Alliance Recruitment

This page will display a random 12 alliances that you can apply to join, with a brief message from the alliance, their flag, and the number of members that they have. Use this page as a tool to find alliances you may be interested in joining.



Members: 19

Seek the Grail, Ride with Camelot

Golden Phoenix Coalition


Members: 2

Join the Brotherhood for advice and help to make your nation grow.



Members: 25

With Tesla, we guarantee for your success. We do not implement taxes on our engineers, thus creating a favorable environment to develop.

Mitchell Mob


Members: 6

We are looking for players who log-in daily and bulk up their military and commerce. If you want protection and a part of our conquest then join us.

The Fighting Pacifists


Members: 99

Are you of an independent nature, like the challenge of doing things for yourself, and want no taxes? Check us out.



Members: 25

Join the empire, together we shall rise, to heights untold. Unity and camaraderie are the premier principals of Ashenguard.

Knights Templar


Members: 70

We're soldiers of Christ, our task is to free the Holy Land of all Infidel Scum!
If you don't want to wait for lazy Popes to call you, join us asap!

World Task Force


Members: 24

The WTF is a democratic alliance valuing the input of all members. We are a non-raiding alliance. Proud member of Nuke Bloc.



Members: 13

Join Celestia, a military based alliance that will help you grow, and defend you from raiders.

Cobra Kai Dojo


Members: 11

Join our dojo to learn the secrets of centuries of martial arts and culinary arts training. Perfect the art of fisting and tortellini making.



Members: 51

Here is what Acadia can offer you... Protection, Free Money, Free Cities, Loans, Alliance Guides and Job Opportunities.

Order of the White Rose


Members: 34

Order of the White Rose is a small alliance going big places. If you want to be part of something big from the grass-roots onwards, come join us!