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Southshire is a nation led by King Kieran on the continent of Australia. Southshire's government is a Constitutional Monarchy with very moderate social policies. Economically, Southshire favors left wing policies. The official currency of Southshire is the Pound Sterling. At 314 days old, Southshire is an old nation. Southshire has a population of 7,018,619 and a land area of 57,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 122.06. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.


Southshire formally declared independence from the United Kingdom on January 17, 2022, following the outbreak of nuclear war and almost complete destruction from the Coronavirus pandemic. On this date, a vote of the aboriginal population instilled King Kieran as monarch of the nation, overseeing a Constitutional Monarchy parliament made up of a proportionally representative chamber of politicians focusing on bipartisan progression. Southshire has been founded in the south of England, and continues to claim land once belonging to England.

In order to support the development of the nation, the initial act of parliament was to join The Armed Peacekeepers in order to oversee future growth of Southshire. The alliance helped to support the infrastructural development and has built Southshire into a medium-sized nuclear power. The nation is yet to claim additional land from other settlements.

In its early days, King Kieran authorised the Defendants of Southshire, the nation's army, to conduct raids against other inactive nations outside of alliances in order to help train and enhance its armed forces. Due to size constraints, Southshire struggles to continue to execute raids, but continues to support its alliance in defending itself. The nation has also taken on roles initially in the Internal Affairs of The Armed Peacekeepers, before progressing into a role overseeing Admissions to the alliance.

National Motto

Speramus pacem, bellum paramus

In-keeping with Southshire's peaceful approach, and aligning with the views of its alliance, Southshire always hopes to achieve peace where possible, but will always be prepared for war.

National Details

Drug use in Southshire is heavily prohibited, and any possession of drugs, including Cannabis, is strictly forbidden. Distribution carries a heavier sentence than possession, but both carry heavy fines and a chance of prison time. The only exception to this prohibition is for medicinal purposes, where tightly controlled prescription of the drug will be permitted in small quantities.

When reaching the legal age to join the Defendants of Southshire, 16 years old, citizens are encouraged to volunteer to take part in serving for the Armed Forces. However, whilst it is encouraged, there is no obligation for any citizen of the state to do so. Grants for tuition in the form of armed forces apprenticeships will be offered to those wishing to access higher education and wanting to serve their nation too.

Capital punishment has long been eradicated in the nation following the passing of the Human Rights Convention in the late 20th Century. However, for crimes such as High Treason, the death penalty will still be permitted, where the offender will be hung, drawn and quartered for their crimes against the state. Since the passing of the Human Rights Convention, no individual has been punished by death, and the Government strongly hopes that this is something that will remain the case.

The state provides education to all up until the point of Level 3 qualification. Education to this point is free and available to all students, although there is no obligation to attend. The Government of Southshire is committed to offering tuition to those seeking higher than Level 3 qualifications, but economic policy right now is prohibiting this from happening.

In Southshire, the possession, consumption, distribution and sale of alcohol is legal to all those aged 18 or over in the country. The nation runs a Think-30 campaign, aimed at eliminating under-age drinking. It is the intention of the current Parliament to gradually increase the minimum age at which a person is permitted to drink, and the aim is to prevent the children of today having access to alcohol. Over time, alcohol will be fully eradicated from the country, and outlawed for possession or distribution. Early plans indicate fines and sentences on the same level as drug consumption when it is eventually outlawed.

The Government has declared a pollution crisis as levels in Southshire hit unprecedented levels leading to additional health concerns. That being said, Parliament is not actively seeking to prioritise renewable energy sources and is allowing the untapped use of coal and oil to provide energy.

Southshire has outlawed all attempts of suicide, including assisted dying. The Government is committed to providing free transport to those seeking assistance in the dying process to countries that permit it, and will not persecute those trying to help patients in that position.

The progressive nature of this Parliament has changed the legal definition of marriage to include any adult that wishes to be married to the partner, regardless of the [email protected]#$. Polyamory is marriage is still prohibited in Southshire, although polyamorous relationships are permitted. Parliament has committed to maintaining freedom in marriage and encourages religious institutions to follow suit, with the intention of making marriage an option for all.

Unionising is forbidden in any sense in Southshire, and the Government are working to improve working standards for all. Unionising is forbidden in order to ensure all workers are treated the same, regardless of their working conditions.

The state is committed to paying a providing publicly funded elections, to ensure all accounts are transparent. That being said, the treasury department has legislated to allow for donations by corporations and individuals to electoral campaigns, although there are limits to how much money can be donated in order to promote fair elections.

Within reason, free speech is protected in Southshire and all citizens are entitled to expression and their opinion. The Government are committed to preserving this and enshrining it within the country's constitution.

The treasury department in Southshire has introduced concrete legislation to prevent borrowing of money and always aiming to maintain a balanced budget, with profit always favoured. The introduction of strict spending limits by the treasury department prevents overspending and helps to prevent crises in the cost of living, ensuring the Government is able to provide for all citizens at all times where required.

Rights of children are protected by law in Southshire, and this include infantile circumcision. Children should have the right to choose what happens to their bodies at adulthood, and irreversible changes based on parental decisions are strictly forbidden. In adulthood, every person has the right to decide what happens to their body.

Immigration into Southshire is encouraged, although there are strong quotas set to prevent uncontrolled immigration. A points system, much like the one used in Australia, has been adopted by Southshire to ensure skilled-immigration is prioritised. That being said, immigration of all kinds is still encouraged.

In line with the position of the United Kingdom on gun ownership, firearms are strongly prohibited and carry a heavy penalty.

Everyone in Southshire is permitted to practice religion freely; however, the Government endorses the national religion of Christianity. This is the religion that the monarchy practices and the Government continues to endorse, including the building of the Great Church of Shire, the central church of the nation. There is a large spread of religions practiced in Southshire, including Hinduism and Islam. The majority of Southshire, however, is secular in their belief, despite the endorsement of Christianity.

Southshire builds on typically British values following its separation, and provides healthcare that is free at the point of access to all its citizens. For the tourists visiting, there is a small charge at the point of access for healthcare, although this is a flat rate across the board and is only payable once when seeking specific treatment. The nation has a less than 10% disease rate, and is always working to reduce this, with near global access to hospitals in all of its cities. Abortion is permitted by the law of the land within the first trimester of the pregnancy, regardless of circumstances. Abortion is further permitted later in the pregnancy in the event of medical emergencies, but prohibited otherwise.

A progressive income tax is used by the Government, taxing all citizens at the same base rate over and above a tax-free threshold. Earners over £50,000 per annum are taxed at a higher rate, with the rate of tax increasing for income above £200,000 and £850,000 per annum. Taxation in Southshire is then distributed to Governmental departments, as well as provide universal credit for those in need of state support.

Officially, the Government will not endorse, support and permit any use of torture for any reason. Unofficial reports and news stories into the security services of Southshire has reported differently. No comment has ever been received from the Government.

Culturally, Southshire had a predominantly pescatarian-based diet due to the proximity to the ocean. That being said, the most popular form of cooking in the country is barbecue, with additional food preferences including Italian and Indian cuisine.


Southshire was a part of The Armed Peacekeepers alliance and was initially just a member of the alliance. The Armed Peacekeepers is a Lime alliance that is an extension of The Fighting Pacifists. Following some time in the alliance, Southshire joined the Internal Affairs committee, before progressing to an oversight role, specialising in admissions.

Southshire has recently committed to maintaining its role in The Armed Peacekeepers, and no parliamentary official has intention of proposing a motion to leave.


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Basic Information
Nation Name: Southshire VIP
Leader Name: Kieran
Nation ID: 396976
Founded: 01/17/2022 (314 Days Old)
Last Activity: Active 60 minutes ago
Forum Account:Click Here
Discord Username:Kieran#4902
Unique ID: b160649dd4a0cf8030d3fdfe3
International Relations
Alliance: The Armed Peacekeepers Alliance Flag
Junior Defender
Alliance Seniority:69 days
Color Trade Bloc: $ublime
Commendations: 48
Denouncements: 7
Nation Page Visits: 3,647
Recent Visitors: VIP Only 1 nations from 1 alliances in past 24 hours
Population: 7,018,619
Infrastructure: 54,595.60
Land Area: 57,500 sq. miles
Avg Pop Density: 122.06 people/sq. mi
GDP: $9,154,129,154.00
GDP per Capita: $1,304.26
GNI: $5,211,392,255.00
Economic Policies: Left
Currency: Currency Image Pound Sterling
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy Govt Icon
Domestic Policy: Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny Icon
Social Policies: Moderate
State Religion: Christianity Christianity
National Animal: National Animal ImageBear
Approval Rating: 0% (-323.61)
Pollution Index: 6,549 points
Radiation Index: 365.30 R (Global: 604.35 R)
Nation Rank: #705 of 31,816 Nations (2.22%)
Nation Score: More Information 5,267.19
War Policy: Help Covert Covert Icon
Spies: Unknown
Nuclear Weapons:
Nation Stats
Infrastructure Destroyed: 74,196.11
Infrastructure Lost: 7,626.00
Money Looted: $251,510,963.03
Wars Won: 140
Wars Lost: 0

There are no posted bounties on this nation.

23 Cities [M]
Nation Activity
11/27 12:44 am - founded a new city, Blue Ranch.
11/10 10:02 am - Southshire declared war on Allinnich lan for the reason of "Here Comes the Wellerman".
11/07 08:58 am - Southshire was embargoed by Ricadonia Empire.
11/04 09:17 pm - Southshire declared war on Marea Neagra for the reason of "Ghosting Like the Flying Dutchman".
11/04 08:13 pm - Southshire declared war on _ISRAEL_ for the reason of "Welcome to Arrgh, Time to Pay".
11/03 11:55 pm - Southshire declared war on Enemy for the reason of "Davy Jones' Locker is Waiting".
11/01 07:26 am - Kieran built a new project: Fallout Shelter
10/31 05:29 pm - chad 45 of Chad4437457345875353 has publicly commended the nation of Southshire.
10/28 04:47 pm - founded a new city, Sundown Village.
10/23 02:24 am - Internet Explorer of New Pacifica has publicly commended the nation of Southshire.
10/21 08:06 pm - Southshire placed an embargo on blank.
10/19 07:44 pm - Southshire was embargoed by blank.
10/17 08:39 pm - Kieran built a new project: Clinical Research Center
10/16 03:53 pm - Patrician of Plebians has publicly commended the nation of Southshire.
10/15 06:30 am - Death_lord of Republic of Zealandia has publicly commended the nation of Southshire.
10/12 03:14 pm - Southshire has publicly commended the nation of The Valhallan Union led by Andoryu Iojeoseu.
10/12 12:38 pm - Andoryu Iojeoseu of The Valhallan Union has publicly commended the nation of Southshire.
10/12 05:38 am - Southshire has publicly denounced the nation of The Valhallan Union led by Andoryu Iojeoseu.
10/11 06:32 pm - Southshire has publicly commended the nation of The Valhallan Union led by Andoryu Iojeoseu.
10/11 02:38 pm - Andoryu Iojeoseu of The Valhallan Union has publicly denounced the nation of Southshire.
10/11 02:37 pm - Andoryu Iojeoseu of The Valhallan Union has publicly commended the nation of Southshire.
10/11 06:27 am - Alvarado of Fussion has publicly commended the nation of Southshire.
10/10 11:38 pm - Iza of Izalaland has publicly commended the nation of Southshire.
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Unnecessary NUCLEAR WEAPON burns toast

A raid gone nuclear - the story of how a desperate nation resorts to nuclear weapons to attempt to make a point...

MISSLE STRIKE on Southshire Knocks Down Tree

A MISSILE STRIKE against Southshire knocks down a tree in Hantsmouth in an attempt to counter inactive raid

Nation Score Over Time
Score Component Breakdown
Nation Militarization Over Time
15 National Projects
Advanced Urban Planning
Advanced Urban Planning is a national project that reduces the cost of new cities by $100,000,000.
Bauxiteworks is a national project that increases Aluminum Refineries' productivity by 36% nationwide.
Center for Civil Engineering
Center for Civil Engineering is a national project that increases knowledge about infrastructure. Infrastructure costs drop 5% in all cities.
Clinical Research Center
Clinical Research Center is a national project that allows you to build an additional Hospital in each city.
Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter is a national project that reduces the effects of nuclear weapons.
Intelligence Agency
Intelligence Agency is a national project that allows you to do two espionage operations per day instead of one and train up to 60 spies.
Iron Dome
Iron Dome is a national project that gives you a 50% chance of shooting down enemy missiles.
Ironworks is a national project that boosts Steel Mills' production by 36% nationwide.
Metropolitan Planning
Metropolitan Planning is a national project that reduces the cost of new cities by $150,000,000.
Missile Launch Pad
Missile Launch Pad is a national project that allows you to build Missiles.
Nuclear Research Facility
Nuclear Research Facility is a national project that allows you to build Nuclear Weapons.
Propaganda Bureau
Propaganda Bureau is a national project that increases your military unit recruitment rate.
Research and Development Center
Research and Development Center increases the nation's National Project slots by 2.
Urban Planning
Urban Planning is a national project that reduces the cost of new cities by $50,000,000.
Vital Defense System
Vital Defense System is a national project that gives you a 20% chance of thwarting enemy nuclear attacks.