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Tri Poloski

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Legendary Raider Achievement

The Empire of Tri Poloski is a nation led by Supreme Leader KindaEpicMoah on the continent of Asia. The Empire of Tri Poloski's government is a Communist Republic with very libertarian social policies. Economically, The Empire of Tri Poloski favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Empire of Tri Poloski is the Pascal's Tears. At 1,121 days old, The Empire of Tri Poloski is an ancient nation. The Empire of Tri Poloski has a population of 12,242,209 and a land area of 93,600.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 130.79. Pollution in the nation is evident. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.




Personal Thoughts: 

--- Please keep terrorizing my civilians if I am at war with someone 

--- Pls don't raid am smol boi

--- "In this world winning is everything; winners are validated and losers are denied. Until now I've barely lost at anything, and I will keep it this way in the future. Since I always win, I'm always right. If you oppose me, I'll crush you, no matter who you are” - Dryad - Shrek - Hughes 

--- Supposed leader of the Goober Gang

--- To all Hollywood and Roasis Inc nations: 


Significant Milestones: 

--- 1st Missile Eaten on 9-5-18 

--- 1st Nuke Eaten on 1-12-19 

--- 1st Treasure Obtained on 2-20-19 

--- 0 approval rating reached on 10-17-19 

--- 1st missile launched on 4-5-20

--- Reached $500 million raided on 4-18-20

--- 1st nuke detonated on 11-1-20 (thanks Frostsword)

--- Reached $1 billion raided on 11-24-20


Alliance History: 

--- Member and later head milcom of Argos (RIP) from 5-27-18 to 1-3-19 

--- Member of Black Knights (RIP) from 1-5-19 to 2-6-20 

--- Member of Mythic (RIP) from 2-21-20 to 4-24-20 

--- Member of Eclipse from 4-24-20 to the present 

  • IA high gov from 4-24-20 to 6-13-21
  • Advisor from 6-13-21 to the present

--- Founded FrenchM on 12-15-20 


War History: 

--- Knightfall; $269 million damage dealt 

--- Dial-Up; $3.5 billion damage dealt

--- Duck Hunt; $3.8 billion damage dealt, $2.4 billion net

  • 65,523 tanks destroyed by spy ops during Duck Hunt



Alex bug tested here on 11-25-2020

There is currently not enough information available to provide a factbook for this nation.