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Packet Switched Network

Packet Switched Network is a nation led by Sysadmin Hamiltenor on the continent of North America. Packet Switched Network's government is a Noocracy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Packet Switched Network favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Packet Switched Network is the Bitcoin. At 1,630 days old, Packet Switched Network is an ancient nation. Packet Switched Network has a population of 1,145,824 and a land area of 130,640.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 8.77. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is plentiful with an approval rating of 83.8361%.


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1)12/05/2018 03:10 am Heroes for hire BankPacket Switched NetworkAussietopolis$0.0050,,000.0015,000.00
2)12/03/2018 02:43 am Heroes for hire BankPacket Switched NetworkAussietopolis$15,000,,000.00
3)12/02/2018 11:03 pm Heroes for hire BankPacket Switched NetworkAussietopolis$,000.000.00
4)11/28/2018 12:05 am Black Knights BankPacket Switched Network$413,944.00116.001.004.0055.
5)11/27/2018 08:56 pm Black Knights BankPacket Switched NetworkCatikstan$215,853.0066.000.001.0032.
6)11/25/2018 11:09 pm BankPacket Switched NetworkGladius$,000.005,000.0010,000.005,000.00
7)11/23/2018 10:37 pm Black Knights BankPacket Switched NetworkHouse Freer$555,623.00456.007.007.00102.
8)11/05/2018 12:05 pm Rose BankPacket Switched Network300 Spartans$1,230,525.00779.004.0020.0042.0012.007.0052.00291.0082.00340.0063.00
9)11/05/2018 11:42 am Terminus Est BankPacket Switched NetworkNordland$611,461.0097.0011.
10)11/05/2018 11:38 am World Task Force BankPacket Switched NetworkVladland$1,310,348.0011,257.00246.00191.002,543.00120.00211.00705.00204.001,298.00837.00648.00
11)11/05/2018 02:44 am Packet Switched NetworkGrumpy Old Bastards BankPacket Switched Network$115,000,000.0050,,,000.00
12)11/03/2018 12:20 pm Packet Switched NetworkGrumpy Old Bastards BankPacket Switched Network$440,000,000.00378,000.003,800.00236.006,300.00266.002,000.00814.0040,000.0040,000.0090,000.0065,000.00
13)10/27/2018 06:25 pm Fark BankPacket Switched NetworkYakgolia$
14)10/27/2018 06:24 pm Fark BankPacket Switched NetworkHivestonia$
15)10/26/2018 08:54 pm Pantheon BankPacket Switched NetworkIngham County$2,090,458.004,676.0022.0013.0060.0023.0015.0019.00454.00635.00160.00371.00

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