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Dark Brotherhood


Listener: Daveth
Listener: Yoda
Acting Listener: Chezstick

Senior Advisor
Listener Emeritus: CJonathan

Speaker of Deception (FA): Francis Underwood

Speaker of Destruction (MA): Alucard
Silencer of Destruction (MA): Kitkat, Wolfy

Speaker of Indoctrination (IA): Daveth
Silencer of Indoctrination (IA): Valeera, RodFSH

Speaker of Avarice (EA): Chezstick
Silencer of Avarice (EA): Derp Derp, Oh Hweng Jo

Executioners: Louis, xsianx

Protector: The $yndicate
MnDP: Pantheon
ODP: Horsemen
Protectorate: Church of Atom, Sirius

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Joining our alliance (adapted from video)
1. Apply in-game
2. Join our Discord server (link below)
3. Take a short 10-min interview
Done with all that? You're with us!

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All DB members are expected to be committed and active.
Members who turn red (more than 3 days inactive) will be warned and those who turn purple (more than 7 days inactive) will be kicked from the alliance.

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