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Oceanic Domain of ANZAC is a nation led by King Surfer Captain Good Vibes on the continent of Australia. Oceanic Domain of ANZAC's government is a Federal Republic with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Oceanic Domain of ANZAC favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of Oceanic Domain of ANZAC is the Surfboard. At 66 days old, Oceanic Domain of ANZAC is an established nation. Oceanic Domain of ANZAC has a population of 1,480,701 and a land area of 29,300.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 50.54. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.


Following the collapse of Australian Society with the failure of The Great Red Kangaroo Leap Forward Cultural Revolution by the Chinese controlled ‘democratic’ government.

Tribal Wars broke out amongst various beach cultures.

Led at first by the loose Federation of Surfing Veteran Grey Nomads the Oceanic Domain of ANZAC was born in 2035

Beach caravaning and surfing safaris were explored along quasi paramilitaristic lines in experimental First Earth Battalion travelling fortified hamlets.

Soon a homeland was established from which surfers of military age swear war on the un-washed non surfing helotry in perpetuity,


(left) )Oceanic Domain of ANZAC Beach Inspectors on a Surfboard Tax enforcement mission


King Surfer Captain Good Vibes was made leader of the nation in 2040 and his genetic material has been stored and his people dedicate all their scientific effort to cloning and bringing him back to life if ever he should leave us whilst also pursuing all avenues of life extension and longevity to make him Immortal


Captain Goodvibes, a.k.a. the Pig of Steel, In 1992 Captain Goodvibes was named by Australia's Surfing Life magazine as one of "Australia's 50 Most Influential Surfers."

Captain Goodvibes started life as a pork chop, mutated by a chance nuclear plant explosion. According to The Encyclopedia of Surfing, Goodvibes is a "hard-drinking, drug-taking, straight-talking pig with a tunnel-shaped snout.

In 2011 an anthology of the comic strip, Captain Goodvibes — My Life As A Pork Chop, 1973-1981, was published by Flying Pineapple Media.

After the Constitution of the Oceanic Domain of ANZAC was drafted in 2041 certain basic principles were established by the Founding Non Gender Specific Metaphorical Birth humans.

  1. Surfing is mandatory
  2. All Citizens who wish to earn the right of Federally allocated beach front land and government constructed thatched hut must serve two years in Federal Service in branch of the Surfing Defence Forces after service, citizens until the age of 55 must serve in a Surf Rifle Club.

                                                                                         “Charlie don't surf”



To carve out a place in the sun with endless surf

Eliminate all Surf Communists.

Provide safe havens for Napalm powered Beach Bonfire Surf Parties

Develop Superior Surfboard technology including exotic surfboard waxes

Premier Military Units:

1st Stormsurfshocktroopers (King Surfer Bodyguard)

888th Bushido Banzai Pipeline Kamikaze Aerial Fighter Wing

777th Cyclone Swell Recon Wing

666th Atoll Aerial Bombardment Sqn

333rd Cetacean Drone Group

1st Pacific Islands Bombora Riders

1st Armoured Amphibious “Crocodiles” Marine Assault Force

1st Para Airborne “Sea Eagles” Beach Beer Keg Rapid Reaction Force

3rd  Ground Thunder Armoured BBQ Area Domination Regiment

Bra Boyz Expeditionary Warfare Home Militia

2nd Mechanised ‘Rippers’ Light Horse Mounted Surfboard Infantry 


Ancient Atlantis Surfing War Map in the Museum of Surfing and Surf Culture Artifacts (currently under loan to King Surfer Captain Good Vibes)


















Politics is a Game in the Oceanic Domain of ANZAC. When King Surfer Captain Good Vibes is throwing an all citizen long weekend because the waves are so good. He sometimes ‘plays’ Parliament with the crew at the local surf club.

Because King Surfer Captain Good Vibes is such a really cool person, everyone lets him win so he is in fact ruler for life. The local surf club always pays for the beer and BBQ when King Surfer Captain Good Vibes wants to play “Parliament”




Darth Vader looking for waves after being resettled in the Oceanic Domain of ANZAC after seeking political asylum









State Approved Toys for the wunderkinder of the Oceanic Domain of ANZAC











ANZAC Youth are encouraged to pursue martial surf activities and are recruited into “Grommet” school at a young age.

Thrown to the sharks at a young age, they are taught first to swim between the flags by grizzly old veterans in patrolled areas.

Issued with training surfboards. Youth are then instilled in correct wave selection

Upon Graduation from recruit school a Beach Party and presented with their covetted Bronze Boomerang Certified Winged Surfboard for their hat badge













World War II Oceanic Domain of ANZAC Infantryman in full chemical warfare Beach Patrol equipment.





Drones are becoming an increasingly important part of our military defence. 


Soldiers of the Oceanic Domain of ANZAC in 2061 are issued with the ‘Bone Pointer’ EF-88 Mk 58 Psi Trance Pulse Rifle firing Indigenously developed ammunition from Kaditcha Men Industries for which the composition of the ammunition is still a highly guarded state secret for combat on Orbis.

The ‘Bone Pointer’ Psi Trance Pulse Rifle was developed by the Woomera Advanced Spear Throwing Weapons Research Centre. When employed by a trained marksperson, the mere act of ‘Pointing the Bone’ usually causes the targets heart to fail without firing a round, so powerful is the latent Psi Energy of the secret ammunition. The ‘Bone Pointer’ is a Disruptive Technology weapon. Victims of the ‘Bone Pointer’ are known to walk in retreat several hundred kilometres in a trance choking up important logistics routes and hindering follow up reinforcement, before presenting at a hospital to then lay down in a bed and die, uttering “Someone Pointed the Bone at me”. Further clogging up enemy medical and logistical. support units. Also complicating the work of enemy Grave digging and Registration units. This effect makes if difficult for opponent battlefield ‘body kill’ data statisticians to gather accurate kill data for their octagon war computers to obtain real time accurate battlefield intelligence

It also performs in a kinetic anti-material function firing Cobalt salted radioactive weapons grade high explosive ammunition mined from former U.K. Government Atomic Nuclear Testing sites at Maralinga. The radioactive salted Cobalt is processed and manufactured by Bad Penny Boomerang Ammunitions.

The high perfomance assault rifle was trialled under the wide variety of Australian climatic conditions. Barrel life in the new Mk 58 Psi Trance Pulse Rifle is improved with all moving parts lubricated by a secret formula of Goanna and Emu Oil

The EF-88 Mk 58 Psi Trance Pulse Rifle comes fitted standard with the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ “Call that a bayonet? This is what I call a Bayonet" 16 inch Bayonet and is also fitted for the attachment of the Proximity Fuzed ‘Buffalo Round’ Atomic Psi Grenade Launcher for maximum penetration of Psi reinforced armour

The effective range of the EF-88 Mk 58 Psi Trance Pulse Rifle is listed as 5000 metres. But in tests, effective hits have been recorded on introduced genetically engineered target feral camels on weapon ranges at up to 10,000 metres

The EF-88 Mk 58 Psi Trance Pulse Rifle is a collaborative bi-national weapons program of Oceanic ANZAC Pipeline Wet Dreams Armaments Corp and drunken Austrian German speaking Jungian Psychology Weapon Engineers at Steyr fabrikwerken Weapons Centre Research & Development in Vienna influanced by Freudian Odepus male reproductive organ envy at the retirement of the historical 20th Century 7.62mm L1A1 SLR (remembered fondly by sun chiseled ANZAC veterans) on a back packing fruit picking working and study tourism visa in Australia investigating ancient weapon technologies and anthropological studies on nudist colonies.


(Above) Footage from the Border and Foundation Wars of the 1st Pacific Islands Bombora Riders in combat






Given the success of King Surfer Captain Good Vibes being created from a nuclear radiation mutation of a pork chop. Further experiments were carried out with aggressive Kangaroos to breed genetically modified supersoldier kangaroo men called  ‘Rippers’






The Rippers are a tough no nonsense womanizing unit of Mounted Surfboard Infantry organised into squads of ‘Mobs’

Mobs are led by ‘Big Reds’


Mechanized Units of Light Horse Mounted Surfboard Infantry ‘Ripper’ supergenetically modified kangaroo men are equipped with the ‘Algal Fuelled Powered 'Boxer’ Fighting Vehicle carrying Mobs of ‘Ripper’ dismounts. The Boxer family vehicle series is manufactured locally at the Boomerang Centre of Infantry Fighting Vehicle Excellence from legacy contracts from Rheinmetall.

A heavy weight champion for current operating environments


The Boxer armoured transport vehicle is being produced under a bi-national programme. Highly mobile, it is a state-of-the-art wheeled vehicle whose modular design permits a wide variety of mission-specific configurations. Consisting of a uniform drive module, the Boxer vehicle family's user-specific mission modules can be quickly exchanged. A number of mission variants are currently under development, including a troop carrier for transporting an infantry section, a field ambulance, a combat engineering section vehicle, C4I and C2 command vehicles, a logistics vehicle and a battlefield maintenance vehicle.



Contracts for the Rheinmetal ‘Boxer’ Infantry Fighting Vehicles were obtained under The Great War to End all Wars 1914-1918 General Monash-Mephisto  A7V Tank Technology Transfer Agreement Convict Thievery War Trophy and Loot Reparation Act  ‘Actung Australies stole our Panzerwagon’ and 25 Gun Salute for The Red Baron Anti Air Aerospace Technologies Act


ANZACs Firing a 25 Gun Salute after Burying the Red Baron Rittmeister Manfred von Richtofen

The remains of Baron von Richthofen’s Fokker Triplane at the aerodrome of No. 3 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps. The famous German airman was shot down and crashed in Australian lines whilst flying very near to the ground on the tail of a British scout. Only one bullet - believed to be from a Lewis gun attached to a Battery of the Australian Field Artillery - was found in his body. 


We all got something as a momento. We photographed the body and he was buried that afternoon, Tuesday at 4.30. They obtained a coffin – Harold engraved the following inscription in plate for his coffin – Cavalry Captain Baron Von Richthofen aged 25 Killed in Aerial combat Sailley-le-Sec Somme France 21-4-18. There were three wreaths one from 5th Div HQ with German colors and the card read to a worth and valiant foe. Another wreath came from the Royal Air Force and one from our own 3rd Squadron each having the German colors.

We supplied a firing party of 25 men, he was given a full military funeral. Oh we had all the heads here – quite a dozen official reporters and a cinematographer from the War records Dept. Of course it seemed a down right shame that such a fuss should be made over an enemy airmen – no doubt he was brave man they all are, but unless they have proof that Germany treat our good pilots in a like manner I would be one to pass him by like they are known to treat our boys. On the morning of his fall Germany were sending out to the world news of his 80th victim but our men say he always fought fair – we stood to attention as 6 of our pilots carried him out to the car. He was buried at Bertangles a French Village but oh such a dirty forsaken hole.


Battle Flag of the Mechanized Light Horse Mounted Surfboard supergenetically engineered Kangaroo-Men ‘Rippers’ Infantry 











A Ripper assists his Koala Bear artificial life form vehicle mechanic during de-contamination operations












History of the Oceanic Domain of ANZAC Boomerang Air and Aerospace Defence Force


Early attempts at flying drones was begun long ago in the Dreamtime History of our Nation. The complete success of prehistoric drone mastery led our nations first unmanned aerial drones creators to retire to work on their sun tans.

All members of the tribal surf alliance that makes up the Oceanic Domain of ANZAC are taught Boomerang advanced aerodynamic theory with practical lessons on their use. One tribe takes its Grommets to the beach and make them throw their Boomerangs out to sea. If the Boomerang does not return in a perfect arc, the Grommet is made to swim, not between flags, through the surf to retrieve it. This builds confidence.


When ANZAC ground force machine gunners shot down the Red Baron in the Great War to End all Wars. Our fledging air development policy makers gave much thought to aerial sky surfing and its military applications.

The Red Baron's Fokker was carefully examined by Oceanic Domain ANZAC scientists after he was shot down over ANZAC lines.

After 20 years of scrutiny it was concluded by Oceanic Domain of ANZAC Advanced Foreign & Captured Weapons Scientific Research Department that the Red Barons Fokker was in fact painted a pigment of Vermillion. We refer to him as our Worthy Ancient Foe The Vermillion Baron.


There were lots of weapons found in Tutankhamun’s tomb, to protect him on the dangerous journey in to the afterlife. Some were just for show, and probably hadn’t been used before, like huge shields and three heavy golden chariots that were so big, they had to be put in his tomb in smaller pieces. Some might have been Tutankhamun’s favourite weapons that he used in battle. But they might have been to help him once he got there. Throwing sticks (a bit like a boomerang) were found in his tomb, and archaeologists think they were for hunting birds

Dreamtime Archivists also have noted in the caves dedicated to off shore tax haven rock painting galleries accounting drawings from Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Boomerang Trading and Bottom of the Harbour Schemes linked to Atlantean Panama Papyrus Paper off shore shell companies.





Until the next war to end all wars started. Military Aerial Surfing was slow to develop. One innovation was the launching of the Sea Plane Tender ‘Albatross’ equipped with float planes. 






It was designed to be moored off shore a beach as a floating casino and bar equipped with a small number of float planes to provide tail dragging advertisment banners above the crowds at surfing carnivals





Australian ANZAC General Sir John Monash, German born Jewish Prussian Junker, Commander of the ANZACs in The Great War gave much thought to the application of surfing air power.

Opportunites for waves were very limited in the mud of the trenches. Though drowning in a shell crater full of water and rotten corpses was always a threat

This ANZAC ‘Blitzkreig’ school of thought was referred to by the German Military Philosopher and Armoured Warfare exponents in ‘Actung Panzer’

Actually the original title of the book by Guderian was actually to be “Actung Baby, Australies blunderbussed my waffenweapon Panzerwagon”

State Censors at the time in his nation chose the abbreviated version.

On 1 June 1918, the promotion of Monash to lieutenant general and commander of the Australian Corps was confirmed,at the time the largest individual corps on the Western Front

Monash was a noted advocate of the co-ordinated use of infantry, aircraft, artillery and tanks. He wrote... 

the true role of infantry was not to expend itself upon heroic physical effort, not to wither away under merciless machine-gun fire, not to impale itself on hostile bayonets, nor to tear itself to pieces in hostile entanglements—(I am thinking of Pozières and Stormy Trench and Bullecourt, and other bloody fields)—but on the contrary, to advance under the maximum possible protection of the maximum possible array of mechanical resources, in the form of guns, machine-guns, tanks, mortars and aeroplanes; to advance with as little impediment as possible; to be relieved as far as possible of the obligation to fight their way forward; to march, resolutely, regardless of the din and tumult of battle, to the appointed goal; and there to hold and defend the territory gained; and to gather in the form of prisoners, guns and stores, the fruits of victory.

To prepare the ANZAC nation for the gathering war clouds of 1939 and long surf winter, the nation resorted to  convict theivery, skull duggery and asked the Minister of Surfing Immigration for an ‘exemption' for a ‘queue jumper’ to be alllowed into the country above the quota set for official immigration. The Minister agreed to the proposal when at the same time exemptions were granted for a couple of French refugee au pairs to be employed by some football club mates of his somehow linked to Zionistic Surfboarding.


Friedrich W. "Fred" David, an Austrian Jew, who became the most significant aircraft designer for the Australian aircraft industry during World War Two; having been one of only a few people to have worked for both sides (Allies and Axis powers) in designing aircraft used during the war. David's most famous aircraft was the CAC Boomerang used by the Royal Australian Air Force during the Pacific War.[1]

As an Austrian Jew who had recently arrived in Australia in 1939 as a refugee, David was technically an enemy alien, so he had to report to the local Police Station weekly having been interned by Australian immigration officials. David was well-suited to the CAC project, since he had previously worked for Heinkel in [email protected]#$ Germany, as well as Mitsubishi and Aichi Kokuki in Japan.[2] His design contributions in Japan resulted in the Mitsubishi A5M Claude fighter and the Aichi D3A Type 99 Val dive-bomber.

Fred David worked on several projects throughout the war but his most technically advanced aircraft never got past the prototype stage, the CAC CA-15 Kangaroo piston fighter. The project was commissioned in early 1943 to overcome the speed and aeronautical limitations of the CAC Boomerang but the prototype did not fly until March 1946.[2] However, despite the aircraft exceeding the maximum speed and climb rate of the Spitfire and Mustang


In December 1941, the management of CAC issued its authorisation to proceed with the detailed design of the new fighter aircraft.[5] The aircraft, which had received the internal designation of CA-12, used the wing, tail assembly, undercarriage, and center section of the Wirraway in combination with a new forward fuselage, which housed the larger Twin Wasp engine. It had a new single seat cockpit complete with a sliding hood, and carried an armament of two 20 mm Hispano-Suiza HS.404 cannons along with four .303 machine guns.[5] The proposal was presented to the Australian Government, which promptly gave its approval; the government viewed the CA-12 as an appropriate insurance against the delay or cancellation of its order for US-built P-40 fighters, as well as a desire to maintain work at CAC; the ready availability of usable Wirraway components for the CA-12, the latter of which would greatly speed up any manufacturing program, was also viewed favourably.[8]

Accordingly, on 18 February 1942, the Australian War Cabinet authorised an order for 105 CA-12 aircraft; shortly thereafter, the name Boomerang was selected for the aircraft.[5] The ordering of production aircraft had been made in advance of any prototype being produced or maiden flight performed, thus the Boomerang had been effectively ordered 'off the drawing board'.


                                                                    CAC-15 ‘Kangaroo’


After defeating the German speaking Nationalist Socialist Surfing ubermensch and forcing them to renounce all military surfing activities and the conclusion of the Pacific War for Sumo Surfing for Imperealist Japan and the Canabalistic New Guinea undiscovered surf tour campaign a new Pacifist Surfing Constitution was dictated at the surrender ceremony.

Loot captured was distributed amongst the Allied Democratic Surfer Scientific Community to be evaluated.



The story of the V-2 starkly demonstrates the double-edged nature of technological progress: rockets that were used as missiles inspired rockets that have helped us get to the moon.

As von Braun allegedly said, "science does not have a moral dimension. It is like a knife. If you give it to a surgeon or a murderer, each will use it differently."

Von Braun was in the grip of a belief that in his day made him exceptional, but is today commonplace among technophiles — that there is an imperative for humans to conquer space. Unable to make rockets for peaceful purposes, he was instead happy to design them to kill people.

"Our V-2 is significant from a technological point of view, in the progression of humanity through rocketry and its desire to achieve immortality in space,"

At the end of the war, von Braun began working for the Americans, migrating in 1945.

In addition to his work, he became a populariser of scientific ideas. (In 1947, he wrote a novel about colonising space and, in a spooky coincidence, named his fictitious leader of Mars 'Elon'.)

His self-reinvention from [email protected]#$ villain to NASA hero is a testament to the man's slipperiness. But he was never able to shake his shady past. When he visited Australia in 1962 to deliver lectures to students, not everyone was in a welcoming mood.

The newspaper Tribune reported on "rising concern" among parents at the thought of a [email protected]#$ teaching their children.


decades ago, visitors to the Long Range Weapon Establishment at Salisbury in Adelaide's north would have seen something that was, at the time, quite amazing.

Pointing skywards, in all its dubious glory, was a [email protected]#$ V-2 rocket of the kind that, in the final months of World War II, brought a late wave of destruction to London, Norwich, Paris and Antwerp.

Mounted on its carrier known as a Meillerwagen, this particular V-2 towered above its new owners. Black and white photos from the time reveal a strikingly formidable object.

Ominously elevated, it looks ready to launch — perhaps for the moon, perhaps for Mars.

The rocket had arrived in Adelaide months earlier, when it was off-loaded at Outer Harbor in October 1947.

It was not the first V-2 to be sent to Australia — in March, a ship carrying another had docked at Fremantle. That rocket had also passed through Adelaide en route to Melbourne, and was then transported to Sydney.

The story of how they ended up Down Under is an intriguing one that involves science, politics and Cold War anxieties



Basic Information
Nation Name:ANZAC VIP
Leader Name:Captain Good Vibes
Nation ID: 343848
Founded:07/16/2021 (66 Days Old)
Last Activity:Active 8 hours ago
Discord Username:Parsifal#5214
Unique ID:e7e510b6cd73fe150e410149b
International Relations
Alliance:Pax Pacifica Alliance Flag
Alliance Seniority:45 days
Color Trade Bloc: White Peace Bloc
Commendations: 40
Denouncements: 7
Nation Page Visits:1,612
Recent Visitors: VIP Only 7 nations from 7 alliances in past 24 hours
Population: 1,480,701
Infrastructure: 14,841.05
Land Area: 29,300 sq. miles
Avg Pop Density: 50.54 people/sq. mi
GDP: $959,525,177.00
GDP per Capita: $648.02
GNI: $3,044,237,605.00
Economic Policies: Extreme Left
Currency: Currency Image Surfboard
Government Type: Federal Republic Govt Icon
Domestic Policy: Technological Advancement Technological Advancement Icon
Social Policies: Libertarian
State Religion: None None
Approval Rating: 0% (-93.55)
Pollution Index: 1,040 points
Radiation Index: 162.01 R (Global: 313.69 R)
OBL Team:Emus
Nation Rank:#2,994 of 21,397 Nations (13.99%)
Nation Score: More Information 1,689.77
War Policy: HelpBlitzkrieg Blitzkrieg Icon
Nuclear Weapons:
Nation Stats
Infrastructure Destroyed:5,049.97
Infrastructure Lost:5,711.00
Money Looted:$14,092,652.56
Wars Won:11
Wars Lost:6

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ANZAC forces prepare for Bandar counter attack

Its no secret.

black swan theory

an event that comes as a surprise,

Leased submarines to fill security gap

counter China’s rapid military expansion in the Indo-Pacific.

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