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The Ascended Nation of Alteria is a nation led by Queen Oma Desala on the continent of South America. The Ascended Nation of Alteria's government is a Democracy with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Ascended Nation of Alteria favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Ascended Nation of Alteria is the Alters. At 559 days old, The Ascended Nation of Alteria is an ancient nation. The Ascended Nation of Alteria has a population of 9,901,602 and a land area of 72,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 136.57. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is sufficient with an approval rating of 55.0108%.


We came here from the Pegasus Galaxy to start a new breed of human evolution 

Alterans are a race of advanced human beings who founded the fabled empire of Atlantis. Their history dates back at least one hundred thousand years; they can live to great ages (thanks to the crystals each one carries) that may seem inhuman to outsiders, with the oldest known Alteran being the current queen, Oma Desala at over 6000 years old.

The technology of the Alterans is highly advanced; it could easily outdo a combustion engine. The Alterans also mastered the power of flight millennia before the rest of humanity did. They can create great machines with their skills, an example being the Leviathan and the Flying City of Atlantis. How the Alterans gained such advanced technology is not not known or elaborated upon, as they came from another Galaxy, they hide quite a bit of their advancements from the rest of Humanity. 

The culture appears to stress the importance of water; there are many flowing waterways located in their great city and even their language (which also appears to be important in Alteran society) is modelled after the flowing form of water. 

Each Alteran gains a small, blue crystal, which they use to power the technology they frequently use. It can also be used to heal small wounds. All of these crystals are smaller parts of the Alterans Great Power Source: a Giant Crystal that shines bright blue and can only be touched by those of Royal Blood. Because Atlantis cannot function without it, it has been called the Heart of Atlantis.

The Crystal may choose a host of Royal Blood when Atlantis is in great peril. However, if the crystal is removed, the Alterans lose their power and will eventually die. The Queens crystal piece appears to have some sort of value and importance amongst the Alterans.


Basically, don't fight these guys, they will win, with technology that is thousands of years ahead. 


Joined The Mortals Alliance - 16th August 2022

First War Won - 18th August 2022

First War Lost - 28th April 2023

100 Wars Won - 29th September 2022

Graduated to The Immortals Alliance - 19th October 2022

City 10 - 19th October 2022

First Nuke Eaten - 25th October 2022

First Missile Launched - 12th November 2022

First Global War Won - 3rd January 2023

City 20 - 14th July 2023


Relevant War History:

Arrgh Raids on TI - 24/10/22 to 31/10/22 WON

Bifröst Blitz Global War 26 (Midgard side)- 11/11/22 to 03/01/23 WON

Ragnarök The Great Divorce (Midgard side) - 25/04/23 to 08/05/23 PEACED

Blitz on Aurora - 31/01/24 to 02/02/24 PEACED


Bifröst Blitz War info: Click Here
Ragnarök War Info: Click Here




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big boy Tony
Grumpy Old Bastards
Oma Desala
The Immortals
01:02 pm
Steel 9,000Sell 37,206,000
(4,134 ea)
Accepted Accepted
01:35 pm
Oma Desala
The Immortals
Kins town
11:15 pm
Steel 2,000Buy 8,530,000
(4,265 ea)
Accepted Accepted
11:51 pm
The Syndicate
Oma Desala
The Immortals
05:31 pm
Credits 1Sell 38,999,999
(38,999,999 ea)
Accepted Accepted
06:38 pm

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