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We're an alliance of weeaboos, otakus, and/or Japanophiles. Made for weeaboos and by weeaboos, bound together by our love for anime, manga, and Japanese media, we fight to protect our waifus. Through the ideology of Weebunism, for our waifus, we will love and lewd, never neglecting a waifu in need. Through kinship and brotherhood we will persevere. We love meeting new friends to talk and chat to and join us in our weeaboo crusade.

We reserve the right to protect our members and applicants regardless of their activity. Poach or defect at your own risk. Discord is mandatory to join the alliance.
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Current Anthem
YOASOBI - ハルジオン
[EN: Halcyon]
Original Song

Previous Anthems
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Disclaimer: Weebunism has nothing to do with Communism

Alliances have the ability to share their markets with other alliances, effectively creating multi-alliance markets only available to the members of the alliances involved.

Alliance NameDateMembersColorAverage ScoreScoreStatus
Laffeys Lair06/02/20201aqua3,076.003,076.00Active