
Protectorate Agreements with R&R and Western Republic

Allies Emeritus:
An Oath Stronger than Valyrian Steel with Seven Kingdoms,
Obsidian Order Redux: The Onyx Order with Black Knights,
and The Redacted Accords with Name Withheld


Banana Stand, Purple Flower Garden and Bourbon Street are all considered extensions of The Knights Radiant. 
Any attacks on them will be treated as an attack on The Knights Radiant.

For any foreign affairs inquiries, please contact BigMorf (@bigmorf) or HannaH (@hannahavacyn).


Doors are open for applicants. Make sure you apply in-game as well as on our Discord  to be considered!
If you need any assistance with applications, please contact Indger (@indger) or Thomas Washington (@beerkeg0). 

The Knights Radiant does not tolerate acts of aggression against our members or applicants, 
regardless of perceived activity. Attackers can expect to be countered swiftly.

Alliances have the ability to share their markets with other alliances, effectively creating multi-alliance markets only available to the members of the alliances involved.

Alliance Name Date Members Color Average Score Score Status
Seven Kingdoms04/07/20190orange0.000.00Active
Banana Stand04/30/20202green8,757.5017,515.00Active
Name Withheld01/27/202130orange5,742.39172,271.82Active