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Chima is a nation led by King Lionstar on the continent of Asia. Chima's government is a Aristocracy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, Chima favors right wing policies. The official currency of Chima is the Orbis Note. At 1,956 days old, Chima is an ancient nation. Chima has a population of 8,392,754 and a land area of 195,280.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 42.98. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

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1)12/15/2019 06:11 pm Area 51 BankChimaDont Know$263,000,
2)12/06/2019 06:05 pm The Syndicate BankChimaThe Lost Isles$109,413.00454.
3)11/24/2019 10:20 pm Area 51 BankChimaAttica$,000.0025,000.000.00
4)11/24/2019 07:47 pm Church Of Atom BankChimaWippelandia$758,924.0010,440.002.0019.00177.007.001.0044.00178.0028.004.00194.00
5)11/23/2019 04:31 am Church Of Atom BankChimaMacworld$553,566.0010,487.002.0019.00180.007.001.0045.00182.0028.004.00197.00
6)11/20/2019 08:18 am Area 51 BankChimaDont Know$,000.000.006,000.00
7)11/15/2019 01:52 am Area 51 BankChimaDont Know$,000.000.00
8)11/11/2019 04:55 pm BankChimaAttica$,000.005,000.005,000.00
9)11/11/2019 04:51 pm Church Of Atom BankChimaWaffle House$715,234.0019,720.0082.00273.00507.00128.00168.0033.00746.00606.00711.00888.00
10)11/11/2019 08:04 am Church Of Atom BankChimaElessar Nenharma$328,355.0011,855.0049.00165.00307.0077.00101.0020.00398.00323.00511.00586.00
11)11/07/2019 06:04 pm BankChimaDont Know$,
12)11/04/2019 04:57 pm Church Of Atom BankChimaElessar Nenharma$307,593.002,270.002.0038.00110.0027.000.002.0065.0074.0046.00238.00
13)11/02/2019 10:27 pm Church Of Atom BankChimaGoand$194,996.002,423.002.0041.00119.0029.000.003.0070.0080.0076.00257.00
14)11/01/2019 03:01 am BankChimaAttica$,000.00
15)10/28/2019 01:00 am BankChimaDont Know$,000.00

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