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The kingdom La Plata is a nation led by King Juan Carlos on the continent of Europe. The kingdom La Plata's government is a Democratic Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, The kingdom La Plata favors moderate policies. The official currency of The kingdom La Plata is the Cruzar. At 371 days old, The kingdom La Plata is an ancient nation. The kingdom La Plata has a population of 2,716,145 and a land area of 32,340.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 83.99. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Empire of La plata

Not to be confused with Río de la Plata, United provinces of la plata and Sierra de plata.

Rapurata teikoku

Imperio de la plata


Flag of las azores


 Flag of la plata

Nation Information

GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Leader Akiko Shikishima 
milltary 450k soldiers, 500k reserves
ReligionRoman Catholic
Time ZoneSame as all east and west SA.
Date Formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving SideRight 

 Location of La plata 

Largest cityBuenos Aires 


GDP11px-Increase2.svg.png 4.44T
fertility rate11px-Increase2.svg.png 2.7
HDI11px-Increase2.svg.png 0.97548
CurrencyPlatan cruzar

La Plata (Spanish: La Plata), or the 1st Empire of La Plata is a country located in south South America, with parts of its territory in the pacific ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and Europe. It is the largest country in Southern South America and the fourth-most populous in SA. Spanning across the majority of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile, its territory also includes the Azores islands in the Atlantic Ocean. la Plata is bordered to the north by Peru-Bolivia and Cruzeiro; to the east by Antofagasta spg and south by the Tekkadonia; and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. La Plata’s capital is Cordoba and largest city is Buenos Aires.

With a GDP of 4.3 Trillion, La Plata is the second richest nation In South America, with a population of 80 Million citizens. La Plata is mostly comprised of large farm lands, tall rich mountains and big bustling cities and towns. With this prosperous nation, the geopolitical stature of La Plata is very strong, having excellent relations with all bordering nations, with a military power that is close or in the top 20 most powerful nations in orbis. The citizens of La Plata are mostly comprised of people from those lands (Argentinians, Uruguayans, Bolivians, Chileans and Paraguayans) but it also has people from Chad, Korea and the Transvaal republic. The population is also not counting its neighbours immigrants. 

La Plata is a successful monarchy lead by akiko shikishima, a Japanese immigrant that arrived to La Plata before the assassination of previous leader, Juan Carlos de Rivera, she has converted La Plata in one of the few functional monarchies in the world showing to the world that it is possible for monarchism to work, even arriving to a royal marriage with Mpande kaSenzangakhona, prince of the Transvaal republic and emperor of La Plata. This royal marriage has created a union between La Plata and Transvaal republic that will hopefully last for years.


From the feminine of plat, or from Vulgar Latin *platta, *plattus, borrowed from Ancient Greek πλατύς (platús, “wide”), La Plata also gets its name from the Spanish word of the silver, which is named like that because of the massive silver mines in the zone.

History, 2030-present

The Platans are a group with major european descent as Asturians conquistadors had many heirs. There are many mixes of Argentinians, Bolivians, Uruguayans, Paraguayans and Chileans, all under one crown, united under one ruler. Uruguay: revolted and created new state. Argentina: bought from the dying state that was part of the dissolved Mexico. Paraguay: conquered from the Iberian union after the 2nd coalition against Iberia. Chile: conquered by Juan Carlos de Rivera, although after the antophagasta crisis, Juan Carlos De rivera died from an assassin.

Other states: 

La Islas Pizarro: conquered by akiko shikishima as a way to be closer to European allies, has not been affected by any war and is a great place for tourists

Chad: bought from the British empire by akiko shikishima, half of it is Platan, Other half is Nebelenian.


Pre conquista

After the great Balkanisation, many tribes remained in Uruguay, the most powerful of them being The Platan Natives. The Natives lived mostly alone and uncontested, even having their protection guaranteed by The Victorian Empire. All was going well, and with a population of 130,000, they mostly lived in the coast, were the fishing industry was of high demand, even gaining a gdp of 23 Billion.

With decades of peace in the zone and almost no exploitation, the platan natives, descendants from the Uruguayans, Spanish and Brazilians, created their own little country, causing the first form of la plata. This preplata was a small and peaceful ecosystem covering 1/3rd of Uruguay, mostly the coast as the primitive equipment was not aneough for the dense jungles of Uruguay.

Asturian colonisation: 2089-2093 

 Asturian tercios with a whole armada arrived to the old La Plata and colonized it, brutally destroying la plata and forcing it under its rule. They began to built European architecture and subjugating the people under the emperors rule, blowing up old monasteries. This didn’t go unnoticed by the people since a few months later, the platan natives created a faction callled the black hand and caused a revolt all around asturian Uruguay which didn’t go very well for the Asturias. Victoria declared war on Asturias and tried to free la plata but they failed to do a successful ground assault although equipment had arrived to the Platan natives and partaking a key role to their liberation. With Legio Helping Asturias, Victoria promised to return someday.

 mass genocides and sacking from Asturias occurred, And the nation of La Plata, cruzeiro Bombed Asturias and declared war. Platan natives were forced to fight against their SA brothers and were killed in rows by their owners. After cruzeiro dropped a nuke on Asturias, the nation dissolved and La Plata was formed once again. New internet posts were created and a new currency was adopted, successfully destroying Asturias once and for all. After the fall of Asturias, la plata began to modernise and adopted a newer, more powerful currency named the platan cruzar. A new president was elected, named Juan Carlos de Rivera and he became for a period of time, one of the best platan leaders of all. The capital was moved from Montevideo to Cordoba and a great monument was built in name of the leader of cruzeiro.


Post colonisation and expansion 2094-2096

after the ashes of war left, the former power began rebuilding with help from cruzeiro. 17B cruzares were invested in helping people go back to their former lives. Cities were being rebuilt from rubble, especially Montevideo, who had to support 2 invasion attempts from cruzeiro. La plata also join the LAL, a decisive choice by the president that’s sped up La Platas economic power in the region. New tech was also being created, updating the dated F-25 fighter jet to a more capable fighting state in case new threats arise, and new threats did arise.

After rebuilding and stating its dominance in the region, la plata was hungry for expansion, so it looked up north, to Paraguay. A few years prior, Iberia had occupied Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. With no intent of war, la plata mobilised 20,000 troops and occupied Paraguay, with no knowledge that it was occupied. The same day, Iberia declared war and fighting begun. At first, the larger Iberian force pushed back Platan soldiers, but after a full scale mobilisation, the superior tech of la plata changed the ties and a peace treaty was signed, where Paraguay would be annexed. The same year, the LAL had declared war on Iberia and had begun an invasion from the north, south and east. For weeks the LAL had encouraged La plata to join them and kick Iberia from SA. Peru began to revolt and that was what incited La Plata to join. With cruzeiran help, La Plata blitzed through Bolivia. When the war ended, La Plata was forced to give Bolivia to Peru, forming a future pain in the but, Peru-Bolivia.

 After the Iberian war and with the APSA-Soviet war raging on with no end, La Plata took the opportunity to annex all Chile except south Chile, which was part of the olstzyn company. This is known as the glory age of la plata, where it was at its maximum extent. A few weeks later, a deadly virus known in La Plata as the northern death, where it affected all north la plata and at the same time, la plata civil war erupted. 3 sides fought in a war with almost half a million casualties. The nationalists, the anarchists and the republicans. At the beginnings of the war, the nationalists and the anarchists joined up with one common goal: destroy the republic. That alliance didn’t last long as both sides began to fight. The republic took the chance and used the old encirclement tactic and successfully eliminated the anarchists and all nationalist leaders were imprisoned. After the war, a vaccine and cure were developed via Korean blood, making the northern death useless.

La plata later had signed an MDP with The TUI governance just in time for the next war, the Peru-plata war. With a recent explosion in Peru-Bolivia, they blamed la plata and began an invasion. This is also known as the 4 day war, because that is what it lasted. With the initial invasion, the guards were overrun and killed ruthlessly. Thankfully, with the  help of TUI, La Plata managed to kick them out and make Peru-Bolivia peace out. A few weeks later, TUI broke the MDP and left La Plata for Peru-Bolivia. After this loss of an ally, southern Patagonia claimed independence and other nation placed a vote if it should be left free, which APSA won. A new nation was born, Tekkadonia, a nation that is hated by la plata citizens. After that, Korea threatened on cutting trade with us, which would be disastrous for the economy of la plata, so in a last minute decision, La plata decided to give the small Chilean province of Antofagasta to the Korean spg. After this. Public hate towards the president grew, which created revolts and the same band that got la plata independence decided to assasinate the now king Juan Carlos De Rivera. Public panic began to rise and it looked like the end of La Plata, when the head of defence, akiko shikishima, decided to become leader of la plata and stabilize the nation once and for all.

The Empire

2097-2098 in progress

with the new year and the change of century coming soon, the leaders of la plata thought they needed to do something drastic, so partnering with nebelystan, La Plata gained half of chad, turning it into a kingdom under platan control. Meanwhile in the capital, many Koreans were showing in the streets the art of shiinaoism and trying to make the people of la Plata convert. With the extremely convincing Koreans, the people of la plata began converting into shiinaoism and learning Korean/Japanese to properly pray. The Japanese leader of la plata, akiko shikishima, highly encouraged this to the point it’s one of the top 5 most popeular religions of la plata and the #1 in its capital city, cordoba. After many Years of solitude and sadness, the Leader of La Plata, akiko shikishima reached out to nations for a union, leading to a royal union between The 1st Empire of La Plata and the Transvaal republic, leading to a great economic boost and to new lands, one of these being Chad, which was split between La Plata and Nebelystan after each bought their sections from the decaying British empire. This has led to an increase in GDP which lead for the expulsion of the Victorian Commonwealth, now the 3rd French Empire, since they deemed La Plata was too developed to continue being part of them.

With the new century, La Plata officially bought the famed companies of Lucasfilm and ILM, to be able to produce high quality Star Wars and Transformers movies. The new Nation of Osman, being a threat to all nations in Africa, has made itself an impressive target to many nations, whom formed a coalition against Osman and even though La Plata did want to join, it was revealed that Empress Akiko Shikishima has been pregnant for 1 month and it is believed to be a girl. Empress Akiko shikishima has moved to las Islas Pizarro and has left the Senate in charge of the Empire, temporarily turning the Empire into a republic.

Basic Information
Nation Name: La Plata
Leader Name: Juan Carlos
Nation ID: 549866
Founded: 06/12/2023 (371 Days Old)
Last Activity: Active 2 hours ago
Unique ID: db162cb28a199c8625d1d86f7
International Relations
Alliance: The Fremen Alliance Flag
Alliance Seniority:30 days
Color Trade Bloc: The Gray Inactive Group
Commendations: 64
Denouncements: 9
Nation Page Visits: 6,567
Population: 2,716,145
Infrastructure: 20,458.80
Land Area: 32,340 sq. miles
Avg Pop Density: 83.99 people/sq. mi
GDP: $3,333,827,485.00
GDP per Capita: $1,227.41
GNI: $1,730,684,730.00
Economic Policies: Moderate
Currency: Currency Image Cruzar
Government Type: Democratic Republic Govt Icon
Domestic Policy: Imperialism Imperialism Icon
Social Policies: Conservative
State Religion: Cristianismo Cristianismo
National Animal: National Animal ImageThe zilla
Approval Rating: 0% (-13.88)
Pollution Index: 61 points
Radiation Index: 560.87 R (Global: 603.31 R)
OBL Team: The zillas
Nation Rank: #2,962 of 13,133 Nations (22.55%)
Nation Score: More Information 2,578.72
War Policy: Help Tactician Tactician Icon
Nuclear Weapons:
Nation Stats
Infrastructure Destroyed: 14,948.71
Infrastructure Lost: 9,882.00
Money Looted: $48,568,266.80
Wars Won: 16
Wars Lost: 24
Total Value of All Bounties:$20,000,000
11 Cities [M]
Nation Activity
06/16 05:13 pm - Changeup of Hardball has publicly commended the nation of La Plata.
06/10 08:20 pm - La Plata was embargoed by Bryantplux Empire.
06/07 09:40 pm - Mroompaloompa64 of Bryantplux Empire has publicly denounced the nation of La Plata.
06/07 09:17 pm - Mroompaloompa64 of Bryantplux Empire has publicly denounced the nation of La Plata.
06/06 05:26 am - La Plata had war declared by Ravenwatch PMC for the reason of "Counter get the nuke ".
06/05 10:31 pm - La Plata had war declared by Faze for the reason of "Remnant Counter".
06/05 10:07 pm - La Plata founded a new city, something 2.
06/05 10:05 pm - La Plata declared war on Bryantplux Empire for the reason of "We don't like you".
06/05 10:02 pm - La Plata has publicly denounced the nation of Bryantplux Empire led by Mroompaloompa64.
06/05 02:12 pm - La Plata has publicly commended the nation of Kenish led by Erich Konigsvater.
06/03 08:29 am - La Plata has publicly commended the nation of -Mexico- led by Julian Ramirez.
05/31 02:13 pm - Julian Ramirez of -Mexico- has publicly commended the nation of La Plata.
05/23 09:58 pm - Yami Vi Britannia of Juicebox has publicly commended the nation of La Plata.
05/22 01:01 pm - La Plata has publicly commended the nation of Holy America empire led by Darkness 11.
05/22 11:18 am - KING NUHAID of Hillsland ND has publicly commended the nation of La Plata.
05/21 10:17 am - La Plata has publicly denounced the nation of Yugoslavija led by Joseph Broz Tito.
05/21 10:17 am - La Plata changed their Color Trade Bloc from Lime to Black.
05/21 02:49 am - Joseph Broz Tito of Yugoslavija has publicly denounced the nation of La Plata.
05/20 08:24 pm - Haruto Taji and Pres of The Japanese Isles has publicly commended the nation of La Plata.
05/20 02:19 pm - La Plata has publicly commended the nation of The Japanese Isles led by Haruto Taji and Pres.
05/19 12:16 pm - Christian III of Norlandia has publicly commended the nation of La Plata.
05/18 05:36 pm - La Plata has publicly denounced the nation of British Palestine led by Governor General.
05/18 03:40 pm - Boltzlem approved La Plata's alliance application and set their alliance permissions to the default member position.
05/18 07:03 am - La Plata applied to join the alliance The Fremen.
05/18 02:37 am - La Plata had war declared by Tria Sidus Rem Publicam for the reason of "I amp".
05/17 08:22 pm - La Plata left the alliance Quasars.
05/16 06:31 pm - La Plata has publicly commended the nation of BLACKSTOKES COMPANY led by JOHN CHRISTOPHER V.
05/16 04:40 pm - JOHN CHRISTOPHER V of BLACKSTOKES COMPANY has publicly commended the nation of La Plata.
05/15 11:52 am - La Plata has publicly denounced the nation of ManiakKeepup led by Bill cosby.
05/14 07:08 am - La Plata declared war on ManiakKeepup for the reason of "Quasar countrr".
La Plata military numbers. Again

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La Plata relations

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The new tank of la plata

La plata new tank named the SDR-120

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