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The Galactic Empire



5 mill signing bonus for new players
First 11 cities free. Military training. Low taxes 
Raid protection. City Planning. Government positions 
Discord and Alliance Trade Block is required for membership 
Members required to keep Adequate Military and assist in defending

Everyone is welcome at TGE. All races All sexes all nationalities. We are a family of citizens from all over the world and invite all those who wish to build something incredible to join the fam.

Join us on Discord to apply
Contact Mac, Lana, Han, or Imperial Affairs

Taxes: c1-10      20/20
           c11-24   15/15
        c25+       8/8

This is a military based alliance with co-op systems that require teamwork earned through a player's feats of strength in war




Empress:  LANA

Supreme Commander: Han Solo

Minister of Finance: Capitalist  

Imperial Affairs: Paleo , Bryno



IG Banking Clan:


Internal Affairs:

 Sepl, Fishy, Palmoridia, and UTC




United Terran Command,  Supercid87

Major Milestones:

100,368.30 score reached on 8/30/2022

Sin City merge  9/1/2022



For Keta, For Bohn, for LANA for Chris EL & L  lol. For cid, For Cap. For zev. For Script who was there when we needed him and even Tiberious who gave his efforts. For Nether. For Toxic. Atlas. Black skies. SoL tCW. All the hulus and Commos and unique warriors along the way. For all the amazing people who have made this alliance what it is. 

We are The Galactic Empire.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: The Galactic Empire (TGE)
Empress: Kians
Supreme Commander: Han Solo
Minister of Finances: Hulse
Imperial Affairs: Bryno , Samuel Formerson
Internal Affairs: sep , Fishish , FossilB
Commander: supercid87 , The commander , Friedrich Gargonius
Founded: 01/11/2022 (259 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Yoso's big black bloc
Members: 62
Alliance Rank: #42 of 643 (6.53%)
Score: 100,439.52
Avg Score: 1,619.99
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 1 (1.59%)
Beige Nations: 3 (4.84%)
Gray Nations: 7 (11.29%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 670
Total Infrastructure: 1,113,844.22
Total Land: 1,212,862.50
Total Population: 134,333,648
Total GDP: $158,931,762,405
Total Soldiers: 4,630,689
Total Tanks: 247,769
Total Aircraft: 30,901
Total Ships: 4,717
Total Missiles: 173
Total Nuclear Weapons: 37
Wars Won: 2,218
Wars Lost: 324
James Coles370.81
Washington George684.89
Chidubem frosh583.82
Meme God826.15
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDoAP The ElitesN/A
ODoAP Western RepublicN/A