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The Brigatine of Quetad is a nation led by Captain Orcasius on the continent of Europe. The Brigatine of Quetad's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Brigatine of Quetad favors moderate policies. The official currency of The Brigatine of Quetad is the IOU. At 393 days old, The Brigatine of Quetad is an ancient nation. The Brigatine of Quetad has a population of 5,167,888 and a land area of 38,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 136.00. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is sufficient with an approval rating of 71.4005%.

Joined game: 28/06-2020

Joined The Immortals: 30/06-2020 
Left The Immortals: 09/07-2020 

Joined The United Repulican Party: 09/07-2020 
Left The United Republican Party: 10/07-2020 

Joined Black skies: 10/07-2020 
Lieutenant IA Black Skies: 01/09-2020 
Captain IA Black skies: 14/11-2020


Alanfall | silvership


Party in the pantheon | Silvership


The last ride | Goldship


Clearing the Skies | Award

Wars I've been involved in:
War on slander | Fighting for Black Skies
Alanfall | Fighting for Black Skies
Party in the pantheon | Fighting for Black Skies
The alleged poach war | Fighting for Black Skies
The last ride | Fighting for Black Skies
Clearing the Skies | Fighting for Black Skies

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1)06/16/2021 09:11 pm Black Skies BankQuetadHouse of Julii$251,434,499.
2)06/11/2021 05:18 am HedgeFund BankQuetadKingdom of Sharish Crim$
3)05/27/2021 03:46 pm Black Skies BankQuetadHouse of Julii$207,500,
4)05/22/2021 04:28 pm Black Skies BankQuetadHouse of Julii$226,000,
5)05/21/2021 10:07 pm Oceania BankQuetadTaekwonia$1,093,249.00357.0060.0042.0075.0078.00103.0040.00435.00651.00338.00528.00
6)05/20/2021 08:46 pm Oceania BankQuetadVailion$1,779,773.00749.00138.0095.00168.00177.00231.0089.00989.001,481.00770.001,201.00
7)05/01/2021 12:02 pm Arrgh BankQuetadRage$
8)04/29/2021 11:11 am BankQuetadRussell Trust Association$1,323,492.710.
9)04/28/2021 09:59 pm Black Skies BankQuetadHouse of Julii$171,000,
10)03/31/2021 06:16 pm Black Skies BankQuetadHouse of Julii$15,000,,500.00
11)03/18/2021 05:19 pm QuetadBlack Skies BankQuetad$340,
12)03/08/2021 06:31 pm Black Skies BankQuetadHouse of Julii$142,534,499.
13)03/05/2021 10:20 am The Crimson Order BankQuetadDeadly Sin$
14)02/25/2021 06:06 pm Black Skies BankQuetadHouse of Julii$115,034,499.
15)02/19/2021 12:02 am The Order BankQuetadBatavia$25,976.0065.

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