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The Knights Radiant


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"I have seen the end, and have heard it named. The Night of Sorrows, the True Desolation. The Everstorm."

The Desolation is coming and it will wreak havoc on mankind. It is the duty of The Knights Radiant to be ready for that day.

The Knights Radiant is the largest and most active alliance in Politics & War. We recognize the importance of our new members and invest in them accordingly with aid, guides, mentors and by providing an incredibly fun and welcoming community.

Join today and fight for the future.

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Queen of the Heralds: Adrienne

Herald of War: Benfro
Herald of Growth: Schirminator
Herald of Internal Affairs: Radoje
Herald of Foreign Affairs: Honor

Shards: Odium, Survival

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Herald of the People: Man With

High Prince of War: John Domino
High Prince of War: Joshua Limpkin
High Prince of War: GoldyHammer
High Prince of War: Blink

High Prince of Resources: Azaghul
High Prince of Growth: Japan77
High Prince of Growth: Mitsuru

High Prince of Internal Affairs: Sojourner
High Princess of Internal Affairs: Rei Ayanami

High Prince of Foreign Affairs: General Aladeen
High Prince of Foreign Affairs: Sargun

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Orange Enforcement Agency: MDoAP with The Commonwealth

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Grand Imperial Alliance
MAGE Incorporated

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TKR is finally at peace! Doors open for applicants.

Make sure you apply both in-game and on our forums to be considered!

Basic Information
Alliance Name:The Knights Radiant (TKR)
Bank Government:Dalinar , Azaghul , Lordship , japan77 , Benfro , TheCreepyLurker , Mitsuru , Radoje
Government:John Domino , General Aladeen , sojourner , Joshua Limpkin , Sargun , GoldyHammer , Rei Ayanami , Blink
Founded:06/29/2015 (1,147 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Radiant Orange
Alliance Rank:#1 of 177 (0.56%)
Avg Score:2,436.63
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:11 (7.1%)
Beige Nations:1 (0.69%)
Gray Nations:7 (4.86%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:2,166
Total Infrastructure:4,197,466.43
Total Land:4,416,155.27
Total Population:477,587,029
Total GDP:$614,571,372,201
Total Soldiers:11,405,607
Total Tanks:619,300
Total Aircraft:175,500
Total Ships:10,915
Total Missiles:121
Total Nuclear Weapons:181
Jennifer Clark472.19
D to the E574.15
Giovanni Matteo210.86
Dark Horse684.71
Alpha Abhi357.34
Jorge Luis73.20
Zach E27.50
Ye Myint Myat Aung286.40
Andrew St Patrick74.00
Arthur Sherington121.60
Alliance HQ
MDoAP The CommonwealthLink
Protectorate SilenzioN/A
Protectorate Grand Imperial AllianceN/A
Protectorate TeslaN/A
Protectorate MAGE IncorporatedN/A
Protectorate StatesmenN/A