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Antarctica Alliance



Antarctica, the True South. United we thrive, together we conquer.

We are a fast growing, active alliance that punches above our weight, helping nations thrive in Politics & War. United by our cool Antarctic theme, we have achieved decisive victories against larger foes.dd4189a3fd17faa936a22cad144d94cdd59adcb01920x280127.png



 Antarctica is a tax-free alliance. Nations keep their full earnings with zero mandatory alliance taxes. Voluntary bank contributions are welcomed.


In times of war, helping allies is mandatory. But otherwise our focus is on growth and prosperity. 

If you like RP, Antarctica is a perfect place for you.  We have our own RP platform. 



As we continue to grow, new member perks and events will be added. This is an alliance where you can thrive among like-minded friends.

How to join Antarctica?

Simply apply in-game. 

Can I join without Discord ? 

Yes, as long as you are logging in daily. 

We have zero-tolerance policy towards raiders. 


All raids will be countered, including applicants, allies. We reserve the right to retaliate with counters against spy attacks. ☢️



Basic Information
Alliance Name: Antarctica Alliance (AA)
Leader: Moretti
Heir: Sladum
Founded: 02/05/2023 (476 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Purple is Legion
Members: 109
Alliance Rank: #18 of 522 (3.45%)
Score: 256,597.26
Avg Score: 2,354.10
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 6 (5.22%)
Beige Nations: 4 (3.67%)
Gray Nations: 11 (10.09%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 1,326
Total Infrastructure: 2,451,671.82
Total Land: 2,744,450.71
Total Population: 305,065,398
Total GDP: $382,235,391,756
Total Soldiers: 16,400,460
Total Tanks: 1,254,275
Total Aircraft: 82,062
Total Ships: 11,678
Total Spies: 3,483
Total Missiles: 585
Total Nuclear Weapons: 64
Wars Won: 3,546
Wars Lost: 1,146
Hilarus XVII1,099.96
Frederick III1,891.70
World breaker466.60
Jose de Iturbide110.50
Aqua War Exposed: The Real Story Behind Antarctica's Icy Showdown

Dive into the chilling details of espionage, alliances, and a frosty fight for Aqua trade block supremacy! 🐧🧊

Antarctica Grand Prix: Official Race Results Announcement

We're proud to announce the winners and their incredible achievements on the icy tracks

Antarctica Grand Prix - win 10,000,000

Race to Win: Your Prediction Could Earn Millions!

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Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
Extension Nations of NeutralityN/A
MDP The KeyN/A
ODoAP The Golden HordeN/A
ODoAP The High TableN/A
ODP Magister MortalisLink
ODP Apex FactoryN/A
ODP The Republic of LibertasN/A
ODP Valorian OrderN/A
Protectorate Black SheepN/A
Protectorate Apocalypse KnightsN/A
Protectorate Orbis Peace OrganizationN/A