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We're an alliance of weeaboos, otakus, Japanophiles, and/or casual anime fans. Made for weeaboos and by weeaboos, bound together by our love for anime, manga, and Japanese media, we fight to protect our waifus. Bound together, not by political ideology or interests or by geological location, but by shared interests and hobbies. Through the ideology of Weebunism, for our waifus, we will love and lewd, never neglecting a waifu in need. Through kinship and brotherhood we will persevere. We love meeting new friends to talk and chat to and join us in our weeaboo crusade. 

We reserve the right to protect our members and applicants regardless of their activity. Poach from us or defect from us at your own risk. War dodgers are unwanted.



In regards to diplomacy and foreign relations with other alliances:

1. For any diplomatic inquiries and discussion, please contact our Foreign Affairs over Discord , or join our alliance's Discord server and go to #diplomatic-inquiries

2. To open an embassy, please join our alliance's Discord server and go to #embassy-request. We are not accepting protectorates at this time.

Foreign Affairs
Empiur (@Empiur#5512)



In order to join our alliance:

1. Join our Discord. Discord is mandatory to join our alliance.

2. Go to the #verify channel and verify your account.

3. Go to the #apply channel in our Discord server and start the application process.

4. If you have less than 12 cities, apply in-game to Otaku Shougaku. Otherwise, apply in-game here.



In regards to counters and raids done by our members:

1. We reserve the right to counter for any and all of our members and applicants regardless of inactivity.

2. Counters will be declared without warning. (Shoot first, ask questions later).

3. For any inquiries regarding counters (such as asking for peace), please contact our Foreign Affairs or Military Command over Discord, or join our alliance's Discord server and go to #diplomatic-inquiries

4. For any inquiries regarding raids made by our members, please contact the members involved in the raid firstly. However, if needed, please contact our Foreign Affairs or Military Command over Discord.

Foreign Affairs
Empiur (@Empiur#5512)

Military Command
Bhenagar Noa (@FulcrumE#5508)



General Secretariat

General Secretary
Empiur [*]



Foreign Affairs
Empiur [*]

Internal Affairs
Ongyuu [*]

Economic Affairs
Kaurv [*]

Military Command
Bhenagar Noa [*]


Deputy Secretariat

Military Command
Kadin [*]



Internal Affairs
Sayori [*]
PB [*]

Military Command
long_2 [*]



MDoAP Allies

'O Fortuna

Eclipse, T$



Fumo, Otaku Shougaku




Nowlu - Stuck on You
Official MVOfficial Lyric Video

[Previous Alliance Anthems]


Disclaimers: 1. Weebunism has nothing to do with Communism, 2. Only government members tasked with foreign affairs (Empiur) may represent the alliance as a whole.




Basic Information
Alliance Name: Weebunism (🌸)
General Secretary: Empiur
Secretary: Bhenagar Noa
Deputy Secretary: Kadin
Undersecretary: Valian Stardew , Sayori
Founded: 05/06/2019 (1,415 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Cino’s Cat is Brown
Members: 57
Alliance Rank: #18 of 753 (2.39%)
Score: 205,311.50
Avg Score: 3,601.96
Discord Server: Click Here
P&W Wiki Page: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 3 (5%)
Beige Nations: 0 (0%)
Gray Nations: 1 (1.75%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 1,215
Total Infrastructure: 2,633,153.66
Total Land: 3,329,020.00
Total Population: 365,941,823
Total GDP: $439,447,215,571
Total Soldiers: 3,540,946
Total Tanks: 765,652
Total Aircraft: 87,694
Total Ships: 3,057
Total Missiles: 136
Total Nuclear Weapons: 36
Wars Won: 4,887
Wars Lost: 909
No Applicants
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDoAP The SyndicateN/A
MDoAP EclipseN/A
MDoAP The LegionN/A
Protectorate Otaku ShougakuN/A
Protectorate FumoN/A
Protectorate Otaku ShougakuN/A
Protectorate Raiden IncN/A