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Dark Brotherhood


DB Leadership

Listener: Chezstick (Internal Affairs/Economic Affairs)
Listener: Yoda (Foreign Affairs)

DB High Government

Speaker of Deception (Foreign Affairs): GeneralJon
Speaker of Avarice (Economic Affairs): Oh Hweng Jo

Listener Emeritus: CJonathan

DB Government

Silencer of Deception (Foreign Affairs): Koh Hsien Yew, Francis Underwood
Silencer of Avarice (Economic Affairs): CCJK, Derp Derp
Silencer of Destruction (Military Affairs): Valeera

Executioners: Louis, Shoba, xsianx

If you have any FA inquiries, you can contact Yoda or GeneralJon on Discord.

Protector: New Pacific Order
ODP: Polaris (The Cold Void of Sithis)
PIAT: The Commonwealth
Protectorate: Church of Atom

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Joining our alliance (adapted from video)
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3. Take a short 10-min interview
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We protect all members and applicants, regardless of perceived activity.

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