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The World Task Force is a democracy where every member's input is valued. Member's contribute to important alliance discussions and have equal voting power in polls that determine alliance policies and decisions. We do not permit raiding, but don't let our good nature fool you. If one of our members is attacked without cause, we will retaliate with whatever means necessary. When it comes to defending fellow WTFers, pixels mean nothing to us. Raiders, this means you! Trust us, you don't want to be on the WTF [email protected]#$ List. 

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Step 1: Click Join 
Step 2: Register for an account on our foum - 
Step 3: Fill out the official WTF Application (takes 2-3 minutes) 

MDoAP with Schrute Farms 
ODoAP with Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics 

The WTF protects all members, regardless of activity level.

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