Alliance Recruitment

This page will display a random 12 alliances that you can apply to join, with a brief message from the alliance, their flag, and the number of members that they have. Use this page as a tool to find alliances you may be interested in joining.

The Senate of Kingdoms


Members: 7

To preserve Monarchy's across Orbris and reinstate their glory, Join the Senate! - Officer roles Vacant!

The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura


Members: 13

Accepting active members of all scores and experience levels.

Those guys


Members: 13

We are an alliance based on mutual aid and friendship.Join if you'd like to have fun and build your nation!



Members: 49

Strength through unity.

The Knights Radiant


Members: 149

Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. Voted P&W's Most Honorable Alliance, join today!



Members: 29

Arrgh is a freebooting pirate anarchy vaguely governed by the Captains Council and the Grand Admiralty.
Arrgh stands for fun, freedom and plundering.

Trojan Guards


Members: 11

We are a close-knit community with low taxes and we take care of our own.

The guards of honor


Members: 21

Join the honorable alliance, to gain power and riches unimaginable by any other regions!

Verein der Deutschen Staaten


Members: 14

Zusammen sind wir stark.
Together, we are strong.

The Illuminati


Members: 45

The Illuminati is a group of dedicated Politics and War players. If you want to be an elite one day, join us, and we will help you reach your goal!



Members: 22

Aurora an alliance founded based on planetary concept to encourage activity and allow Aurorians to have a greater say.