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Tri Poloski

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Carpet Bomber Achievement

The Empire of Tri Poloski is a nation led by Supreme Leader KindaEpicMoah on the continent of Asia. The Empire of Tri Poloski's government is a Communist Republic with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Empire of Tri Poloski favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Empire of Tri Poloski is the Dollar. At 606 days old, The Empire of Tri Poloski is an ancient nation. The Empire of Tri Poloski has a population of 1,440,151 and a land area of 51,600.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 27.91. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Pls don't raid am smol boi
1st missile eaten on 9/5/18
1st nuke eaten on 1/12/19
1 million soldiers killed sometime mid-January 2019
10k tanks destroyed 6/1/19
First Treasure on 2/20/19
0 approval rating reached on 10/17/19

*wow amazing BK medal so cool*
$269 million damage dealt during Knightfall
$3 billion damage dealt and growing during GW14/Dial Up War
$269.69 million damage dealt and growing during GW15/Dial Up War 2

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1)Tri Poloski
Black Knights
French Riviera Federation
09:31 pm
Food 75,000Sell 8,250,000
(110 ea)

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