Alliance Recruitment

This page will display a random 12 alliances that you can apply to join, with a brief message from the alliance, their flag, and the number of members that they have. Use this page as a tool to find alliances you may be interested in joining.

Nuclear Knights


Members: 15

Nuclear Knights is the Premier nuclear alliance of Politics and War. Bound through blood and honor. Let the Nuclear fires burn!



Members: 12

Arrgh is a freebooting pirate anarchy. Arrgh stands for fun, freedom and plundering the seven seas!

Vox Populi


Members: 22

Want to join a Brotherhood? Join Vox Populi! We give your nation grants and loans with low interest!

The Grand Assembly Of Surrency


Members: 2

First of all, welcome to Orbis, Great Leader

I'm sure you've received or will receive many recruitment messages, so I'll try not

British Empire


Members: 5

Join our alliance
10% Income Tax
0% Recourse Tax
Protection From other Country's
Voting Rights For All Member's



Members: 54

Cornerstone is made up of nations with a wide range of Christian faiths, with a strong culture of faith, honor, mutual cooperation, and respect!

Madagascan Union


Members: 1

Join us for an opportunity to represent Madagascar and make it proud.

European Federated States


Members: 6

Join our alliance and don't forget to have a baseball team. Defence is the best form of attack.



Members: 1

Together we will build the world, in our image. Join use on our quest of power and greed. We welcome all.

The Click 16


Members: 1

the click 16 is a new and we are destined to create a dynasty but a ventures foundations must be built with your nation

The Thermidorian Convention


Members: 10

Join our alliance! for the lolz.

Cobra Kai Dojo


Members: 38

Join our dojo to learn the secrets of centuries of martial arts and culinary arts training. Perfect the art of fisting and tortellini making.