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Chima is a nation led by King Lionstar on the continent of Asia. Chima's government is a Aristocracy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, Chima favors right wing policies. The official currency of Chima is the Orbis Note. At 2,165 days old, Chima is an ancient nation. Chima has a population of 14,587,655 and a land area of 198,530.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 73.48. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Chima
Leader Name:Lionstar
Currency:Currency Image Orbis Note
History:The Kingdom of Chima was formed by a community of gatherers, after the discovery of the Chi at Mt. Cavora in the Chi Alps. Because Chi is of such high importance to the people of Chima, an election was held over which tribe should govern the safekeeping and distribution of Chi. After a long election, the Lothari Tribe was given the eternal right to govern Mt. Cavora and its fruits. They formed their capital city: Laval to protect this precious Chi provided by the mystical waters from Mt. Cavora. After this election, the many tribes settled and formed their own kingdoms. As the kingdoms prospered and benefited from the fruits of Mt. Cavora, new cities were established to counter the threats created by other nations in the attempt steal this Chi. The cities shared the Chi, and peace and prosperity ruled the land. However civil wars broke out between the cities as the distribution of Chi had become increasingly corrupted. After 32 years of various civil wars, with Laval being occupied by various kingdoms during this time. During the civil war an Ice age froze the country, and Mt. Cavora ceased to produce any Chi. As a result of this turmoil, the Kingdom fell into disarray and anarchy. During this dark age, many nobles fled to the Mountains, while several horrific purges and warlords ravaged the lands. Lord Lionstar of the Lothari tribe started a long and brutal campaign to restore order in the kingdom. He used this opportunity to defeat the remaining lords and installed his loyal generals from their respective tribes as lords over their respective cities, and they, in return installed Lord Lionstar as the King of Chima. After this dark age, peace ensued over the lands, the after a gathering of all the Lords, the Kingdoms were united under the Lionstar's rule. Whilst the Ice age has ended, Mt. Cavora has still ceased its creation Chi. Several administrations has instituted an ambitious set of economic, military, and political reforms to restore the Kingdom's prosperity and making it independent from its dependence on Chi.
Land Area:319,502.27 sq. km
Terrain:The borders of the Kingdom of Chima are held to be the Eris ranges to the north, the Falling Jungle to the south, the Chi and Spire Alps at the center, the Fangs to the west, and the Bay of Cragger to the east. The Kingdom consists of various regions: the Chi Alps, the Spire Alps, the Cavora Riverland; the Falling Jungle; Craggery Swamp; the Fangs; and the Balkar Lakes.

The Kingdom of Chima is a Mountainous land of fertile soils, steep cliffs and rivers, blessed by the majestic mountain of Cavora protected by its largely impassable Chi Alps and the Spire Alps. The Kingdom tends to be slightly isolated from the rest of Orbis. Its harsh winters make travel only possible through the Alps during warmer seasons.

Laval is situated at Mt. Cavora which is surrounded by the Chi Alps and Spire Alps. The only way to the city is through a key strategic chokepoint call Wilhurt's Pass, which connects the Capital to the valleys and the rest of the Kingdom, and is protected by the Worriz Gate.

Highest Peak:Mt. Cavora, 5,778 meters
Lowest Valley:Shadowind Basin, -128 meters
Climate:The Kingdom of Chima, for the most part maintains a temperate climate in the valleys where most people live. This ensures that for three quarters of the year, food can be grown to feed the nation, with a large surplus for exports. Winters can be quite long, cold and snowy and often extremely harsh with blizzards often hitting the kingdom during winter.
People & Society
Population:14,587,655 people
Demonym Plural:Chimans
Ethnic Groups:Lothars - 23.2%
Ehboni - 17.2%
Fluminox - 5.6%
Languages:Lothari - 93.5%
Flumino - 4.3%
Other Tribal Dialects - 2.2%
Religions:Legendarism - 79.0%
Phoenix Rise - 13.4%
Iceism - 2.3%
Life Expectancy:78 years
Alcohol Users:32.3%
Tobacco Users:0%
Cannabis Users:0%
Hard Drug Users:0%
Description:The once Chi-reliant economy, has been transformed into a vibrant free trading and Agricultural orientated economy. Due to this, the Kingdom, at present is one of the largest economies in Orbis, having more than 20 billion in GDP. The Aristocratic and Feudal society of the Kingdom has a primarily agrarian economy. A large food surplus supports the populations the various large cities and allows for mass exports into the wider market.

Cavora River-lands and Balkar lakes regions are the breadbasket regions of the Kingdom. The Cavora River-lands has the most fertile soils in the Kingdom, supplied by mineral rich rivers from Mt Cavora. This productive farming region not only meet the Kingdom's needs but also exports excess foodstuffs to the other nations. The Balkar Lakes situated at Shadowind Basin is the main wine-producing hub for the entire Kingdom.

The Craggery Swamp, and the Falling Jungle regions have the high concentrations of fossil fuels in the entire Kingdom. The regions are highly dependent on the extraction of oil and the refinery of gasoline. This resource is the second largest export in the Kingdom

Although agriculturally self-sufficient, the Fangs has few exports and a smaller population, but its main contribution to the overall economy of the kingdom is considered to be security. The Fangs is a vast geographical buffer that stands between the southern kingdoms and raiding armies which might try to invade the resource rich lands of the Cavora riverlands from the Outlands.

The Spire Alps region has only recently been tapped for its resources. The iron mining industry has begun to step foot into the region, and produces a modest amount of iron for exports.

The Kingdom of Chima also conduct vigorous foreign trade, particularly Food and gasoline and various other exotic products also find their way to the wider Orbis through the international trade network. Infrastructure is one of the best in Orbis with many wide tunnels, strong bridges and tough roads, that encompass the Kingdom. This allows fast movement of resources around the Kingdom. All transport networks terminate at the capital: Laval, making the Capital the primary destination for skills and banking.
Average Yearly Income:$390.98
GDP per Capita:$1,652.78
Industries:Whilst Craggery Swamp and the Cavora Riverlands feed the Kingdom, the Chi Alps enrich it. The largest oil wells and uranium mines in Chima are located in the Craggery Swamp and Falling Jungle regions. Most of the precious metal mines in the Kingdom are concentrated in the mountainous regions of the Spire Alps and Chi Alps. Conversely, the mountainous but metal-rich regions are not as fertile as other regions, so they trade iron to more fertile regions such as Balkar Lakes and the Cavora Riverlands regions in exchange for their surplus food.
History:The Kingdom of Chima does not possess a large standing military force, as do some the bigger nations. Instead, each lord permanently maintains only a relatively small retinue of well-trained and well-equipped armies. In wartime they function on the principle of feudal levies, with each lord raising his own armies from the commoners who live on his or her lands. Sometimes they can provide these levies with reasonably standardized and good quality armor and weapons - though sometimes, they are little more than peasants wielding sharpened farming tools, clubs and staves, or a board with a nail in it. The regions of the Kingdom vary considerably in population and wealth, dramatically affecting the number and quality of the soldiers that can be raised.

The Kingdom also employs a large number of naval forces. The main fleet is the Royal Fleet (stationed in the east at the Bay of Cragger.
Nuclear Weapons:0
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