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United Socialist Nations


The United Socialist Nations was reformed from the ashes of the former U.S.R.G.C. on May Day 2018! We are one of the oldest alliances in Orbis and will always stand up in solidarity against oppression and injustice. Join the revolution today!

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If you wish to join us then apply in game AND you must also join our Discord Server.

Being active in Discord is a must for Alliance Members. Click the image below to join.

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DarVolt of Voltania
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Carl Barrett of Novistan


Matrix of Valeria


The Oceanic Council of Oceanic Socialist Republic

Recruitment & Information-General

Carolus of Nordic Society

Ravindhu of Communist State of Asia


Mmm of mmmm

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MDoAP: The Federation

Protectorate: The Warriors

For all treaty enquiries join our discord and ask for the Department of Foreign Affairs

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The New Meta has Arrived

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