Alliance Recruitment

This page will display a random 12 alliances that you can apply to join, with a brief message from the alliance, their flag, and the number of members that they have. Use this page as a tool to find alliances you may be interested in joining.

The Enterprise


Members: 39

Join e$. We're better than everyone else here.

The United Armies


Members: 35

The United Armies needs loyal, active and prosperous nations to help aids its endeavours! Prove yourself, and join the UA!

Major Leek Baseball


Members: 1

Play Ball!

Abdul Fakkadi Super Alliance


Members: 2

Bring glory to Supreme Military Commander, King of Kings, and President for Life, Abdul Fakkadi

Animation Domination


Members: 27

The only place you can find the nutcracker and the nut drunk together!

The Coal Mines


Members: 18

We shall dominate the Coal industry and reap the profits I SeanEire have bought the market twice and will do it again later



Members: 67

We welcome everyone to join Rose! Come hangout on our discord that can be found on our alliance page!



Members: 15

The world is not peaceful, but we can try to be, join if you want peace and war.

House Stark


Members: 24

Seated in Winterfell, House Stark is the principle house of the northern lands of Westeros. Join today to become a Stark!

The Boys


Members: 8

I can't be stuffed to copy and paste the alliance description in here, and it probably won't fit anyway. Visit our alliance main page for description.



Members: 42

If you wish to rid yourself of the status of bandit, rebel, or barbarian, then pledge your allegiance to the Son of Heaven!