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The Socialist Republic of The Melon is a nation led by Sir Logan Watermelon on the continent of Europe. The Socialist Republic of The Melon's government is a Communist Dictatorship with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Socialist Republic of The Melon favors left wing policies. The official currency of The Socialist Republic of The Melon is the Ruble. At 421 days old, The Socialist Republic of The Melon is an ancient nation. The Socialist Republic of The Melon has a population of 1,136,632 and a land area of 10,100.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 112.54. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.


Our actual leader is Aithne Daughtery



National Flag:



War Flag



Flag of Melonese Cyprus



National Anthem







Capital City











Capitol Building




















National Holidays

January 27: New Year

December 18: Christmas Day

March 1: Military Day

March 12: Harvest Day

October 14: Founding Day

February 28: Communist Day




January: Month of Birth

February: Month of Work

March: Month of Melons

April: Month of Communism

May: Month of Usage

June: Month of Construction

July: Month of Military

August: Month of Wealth

September: Month of Honor

October: Month of the Nation

November: Month of Greatness

December: Month of Ending


RP military Numbers:

Our Soldiers: 4,725,000

Our Tanks: 20,000

Our Ships: 250

Our Aircraft: 5,000

Our Missiles: 500

Our U-Boats: 507

Our Nukes: 100

Our Spies: Unknown

Our Bombs: 5,000

Our Land Mines: 200

Our Napalm Bombs: 110

Our Grenades: 6,000

Our Timed Bombs: 100

Our Radiation Bombs: 50

Our Napalm Missiles: 5

Our Aircraft Carriers: 7


The Story of the assassination of Logan Watermelon

On June 24, 2082, a RoDevs killer and about 20 other snipers went into the capital building to kill Logan Watermelon. It was Midnight and after a long day of partying, our men were tired. The only man who was not tired was General Zelenskey, of the 2nd Tanks Army, may Mr. Zelenskey rest in peace. The snipers then shot down our 27 guards and made it to Logan Watermelons living quarters. The killer then drove a RoDevs flag through Mr. Watermelons neck and then left him to die. Soon enough after only 600 seconds, our national guard came to find Logan Watermelon dead in his room. So our guard took the body of our leader to the national 1st class hospital and took the bloody RoDevs flag out of his neck and then placed our leader in a white metal box, the box would preserve and slowly heal the body of our dead leader. "After 1 year", our medical advisor said, "Logan Watermelon will be fully healed and could possibly be turned alive again, but that is only a theory, if you think it will work pay me 15,000,000 dollars." So we payed him, maybe one day he will be revived...  





Bedland Order



Rest of the USSRz


All other communist alliances



Old Map:




Another Old Map:



Our Colony in Turkey:


RP colony in Vietnam:




Map of The Melon but on a world map:



RP stuff:

RP Population: 56 million

RP towns: 57

RP Soccer team rankings: 11th best team

RP Most Hated Alliance: None


World Stats

Lunoria, Uchama, Bedland, and RoDevs are our biggest allies



Treaty's: 1


Treaty of Gibraltar

  1. Non-aggression pact with Global Watch till 2084
  2. We lose Iberian lands
  3. We get to keep our French lands and Cyprus
  4. Our Welsh land will become Global Watch territory
  5. Iberia will become a fascist Global Watch puppet called Empire of the Melon
  6. The Melon's new government must be Global Watch leaning
  7. The Melon can stay communist
  8. The Melon is allowed to stay in the USSRz
  9. The Melon can stay independent



Wars(Not including Civil Wars) and Bulletins for the wars

Hunton vs USSR(1)-- N/A

Global Watch vs USSRz-We are at war, How we will destroy RoDevs, Operation Red Seas is a success, plus other war news, Some terms, (Please look at this bulletin RoDevs), The Melon's empire great reform, Treaty of Gibraltar, and Trade offer to RoDevs, Our New Borders

Global Watch vs USSR part 2--War with RoDevs( I am going to say that he betrayed the treaty of Gibraltar)

Japanese Civil War--We join the Japanese war, The Bombing of Hiroshima, The Napalm bomb firestorm in Hiroshima, The last thing the Melon does in Japan, we are leaving Japan, they are a lost cause

Deckerton vs The Melon--The Melonese counteroffensive, Let us destroy Ireland!!!

Tibetan War-- Battle of Lhasa, Bombing of Nyingchi and other bombings

GW vs ISP and more(continuation of Tibetan War)--War, War, War, War, War, End of War with Tibet, Obocchama Kun's Google Forms, and War | The Watermelon Post, Offensive into Ireland, this was expected, and billions of dollars down the drain

The Greatest War--This was all a part of the plan.... | World War, Rapid Advance into Iberia and Zero Advances in Turkey, Counteroffensive at Iberia, Defensive in Turkey, Terms for peace, Nuking Madrid and other Iberian Cities, sending troops to Cyprus, and nuking Limassol, Peace, Treaty of Warsaw, and New Borders, Rebuilding, 30,000 workers sent to Iberia, and Military Stats | The Muskmelon Times

Victorian War of Liberation--Invasion of Victoria

The Iron Pakt War--Finishing up Business in Iceland, Advancing Into Zenteka




Well that is all the Wars.              


Day of getting Nukes :) , Saturday, March 18th, 2023, 9:18pm



Basic Information
Nation Name: The Melon
Leader Name: Logan Watermelon
Nation ID: 489745
Founded: 10/14/2022 (421 Days Old)
Last Activity: Active 46 minutes ago
Discord Username:TheMelon#6272
Unique ID: 1f7d9f6849b00f373aa19e3d4
International Relations
Alliance: Union of Socialist Soviet Republicz Alliance Flag
Chairman of USSR
Alliance Seniority:420 days
Color Trade Bloc: The Gray Inactive Group
Commendations: 49
Denouncements: 15
Nation Page Visits: 5,318
Population: 1,136,632
Infrastructure: 10,000.00
Land Area: 10,100 sq. miles
Avg Pop Density: 112.54 people/sq. mi
GDP: $482,975,833.00
GDP per Capita: $424.92
GNI: $86,103,865.00
Economic Policies: Left
Currency: Currency Image Ruble
Government Type: Communist Dictatorship Govt Icon
Domestic Policy: Open Markets Open Markets Icon
Social Policies: Moderate
State Religion: None None
National Animal: National Animal ImageKiwi
Approval Rating: 0% (-517.31)
Pollution Index: 308 points
Radiation Index: 94.66 R (Global: 132.22 R)
OBL Team: Bullet Ants
Nation Rank: #3,815 of 13,173 Nations (28.96%)
Nation Score: More Information 1,336.60
War Policy: Help Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg Icon
Nuclear Weapons:
Nation Stats
Infrastructure Destroyed: 2,742.14
Infrastructure Lost: 8,545.00
Money Looted: $5,444,014.60
Wars Won: 3
Wars Lost: 19

There are no posted bounties on this nation.

9 Cities [M]
Nation Activity
12/08 01:50 pm - Lord Khaos of Bilancorn has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
12/08 04:16 am - Florida Man of The Republic Of Florida has publicly denounced the nation of The Melon.
12/05 02:51 am - Mustafa Demir of Republic of Mugla has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
12/01 11:59 pm - The Melon has publicly commended the nation of Sedrosian Empire led by Gedeon Grigorev.
11/30 11:58 pm - Kevin Marx of Sunixia Catinia has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
11/30 10:00 am - Filippo of Soviet republics of Moscow has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
11/16 07:13 pm - The Melon had war declared by Gothian Crimea for the reason of "Orders man, sors!".
11/09 10:39 pm - The Melon changed their Color Trade Bloc from Gray to Red.
11/07 10:48 pm - The Melon founded a new city, I don't know any more types of Melons.
11/01 08:21 pm - The Melon had war declared by Holy Mandate of Irkanbad for the reason of "Tech Raid, PM for peace.".
11/01 08:09 pm - The Melon had war declared by Tannu Tuva for the reason of "Bing Chilling ".
11/01 06:00 pm - The Melon had war declared by Exeter for the reason of "You're a disease, and I'm the cure.".
10/29 11:09 am - Eduagod of Orden antifurry has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
10/27 10:39 am - The Melon had war declared by British Union of Soviets for the reason of "Raid. DM for Peace.".
10/26 07:48 pm - The Melon had war declared by State of Sparta for the reason of "Welcome to Orbis.".
10/23 09:31 pm - Caesar_ of Legio Caesaris has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
10/23 02:51 pm - pigsworth of United pig empire has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
10/21 02:41 pm - The Melon had war declared by Saffron Republic for the reason of "Sorry".
10/17 11:01 pm - Dogak Antou Lemore of Aukou has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
10/15 12:16 pm - Chad of BasedLand has publicly denounced the nation of The Melon.
10/13 09:13 am - The Melon had war declared by BasedLand for the reason of "Nice Infra bro.".
10/12 11:29 pm - The Melon had war declared by Clover for the reason of "just raiding an alliance for my Game profile or gp".
10/09 02:23 pm - McBob of Jiliboco has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
10/07 08:07 am - Cronicrox of Cronician Empire has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
09/16 11:10 pm - Yuri Chernenko of Republica Popular de Tuva has publicly commended the nation of The Melon.
09/16 09:04 pm - The Melon had war declared by Hegemony of Hecate for the reason of "You brought this on yourself".
09/15 06:12 pm - The Melon had war declared by Republic of Capita for the reason of "Raid, DM for Peace".
09/15 12:11 am - The Melon had war declared by The Kingdom of Canadia for the reason of "Arrgh!".
09/13 01:47 pm - founded a new city, Melon City.
09/12 09:55 pm - The Melon has publicly commended the nation of Communist Republic Of Trex led by Joseph Marinin.
Fine, If you want war, you get your war | The Defense of The Melon

tbh we don't want war, we just want to finish our RP

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