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Dargole is a nation led by Warlord Dorsaiwolf on the continent of North America. Dargole's government is a Dictatorship with very moderate social policies. Economically, Dargole favors extremely right wing policies. The official currency of Dargole is the Bitcoin. At 2,294 days old, Dargole is an ancient nation. Dargole has a population of 13,008,093 and a land area of 159,850.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 81.38. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is sufficient with an approval rating of 54.9831%.

Making War and Making Love should be approached the same way. Totally focused, with passion, a sense of humor, situational awareness, and a commitment to complete the mission. 

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1)06/22/2021 07:35 am Banana Stand BankDargoleFuyushima$,000.006,
2)06/21/2021 04:02 am DargoleThe Knights Radiant BankDargole$0.000.0037,
3)06/21/2021 03:45 am Banana Stand BankDargoleNazara$1,066,000,
4)06/16/2021 03:54 am Banana Stand BankDargoleNazara$0.003,250,000.00155,000.007,895.7524,000.004,000.0052,000.006,500.0032,000.0021,000.0091,000.0081,000.00
5)06/16/2021 12:04 am Rose BankDargoleRio Grande$13,964,552.00168.0030.0010.00105.0032.0014.0016.00175.00130.00196.00235.00
6)06/16/2021 12:03 am World Task Force BankDargoleEternitys End$64,979.00223.
7)06/13/2021 05:05 am The Fighting Pacifists BankDargoleEl Dorado$337,144.00736.0010.005.006.0011.002.005.0010.0021.005.0013.00
8)06/12/2021 08:03 pm World Task Force BankDargoleMan Utd$3,945.001,443.001.0011.
9)06/11/2021 06:20 pm Aurora BankDargoleMagnicia$229,221.00517.00207.00206.0024.0045.0054.0028.00241.00229.00195.00215.00
10)06/11/2021 03:33 pm Yarr BankDargoleAbyss$16,310.
11)06/10/2021 07:20 pm Dark Brotherhood BankDargoleKuzmation$112,691.
12)06/09/2021 08:43 am Yarr BankDargoleNew Chiraq$
13)06/07/2021 05:40 pm World Task Force BankDargoleTri-Star Directorate$210,707.002,437.000.002.0032.
14)06/06/2021 02:08 pm DargoleThe Knights Radiant BankDargole$150,000,000.00100,000.0010,000.003,,000.002,500.0010,000.000.0010,000.0020,000.00
15)06/06/2021 02:04 pm The Immortals BankDargoleHayleys Kingdom$425,241.00839.0041.0021.0044.0037.0090.0052.0058.0049.0089.00100.00

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