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The United Imperium

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The Republic of The United Imperium is a nation led by President Rysander Regan on the continent of North America. The Republic of The United Imperium's government is a Constitutional Republic with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Republic of The United Imperium favors right wing policies. The official currency of The Republic of The United Imperium is the Dollar. At 1,085 days old, The Republic of The United Imperium is an ancient nation. The Republic of The United Imperium has a population of 12,685,521 and a land area of 170,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 74.62. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Motto Translates to “Only Fears Fear”. Our other motto is “Out of Many, One”.

Major War History/Achievements: 

Successful Lunar Landing

TAP Graduate

TFP Milcom

GW20 (Enlisted Rank) 

GW23 (Lieutenant) 

Second Delta War

Size Does Matter (Captain)

The Final Showdown



Classical Liberalism

Laissez Faire Capitalism

Arsenal of Democracy

An Attack on One is an Attack on All

Better Dead than Red

Give me Liberty or Give me Death

The Only Thing we have to Fear is Fear Itself

God Will Always Favor Liberty Over Tyranny

Climate: Cold Continental

Temperature: -13 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit

Rainfall: High (81 inches of precipitation)

Winds: High (Average around 11 mph)


Lowest Altitude: 240 ft (Illinois Valley)

Highest Altitude: 1269 ft (Mount Roosevelt)

Arability of Land: Moderate-High (62% of Land is Usable for Agriculture)

Terrain Type: Largely flat, occasional rolling hills, rocky bluffs on the coast of Lake Michigan

Major Industries:

Vehicle Manufacturing (6% of GDP)

Commerce (12% of GDP)

Computing (16% of GDP)

Uranium Mining (29% of GDP)

Farming (32% of GDP)

Notable People Within Government:

Current President: Tristan Roosevelt

Head of Senate: Senator Rysander Regan

Chief Justice of the High Court: Clayborne Thomas

Commander of the Army: General Thomas Sherman

Commander of the Navy: Admiral Christian Nimitz

Commander of the Air Force: Commander Colin Yeager

Chair of the National Intelligence and Espionage Agency: General Darren Eisenhower

Chair of Cyberwarfare: Alvin Turing

Special Operations Commander: Lysander Panetta

Chair of Military Logistics: Eric Remmers

Director of Imperium Space Exploration Agency: Witchowski von Braun

Real-World Inspirations:




History Below:

June 9, 2059 - The United Imperium declares independence from the Communist Monarchy of Canada

June 22, 2065 - The Republic of the United Imperium is officially formed, as is the city of Roosevelt.

July 28, 2065 - The City of Star's Hollow is officially founded.

September 22, 2065 - President George Delano Lincoln is sworn in as President of the United Imperium.

October 20, 2065 - The United Imperium joins The Armed Peacekeepers Alliance

November 24, 2065 - The City of Chicago is founded.

January 30, 2066 - The City of Bradyia is founded.

January 31, 2066 - The United Imperium begins the foreign raids campaign.

March 12, 2066 - The City of Mountain's Ridge is founded.

June 27, 2066 - The City of Springfield is founded.

July 31, 2066 - General Eisenhower becomes NIEA Chairman, General Thomas Sherman becomes General of the Army.

December 21, 2066 - The City of Indes Mones is founded.

January 22, 2067 - The Original Economic Depression Begins

January 30, 2067 - The Foreign Raids Campaign is put on hold following the misstrike on the Carolina Republic.

July 4, 2067 - The City of Balboa is founded.

May 23, 2068 - Original Economic Depression Ends, United Subway Corporation Opens Bradyia Subway

August 18, 2068 - The City of New Washington is founded.

September 16, 2068 - War against Richard's Kingdom ends in victory

December 21, 2069 - The City of Eisenhower Farmtown is founded

June 22, 2070 - President Lincoln wins a second term in office

August 1, 2070 - The Bald Eagle is selected as the National Animal

January 1, 2071 - War with Eastern Seaboard begins

January 3, 2071 - Siege of Roosevelt begins

January 10, 2071 - War with the Eastern Seaboard ends in victory, Siege of Roosevelt Ends

January 20, 2071 - Global War begins between Oasis/Mystery Inc and Clock/Blackwater

February 14, 2071 - Eisenhower Generals win the UIFL Championship vs Patriots

April 27, 2021 - Global War is Ended in a White PEace

June 16, 2071 - Pirate Counter Initiative Leads to Strike Against Moniyan Empire

August 3, 2071 - Moniyan Empire is Defeated

October 24, 2071 - Great Rebuild is Complete

January 29, 2072 - First Great Expansion is Complete

February 10, 2072 - Stars Hollow Patriots win UIFL Championship vs Knights

April 22, 2072 - The United Imperium is Promoted to The Fighting Pacifist Alliance from TAP

April 23, 2072 - The Great Infrastructure Expansion is Complete

May 5, 2072 - The City of Independence is Founded

September 24, 2072 - Pirate Counter Initiative Leads to Strike Against Timurid Empire

November 7, 2072 - Timurid Empire is Defeated

February 15, 2073 - New Washington Panthers win UIFL Championship vs Knights

March 23, 2073 - The City of Saint Francis is Founded

July 22, 2073 - The City of New Carthago is Founded

November 21, 2073 -  The City of Kiev is Founded

February 1, 2074 - NIEA unanimously votes to create anti-bioweapon task force

February 8, 2074 - Bradyia Pirates win UIFL Championship vs Knights

February 14, 2074 - The City of Seattac is Founded

April 10, 2074 - The War of Hegemony Begins

April 16, 2075 - Second Delta War Arbitration Tribunal Begins

April 25, 2074 - The City of Nova Liberty is Founded

August 17, 2074 - Barracuda Squadron kills George Ivanov in Marina Bay

November 2, 2074 - The United Imperium gains a position within TFP Milcom

November 3, 2074 - The United Imperium begins the Ayyslamic Counter War

December 1, 2074 - The Ayyslamic Counter War ends in a draw

December 7, 2074 - The War of Hegemony Ends in a TFP Victory

December 8, 2074 - The War on Dreamistan begins

January 23, 2075 - The War on Dreamistan ends in Imperium Victory

February 15, 2075 - Stars Hollow Patriots win UIFL Championship vs Eagles

March 25, 2075 - The City of Fort Evergreen is Founded

June 31, 2075 - President Lincoln Wins A Third Term in Office

August 10, 2075 - The City of Port Lusitania is Founded

September 4, 2075 - The United Imperium becomes nuclear capable

December 13, 2075 - The Hall of Professors is Founded

January 7, 2076 - The Imperium Space Exploration Agency is Founded 

February 8, 2076 - Jericho Glenn becomes the first American to go to space

February 10, 2076 - The United Imperium Signs the Elysium Treaty, Finalizing Second Delta War Reparations

February 15, 2076 - Eisenhower Generals win UIFL Championship vs Knights

April 16, 2076 - The City of Newark is Founded

May 2, 2076 - Aldrin Shepard becomes the first man from the United Imperium to go to the moon

July 4, 2076 - Tricentennial of the United States of America

September 2, 2076 - Dark Crystal War/Pirate War Begins

October 13, 2076 - The City of Seal Point is Founded

November 16, 2076 - Dark Crystal War/Pirate War Ends

January 1, 2077 - The City of Phantomia is Founded

January 10, 2077 - The United Imperium formally enters the Cilgwri Civil War

February 13, 2077 - The United Imperium Creates the Uranium/Lithium Mining Initiative

February 15, 2077 - Roosevelt Eagles win UIFL Championship vs New Washington Panthers

February 21, 2077 - The Zacharia Mutants win the TFP Baseball Tournament

March 1, 2077 - The Hand of Fate Blitz Begins

June 21, 2077 - The Hand of Fate Blitz Ends in White Peace

June 22, 2077 - Vegas Confederacy War Begins

September 9, 2077 - The City of The Grave of Technoblade is Founded

November 6, 2077 - The Vegas Confederacy War Ends in a Draw

November 29, 2077 - President Lincoln Orders Air Force Tactical Redesign

January 31st, 2078 - The Roosevelt Eagles win UIFL Championship vs Balboa Knights

February 28th, 2078 - The City of Alexandria is Founded

March 16, 2078 - The Roosevelt University Founders win College Basketball Tournament vs Michigan 

April 8, 2078 - The United Imperium Wins the World Cup against Osiris

June 1, 2078 - The United Imperium Founds Embassy Row

July 16, 2078 - The United Imperium formally intervenes in the Pahang-Dreamistan War (Gulf of Tonkin War)

September 9, 2078 - The United Imperium Founds Anniversary

October 10, 2078 - The United Imperium defeats Dreamistan in the Gulf of Tonkin War

January 8, 2079 - The United Imperium Founds New Tokio

March 1, 2079 - The United Imperium Formally Intervenes in the Elysian Civil War

April 21, 2079 - The United Imperium Founds Cantave Iten Detroit

June 27, 2080 - Tristan Roosevelt Defeats Rysander Regan in the 2080 Presidential Election

September 17, 2080 - The United Imperium Declares War on Nukeya

October 11, 2080 - The City of Cracked Opal is Founded

January 31, 2081 - Nukeya Wins the War of '81

March 2, 2081 - The United Imperium Declares war on Tagros and Dreamistan

April 16, 2081 - The United Imperium Defeats Tagros and Dreamistan

November 6, 2081 - The Great Chaos Begins

September 15, 2083 - The Great Chaos Ends

January 23, 2086 - The City of Pacifica is Founded
March 31, 2090 - The City of Pulisichia is Founded
April 8, 2090 - The United Imperium becomes the first nation in history to land on Mars

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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: The United Imperium
Leader Name: Rysander Regan
Currency: Currency Image
National Animal: National Animal Image
Bald eagle
History: On the ninth of June, 2059, the United Imperium declared independence from the Communist Monarchy of Canada. After a brutal six year war, the United Imperium successfully broke away from the Canadians, forming the Republic of the United Imperium on the 22nd of June, 2065. President George D. Lincoln was elected to the presidency soon afterwards. From this point to Christmas of 2066 was the period of expansion, in which the United Imperium built eight cities and greatly expanded it's land area. Then, everything stopped when the Carolina Republic Misstrike took 116 foreign civilian lives. President Lincoln immediately ordered a halt to the conflict but the damage had been done: the economy would spiral downwards for over a year, until the Freedom to Buy act in May 2068 fixed the damage. In November of that year, the United Imperium triumphed over Richard's Kingdom, and the leader, Kelsenky, was eliminated as a result of a three billion dollar bounty, the greatest military triumph of the nation to date. In 2070, President Lincoln was elected to a second term, and the Ironworks initiative brought the GDP over 1 billion dollars for the first time. In 2071, GWXX occured, leading to white peace between TFP/affiliates and Clockwater. In the same year, the UIFL crowned it's first champion. The summer of that year would see the first invocation of the Piracy Counter Initiative against Moniyan Empire, which was successfully executed. Spring of the following year would bring prosperity and expansion, as well as the Imperium's promotion to TFP, while September brought a very tense battle against the Timurid Empire, another victory against pirates. In January 2073, the United Imperium stood down North Aquisomnia in a military standoff, and in February, the New Washington Panthers stunned the world to win the UIFL Championship. Summer would see the creation of five new cities, the most since the original founding of the city. In 2074, in response to a growing bioterrorism threat, the Imperium established the Anti-Biochemical Weapons Task Force, and in April, the War of Hegemony Began. August would see Barracuda Squadron kill the notorious Ivanov, a great triumph. In November, the Imperium gained a coveted position within TFP Milcom, and would also counter the Ayyslamic Caliphate in response to an attack on La Punta. The war would end in a draw. By December 2074, the War of Hegemony ended in a TFP Victory, and the day after, the Imperium, Igua-Sul, and FRS declared war on Dreamistan. The two month war would end in an immense triumph for the coalition forces. In February, the Stars Hollow Patriots won the UIFL Championship.
Continent: North America
Land Area: 273,587.80 sq. km
Terrain: The terrain of the United Imperium is largely flat. The soils have been enriched due to their proximity to the Mississippi River, making them extremely fertile. Along the coast of Lake Michigan, there are several rocky bluffs rich in natural resources. The bluffs themselves are protected by the federal government, but in non-protected areas, mining companies extract valuable resources from the ground. The lake itself, a key part of Imperium life, freezes over in the wintertime as a result of the location of the lake and the United Imperium.
Highest Peak: Mt. Roosevelt, 1,269 meters
Lowest Valley: Illinois Valley, 240 meters
Climate: The climate of the United Imperium is only slightly affected by the radiation unleashed by wars past. The United Imperium is a very windy place (the average wind speed is a cool ten miles per hour), and in the summer, temperatures do not pass 85 degrees (the strongest effect of radiation). There is very little rain in the summer, but in the spring and fall, rain happens very frequently, almost every day. In winter, snows and high winds create very nasty snowstorms that are also abnormally frequent. The United Imperium receives roughly 40 inches of precipitation a year. The temperature range is -40 degrees to 80 degrees normally here.
People & Society
Population: 12,685,521 people
Demonym: American, Orbisian, Korean
Demonym Plural: Americans, Orbisians, Koreans
Ethnic Groups: American - 69.4%
Orbisian - 24.0%
Korean - 6.6%
Languages: English - 98.1%
Spanish - 54.2%
Orbish - 51.6%
Religions: Atheism - 64.1%
Socratism - 16.9%
Buddhism - 5.2%
Life Expectancy: 87 years
Obesity: 6.9%
Alcohol Users: 41.5%
Tobacco Users: 6.9%
Cannabis Users: 2.1%
Hard Drug Users: 0.2%
Description: This nation has a capitalist economy in which government is very limited in regulation and rules regarding the economy. The United Imperium has a very strong anti-monopoly stance and seeks to eliminate economic control from any relevant parties. In addition, the United Imperium strongly encourages foreign trade while at the same time emphasizes maintaining industry at the home front.
Average Yearly Income: $337.10
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $13,374,441,239.00
GDP per Capita: $1,054.31
Gross National Income (GNI): $9,259,257,585.00
Industries: The major industries include tourism, steel milling, iron mining, uranium mining, coal mining, military exports, and power plant exports. The United Imperium places great value in the ability of the nation to gain profits which in turn benefit the people, and the opportune location of the United Imperium on the south shores of Lake Michigan allow these industries to thrive here.
History: The armed forces of the United Imperium are actually a modern iteration of the Chicago Continental Armed Forces. In rebellion from the tyrannical Communist Monarchy of Canada, the armed forces were formed in order to stave off the evil Canadian Monarchy. After the United Imperium gained independence from the Canadians, it was determined by the founding fathers that the armed forces of the Continental Armed forces would have to be reorganized to protect the young nation. As a result, the United Imperium formed an Army, Navy, Air Force, and Space Force. Later, the United Imperium would implement an Intelligence Agency into the United Imperium Military ranks.
Soldiers: 0
Tanks: 25,500
Aircraft: 2,550
Ships: 170
Missiles: 6
Nuclear Weapons: 2
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