Alliance Recruitment

This page will display a random 12 alliances that you can apply to join, with a brief message from the alliance, their flag, and the number of members that they have. Use this page as a tool to find alliances you may be interested in joining.

The Fighting Pacifists


Members: 39

Are you of an independent nature, like the challenge of doing things for yourself, and want no taxes? Check us out.

Catholicorum Coronatus


Members: 1

Calling all just rulers of the lands of our Catholic Lord.

The Red Banner


Members: 47

Want an alliance with a purpose? Want an alliance that protects every one of its comrades to the bitter end? Then if so this may be the place for you!

United Alliance for Freedom


Members: 13

Need the classification of an alliance, but want to be left alone? This is the Alliance for you!



Members: 1

Praise Jashin.

The Knights Radiant


Members: 102

Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. Voted P&W's Most Honorable Alliance, join today!

League of Democratic Nations


Members: 5

LoDN is a strong and proud democratic alliance! We at LoDN have all the means to help your nation grow into a strong and mighty democracy!

Code of Honor


Members: 4

Listen to the theme song of our emperor:

Strickland Propane


Members: 7

Join our amazing sales team TODAY!

Respublica Romana


Members: 18

An old legacy from distant community. We have come here to spread our legacy in the world of Orbis. We are R&R, The Roman Republic!

The Lost Empire


Members: 51

Join the Atlantic Empire today! We offer grants, protection, guidance and a friendly, close knit community. Plus low taxes! New nations welcome!