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Dressrosa is a nation led by President Daniel I on the continent of Europe. Dressrosa's government is a Dictatorship with very moderate social policies. Economically, Dressrosa favors moderate policies. The official currency of Dressrosa is the Bitcoin. At 191 days old, Dressrosa is a mature nation. Dressrosa has a population of 3,772,396 and a land area of 28,600.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 131.90. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Dressrosa is soverign independent nation lead by its very well known ultimate  leader, President Daniel I. The nation has its set of standards of living that are kept strong and inclusive to all the ethnic and religious groups cross the great nation. These standards include,

  • Sovergnity: Through sovergnity, Dressrosans rule themselves by themselves under the leadership of President Daniel. The nation shall be self dependent through industry, strong economy, strong homeland security to ensure the safety of the citizens and strong intelligence/Military to protect the wide boarders of the nation from east to west and from north to south. Any attacks on any part of the nation is an attack on the nation as a whole.
  • Education: Education is a major priority, though not free at the post-secondary to give an incentive for students to put a larger effort into studying. Interest rates will be low to give opportunities for as many young people as possible. The country strives to have the best people to lead society to a better future. Illiteracy shall be at 0%.
  • Generosity: the nation is generous towards the less fortunate individuals in the society. The welfare system is available to help the residents in need especially those with a disability and the newcomers who travel to the nation in the hope of seeking a better life while being active members in helping Dressarossans build and keep the nation prosperous. The nation is also a firm believer in helping countries going through natural disasters.
  • Health care: A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. The government strives to ensure health care system at its highest peak to serve the residents
  • Public safety and homeland security: safety above all, the government's top priority to ensure the citizens and residents feel safe. No tolerance for crimes.
  • Infrastructure: A top priority for a strong community. Strong sturdy infrastructure not only serves the needs of the residents and the country and not only supports the economy but it gives an image to a civilized nation.
  • Environment: primary duty of the government, businesses, and residents to work together for a clean nation. The government shall fund cleaner forms of energy such as nuclear and wind working together hand in hand, businesses shall ensure any waste is disposed of properly and the residents shall recycle.

                                                               Dressaroassa and its people shall unite together 

For A Strong Leadership

For A Strong And Fair Economy

For True Independence


Charter of Rights, Freedoms & Responsibilities

Unlike many nations that call for rights and freedoms as part of their constitution, Dressrosa has a responsibilities section as its important to have a give and take relation ship between the country and the people. The people have rights and freedoms but they are also have responsibilities towards their great nation and its Leader President Daniel I


  1. Equality Rights: Everyone is equal before and under the law. There are no exceptions no matter what. Under the court of law, you are innocent until proven guilty unless its a federal crime such as spying, treason, terrorism, plotting to overthrow the government, escaping the mandatory military service of 3 years, serial killing, ra_pe. In these cases you will be tried under the national court in the presence of the president in court because many of these crimes are serious and punishable by death sentence and only the president can authorize death sentence nation wide.
  2. Right to bear arms: Bear arms is a right provided the citizen is both mentally and physically stable , have registered the fire arm. Its more meant towards citizens who live in the northern parts of the country or farm areas and fields where it takes the police a long time to reach especially during storms and late hours of the night. Citizens are allowed to defend themselves  and their families under the self defense Act
  3. Right to life: Dressrosa is a life oriented nation. We however unlike many nations that claimed pro life that's strictly oriented towards assisted sui-cide and abortion. The nation seeks to ensure people's lives are valuable through out their life span. we provide mental health to ensure low sui-cide rates if any, we provide relief to the citizens in need and at risk of extreme depression. heavy attention is placed on sick kids hospitals, orphanages, foster homes , juvenile correction centers as well as other correction/detention  centers where ever institutions server the needs of the under age citizens  and all citizens in general nation wide to ensure safety.
  4. Freedoms
  5. freedom of thoughts and beliefs: you can believe in anything you want as a citizens except criticizing the government. you are allowed to bring concerns and questions to be addressed in the annual national conference but unreasonable criticisms aren't covered. The discrimination and hate speech is also not protected under this freedom
  6. Freedom of religion: religion is between the Individual and God. The government does not have any preferred religion .Every Individual is free to practice their faith provided it does not bring harm to others or insult others of different religions.
  7. Freedom of expression/peaceful Assembly: peaceful protest is allowed provided the discussion between the authorities and citizen has already taken and no agreement was reached. Rioting is illegal punishable by 5 years in prison, Fines for all the damages and criminal record. Burning the flag, insulting the leader are also a crimes. They are not freedoms protected under freedom. Other demonstrations require government approval
  8. Freedom of the Press: very limited and they are required to show all their news and have a meeting with the president to review their notes before reporting them to the public. The media is now allowed to go free telling their stories. Any false stories will result in channel closure.
  9. Responsibilities
  10. Be a model of good citizen who returns the favors by being productive. Ask for help if employment is needed
  11. tax payment
  12. report any crimes before they happen if possible for the greater good to protect as many people as possible
  13. blood donations provided you are healthy. The health professionals shall not accept any blood for storage unless its confirmed healthy
  14. keep the city clean, Littering is heavily fined
  15. donations: always welcome to help those in need
  16. Other rights, responsibilities will be added when brought up and are in need for the greater good for the country and its people
  17. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

National Holidays

January 1st: New year

march 17-Dressrosa Day-Nation establishment

Holy Thursday to Easter Monday

April 22 - President's Birthday

May 1st-Labour day

May 25th- Announcing the power of the people day-people rule themselves by themselves. Even though President Daniel is the head of state, But people have 30% of the power which they can use to request where tax money can be best spent and what is essential. This can be done during the annual national assembly lead by the President> this also means There are no elections and Oppositions parties are not allowed to exist

first Monday of August-Civic day

second Monday of October-Thanks giving

November 11-memorial day: remembering the fallen soldiers

December 25th-Christmas


Hollywoodian War I

May 24th-June 14

Allied Powers: Oasis, Rose, Mystry Inc => Roasistry

Axis powers: The Knights Radiant, Grumpy Old Bastards, Guardian, Error 404, Children of The Light, The Order, Black Knights, and Oblivion joined forces into Hollywood

Reasons for the war: Hollywood attacked Rose for no particular reason which then led to Oasis's TFP to declare on Hollywood and arghhh sub axis affiliate to declare back at TFP

Events: At the sun set of May 24th, the hollywoodian cities blared their  alarming  sirenes  throughout their nations as Roasistrian forces reached the walls of the sphere with their ships carrying millions of tanks, aircraft and solidiers and storing millions of missiles and nuuclear missiles. The hollywoodian skies started lighting from the bombs bursting in the air bombing and destroying everything they can find. The hollywoodian forces in their turn also moved in the opposite directions and also bombarded roasisterian nations causing heavy damages to their armies. The damages and destruction was all time extensive on both ends for the entire duration of the war. 

Dressrosa role in the war

Dressrosa being a TFP nation, it took a strong stand and a vital role in fighting till the end. Despite the challenges that resulted from it being attacked by nations that surpassed Dressrosa by 6 yet dressrosa made critical damages to the incoming nations as well as the nations that dressrosa took initiative to attack. 

within the course of the war, Dressrosa captured 14 spies, lost 48 intelligence agents, took a damage of 7758 on its infrastructure nation wide, made damages to enemies of approximately 14022.54, destroyed a missile and 2 nuclear missiles of the enemy, casualties on soldiers came to be approximately 873405and the damages on enemy soldiers came to be 952000 soldiers , Tank losses came to 28978 where as the damages on enemy tanks came to be 37500, air force losses came to be 1850 where as the damages on enemy air forces came to be 2300 planes, and finally the naval forces casualties came to be 128 ships while the damages on enemy ships were 356 ships. 

Financial losses: Dressrosa owes an amount of 50 million on purchasing steel, ammunition and gas during the duration the war. The war may have costed more but the loots from the losing nations covered some costs.

Improvement Losses: 2 Tank Factories

In a total of 29 battles with 29 nations, Dressrosa  was able to fight until the final day. One of the wars unfortunately was lost due to alliance instructions not to completely send the opposing nation to a beige mode, the opposing player at life line of 8 vs. 10 declared victory. 

End of war: a white peace agreement was reached between the two sides due to the reason of the war and the added comparable casualties on both sides let to conclusion that neither side is winning and so ceasefire agreement was reached to make a possible recovery more affordable on both sides

Other Laws

  1. Animal Protection Act : Any abuse to animals or hunting trophy animals will result in capital punishment with irreversible order. While farm animals could be used for food however due to reports from nations abuse to animals and the methods used, Dressrosa takes a stand to protect animals just as much as humans against abuse for the purpose of profit or other wise. 
  2. Food safety and preservation Act: Food safety is a crucial issue. Its very important to ensure all foods are safe for the public and for the animals. Any contaminations will result in sever sanctions. there will be highly qualified quality assurance employees to insure everything is done correctly and safely. ii) on preserving foods, reports have come from other nations that excess food gets wasted instead of it being given to employees or donated to places that may need it. By Dressrosa Laws , No foods shall be wasted. any waste of food for the purpose of profit or waste will result in hefty fines, 3 years in prison and permeantcriminal record. 



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