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The High Table



The High Table is a council of crime lords that govern the underworld's most powerful criminal organizations. It is led by The Elder and his trusted Council. Contract killers and assassins serve at the behest of The High Table. Honor and respect for the oath and commitment to service are placed above all else. It is believed that evil opposes evil when it comes to services rendered — but innocent lives are sometimes casualties of the war being waged within the underworld.

Our Organization has vast experience in warfare, diplomacy, and politics within P&W. We are guided by the core values of raiding without fear, building select alliance partnerships on trust, and prospering from political opportunities in that meet our needs.


The Elder


The Directors

Don Trump    |   Azera Vicenna

The High Council

Alexander Valentin  |  Charlemagne1  |  Lance Beckon

 Adrian Thorne

The Shinobi 


Mark Second

Electoral Congress




Austin Auriat

The Craftsmen

Erika von Heim

 Davis I


Recognizing the Blanket NAP signed February 1, 2024 to end GW30  

Extensions & Protectorates

Delicious Wine  |  Genesis of Light


Brotherhood Family


Antarctica Alliance


The Golden Horde  |  Unforgiven Legion  |  Valorian Order


We welcome nations large and small to join us!

If you are willing to learn, want to grow your nation, can be regularly active, and have a team mentality. 

We want you!

Our alliance offers raiding training/support, rewards and bonuses for new members, city and project grants for c11+ nations, and an optional 25% low tax non-grant program. Learn more in a short interview.

| Apply in THT Discord Server |


Any interest in treaties or other inquiries for diplomacy should be directed to THT Diplomatic Hall by opening a request ticket. Embassies may be established upon request.

We are not accepting protectorate requests.

Click below to request ticket

 | THT Diplomatic Hall |


Raid Disclaimer: Be aware that our members may raid regularly based on opportunity. We do not tolerate raids or spying against our members and will defend them along with applicants at our discretion.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: The High Table (THT)
The Elder: Rageproject
Director: Azera Vicenna
Council: Alexander Valentin , Lance Beckon , Charlemagne1 , Adrian Thorne
Manager: Flydog , MrDap01
The Shinobi: Onassty , Electoral Congress , Mark Second
The Craftsmen: Davis I , Erika von Heim
Founded: 04/21/2023 (364 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Red Wine on The High Table
Members: 59
Alliance Rank: #32 of 493 (6.49%)
Score: 172,724.15
Avg Score: 2,927.53
Discord Server: Click Here
P&W Wiki Page: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 4 (6.35%)
Beige Nations: 2 (3.39%)
Gray Nations: 4 (6.78%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 970
Total Infrastructure: 1,640,088.59
Total Land: 2,160,821.58
Total Population: 212,348,125
Total GDP: $269,370,662,177
Total Soldiers: 4,887,121
Total Tanks: 693,531
Total Aircraft: 60,089
Total Ships: 4,494
Total Spies: 2,298
Total Missiles: 253
Total Nuclear Weapons: 42
Wars Won: 6,356
Wars Lost: 1,337
Daenerys I1,756.25
Bradley Von Frost1,943.03
John MacLean2,035.82
Monkey D Phoenix1,387.45
Edith Agnoc1,854.38
Chicken Emperor2,372.07
Micheal Whittman1,712.98
William Campbell1,950.20
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
Extension Delicious WineN/A
NAP Atlas CorporationN/A
ODoAP Antarctica AllianceN/A
ODP The Golden HordeN/A
ODP Valorian OrderN/A
ODP Unforgiven LegionN/A
Protectorate Genesis of LightN/A
Protectorate Scipio AlbarrioN/A