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The Galactic Empire


                                                THE GALACTIC EMPIRE


                                       5 mill signing bonus for new players

                             Free cities and projects. Military training. Low taxes

                           Raid protection. City Planning. Government positions


                       Discord and Alliance Trade Block is required for membership 

                 Members required to keep Adequate Military and assist in defending 

                                             Join us on Discord to apply



                                       Taxes: c1-15     15/15

                                                   c16-24  10/10

                                                   c25+      5/5


 This is a military based alliance with co-op systems that require teamwork.

 Government is designed to serve The Empire, the people and are earned through a player's feats of strength in war.


                                                   High Command 

          Emperor:   Darth Yoda


          Grand Admiral:  

          Grand Moff:  Retired Position 


          Minister of Economics:  Hulse

          Imperial Affairs:  Darth Yoda  Cosmos

          Grand Diplomat:



                                                    Low Command          

          Galactic Envoy:  Jovash

          Administer of Finances:  

          Imperial Hand: 


          Admiral:  Jovash

          Commander:  supercid goldfish

          Lieutenant:  BIRA Mistral












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