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Unforgiven Legion


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We protect our allies and they protect us
Raiders will lose far more than they could earn

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To be considered, Applicants must join our discord server.
After a short interview, those who are deemed worthy will become Legionnaires
Any applicants who do not join discord or become inactive will be removed

Click the sword to be taken to our discord server
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Unforgiven Emperors

Unforgiven Legates
Chief Mediator (FA): Rex Tyranus
Supreme Military Commander: Vladimir Streka

Decayed Primus Pilus
Chief Economist: Austin TX
Head of Internal Affairs: Walter Irons

Decaying Centurions
Foreign Affairs officer: Dom Paulo I
Military officer: KirbyWGlasses
Military officer: Madtemptest16
Economic officer: Shadow Of Death
Internal Affairs officer: Veroivot

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