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Pewdiepie is a nation led by King Har1s on the continent of South America. Pewdiepie's government is a Anarchy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, Pewdiepie favors far right wing policies. The official currency of Pewdiepie is the Bitcoin. At 720 days old, Pewdiepie is an ancient nation. Pewdiepie has a population of 1,261,688 and a land area of 31,350.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 40.25. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is seriously lacking with an approval rating of 12.4627%.

Here is the one and only true fighter against T-Series
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If you are planning to attack this nation, I advice you to look else where *cough* T-Series *cough* (sorry 'bout that, I have a bad cold)

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1)09/16/2019 01:57 am The Knights Radiant BankPewdiepieNazara$0.005,
2)08/28/2019 11:15 pm The Knights Radiant BankPewdiepieViridian Entente$5,000,000.005,,
3)08/25/2019 09:51 pm The Commonwealth BankPewdiepieSkeletronia$
4)08/13/2019 02:33 pm Guardians of the Galaxy BankPewdiepieNew Tememia$632,901.0070.005.0090.
5)08/12/2019 06:58 pm New Pacific Order BankPewdiepieResdayn$73,712.000.0011.
6)08/07/2019 10:57 pm The Knights Radiant BankPewdiepieFuyushima$5,000,000.0015,,
7)07/28/2019 11:33 pm BankPewdiepieKingdom of Ben$3,000,
8)07/13/2019 02:10 am The Knights Radiant BankPewdiepieFuyushima$,000.000.00
9)07/04/2019 11:07 pm The Knights Radiant BankPewdiepie$,000.000.00
10)06/17/2019 11:19 pm PewdiepieThe Knights Radiant BankPewdiepie$20,000,
11)06/16/2019 10:38 pm The Knights Radiant BankPewdiepieFuyushima$,500.000.00
12)05/29/2019 08:01 am The Golden Horde BankPewdiepie$189,325.
13)05/28/2019 10:18 pm BankPewdiepieViridian Entente$,500.000.00
14)05/25/2019 10:36 pm PewdiepieThe Knights Radiant BankPewdiepie$35,000,,173.007,,837.
15)04/20/2019 10:56 pm PewdiepieThe Knights Radiant BankPewdiepie$58,533,

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