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The Republic of Libertas


Welcome to The Republic of Libertas


 The Republic of Libertas is a Constitutuonal Republic focused on friendship, liberty and member freedom. A free and open alliance, friendly to players new and old. Choose your own path as an individual, play your way. Become a warrior and join the ranks of our military, or become an Econ savant focusing on wealth and resources. City grants and project grants for quick growth along with event giveaways and contests. Take part in our elections and government position.

Our alliance is suitable for all rulers and countries, from newcomers to veterans, there is a place for everyone.

We offer:

Grants and Loans to support your countries growth
Various events to bring our community together
Protection from attacks by non-aligned countries
Opportunities to get into alliance leadership.


We are proudly protected by Dark Brotherhood!!

For those interested in joining or for diplomats, please continue to our discord

Tap the flag!!


Discord is mandatory for all members.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: The Republic of Libertas (RoL)
President: Exiper
Chief of Staff: Cristobal
Minister of Finance : Felipe the VI
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Wreckpro
Minister of the Interior: Bayinaung
Minister of Education : Noscar
Speaker of the Assembly: Alistair Aeducan
Chief Justice: Gustavo
Founded: 01/23/2023 (512 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Foundation Red
Members: 38
Alliance Rank: #49 of 534 (9.18%)
Score: 96,088.84
Avg Score: 2,528.65
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 3 (7.32%)
Beige Nations: 3 (7.89%)
Gray Nations: 5 (13.16%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 534
Total Infrastructure: 758,025.01
Total Land: 1,295,137.39
Total Population: 94,868,985
Total GDP: $113,344,399,171
Total Soldiers: 6,586,132
Total Tanks: 443,888
Total Aircraft: 31,683
Total Ships: 5,468
Total Spies: 968
Total Missiles: 153
Total Nuclear Weapons: 10
Wars Won: 1,746
Wars Lost: 590
Binga Ding1,710.33
Brock Purdy2,156.10
Bart der Linden1,699.40
F Clayton421.40
xander miller449.13
Libertas Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary

Citizens, We Thank You!!

Libertas—“Politics and Struggle”

Growth through Hardship Perseverance through Pain!

Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
ODP Antarctica AllianceN/A
ODP Valorian OrderN/A
PIAT World Task ForceN/A
Protectorate Sail Loves SingularityN/A
Protectorate Dark BrotherhoodN/A