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The Fighting Pacifists



Preserving Peace since 2015.
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4a43a6c59e8e5211ed331d43b2c3f5a1bb6eeb9fx359.pngThe Fighting Pacifists (TFP) have existed for over 9 years, with honor and integrity at its core. We are a brotherhood and elite peacekeeping force built on respect, trust, and loyalty; united in defense of our independence.

While Orbis divides itself down lines set by old grievances, TFP extends the hand of friendship to all that would take it. We do not seek war, but in turn, refuse to sit by while we or our allies come under attack. 


Member World of the Confederacy of Independent Systems


MDoAP with Singularity

MDoAP with The Golden Horde

MDoAP with Camelot

ODoAP with Dark Brotherhood
Protectors of Gallowglass

Protectors of Akatsuki 

Protectors of Panem

 An attack on our allies is an attack on TFP. Mercy is not guaranteed and raiders may be subjected to pacifist re-education tactics.

All diplomatic inquiries should be addressed to Shock (shockrider1) or Shwin (ashwin998) via Discord.

We peacekeepers seek to ravage and assimilate the bloodthirsty, the wretched, and the warmongers into our pacifist ways. If you seek to join our cause,

1.) Join our Discord, and click here
2.) Open a ticket in #admissions
3.) Complete a short interview

If you have under 16 cities, please join our sister alliance, The Armed Peacekeepers, to learn how we "spread peace".


Council of Doves

Quichwe, Johan, Menace, Vojasker, OriArrow, The Professor, Banksie

Advancement within TFP is based purely on merit and never longevity. Only the hardest working and most dedicated will climb the ranks of government.


Alliances have the ability to share their markets with other alliances, effectively creating multi-alliance markets only available to the members of the alliances involved.

Alliance Name Date Members Color Average Score Score Status
The Armed Peacekeepers11/26/202247lime1,686.8879,283.46Active