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Founding Member of Astra
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We're an alliance of weeaboos bound by common goals and interests. We're a close-knit community, but we're always looking for more people! We believe in Weebunism, an ideology in which all waifus are loved (and lewded) and no waifu is neglected. In our alliance, we idealize kinship and the autonomy of our members.

We have a single tax bracket for the whole alliance that fluctuates based on situation. Inactive members, however, will have an 100% tax rate. Those inactive for longer than a period of 7 days without reason will be notified and moved to applicants.

We reserve the right to protect our members and applicants, regardless of their activity.

Discord is mandatory if you are to join the alliance.

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User Imagesnot to mention shadow and minesomemc

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General Secretary
Empiur - Ozeki

Thinkpitz - Republic of Cirnos

Kizusu - Ecchia
Ezen I The Great - Borto
0sku - Kingdom of Finland
Domais - Domais
Madokami - Holy Meguca Meduka Empire
piss face - piss puddle
Ivan - Eagle Union

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Empiur, Thinkpitz

Ministry of the Interior
piss face

Ministry of War

Foreign Affairs is handled by both Empiur and Thinkpitz.

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