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The World Task Force is a democracy where every member's input is valued. Member's contribute to important alliance discussions and have equal voting power in polls that determine alliance policies and decisions. If one of our members is attacked without cause, we will retaliate with whatever means necessary. When it comes to defending fellow WTFers, pixels mean nothing to us. Raiders, this means you!


Join the WTF 
Step 1: Click Join here on our Alliance Page
Step 2: Join our Discord server, which is required. It's how we communicate with fellow WTFers!
Step 3: Follow the instructions posted in #welcome-to-wtf to submit your formal application.

After these steps are completed, it typically takes 24-48 hours for your application to process. While you wait, feel free to grab a complimentary beer and say hello in our #wtf_pub_and_grill discord channel 🍻.

The WTF protects all members, regardless of activity level.

We do not do mergers. If you wanna merge with us then be prepared to be absorbed on our terms. 

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