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World Task Force


The World Task Force is a democracy where every member's input is valued. Member's contribute to important alliance discussions and have equal voting power in polls that determine alliance policies and decisions. If one of our members is attacked without cause, we will retaliate with whatever means necessary. When it comes to defending fellow WTFers, pixels mean nothing to us. Raiders, this means you!


Join the WTF 
Step 1: Click Join here on our Alliance Page
Step 2: Join our Discord server, which is required. It's how we communicate with fellow WTFers!
Step 3: Fill out the official WTF Application Form (takes 2-3 minutes)

After these steps are completed, it typically takes 3 days before new members are approved. While you wait, feel free to grab a complimentary beer and say hello in our wtf_pub_and_grill discord channel 🍻.

The WTF protects all members, regardless of activity level.

We do not do mergers. If you wanna merge with us then be prepared to be absorbed on our terms. 



Aye, gather 'round me hearties, and I'll sing ye a tale Of the brave World Task Force, whose courage did prevail They sailed the seven seas, with flags a-flyin' high And they showed the world that WTF is the name to glorify

They went to war with cannons loud, and cutlasses in hand And they brought their foes to their knees, all across the land They looted and pillaged every port, with a thirst for gold and glory And they left their mark upon the world, to live forever in story

Their ships were swift and strong, and their crews were brave and true And they never shrank from any fight, no matter what they knew They sailed with pride and honor, and their hearts were filled with fire And they showed the world that WTF is a name to inspire

So raise the flag and hoist the sail, and let us sing this shanty Of the World Task Force and their exploits, so daring and so hearty They showed us all what pirates can do, when they set their minds to sail And they proved that WTF is the name to rule the waves and prevail!

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me, With the World Task Force, we'll conquer the sea!

Basic Information
Alliance Name: World Task Force (WTF)
Consul WTFer: Nintendo , Globoid , Tapley , lucky258 , Fenthal
Master Hand WTFer: Stormwalker , Johnemann , DvD , Max Power
Super WTFer: Keith Abela-Wadge , Wilford Vanbuf
Founded: 03/21/2015 (2,930 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Camelot The Kingdom on Maroon
Members: 26
Alliance Rank: #39 of 750 (5.2%)
Score: 118,685.72
Avg Score: 4,564.84
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 11 (29.73%)
Beige Nations: 4 (15.38%)
Gray Nations: 5 (19.23%)
Alliance Treasures: 1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 2.00%
Total Cities: 915
Total Infrastructure: 1,649,183.08
Total Land: 2,920,979.00
Total Population: 235,437,486
Total GDP: $291,100,856,305
Total Soldiers: 8,491,960
Total Tanks: 596,926
Total Aircraft: 41,185
Total Ships: 4,990
Total Missiles: 163
Total Nuclear Weapons: 184
Wars Won: 1,399
Wars Lost: 1,520
Erwin Schneider641.94
He & Him194.55
i have returned

the australian dude will make another bulletin

here ye, here ye, Pasta instates democracy


MiB.HG won’t stop bugging me to create a bulletin so here you go

Here is the bulletin

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Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDoAP New Polar OrderN/A
ODoAP Momento MoriN/A
Protectorate N/A
Protectorate Pasta FactoryN/A
Protectorate The Republic SenateN/A
Protectorate Man in BlackN/A