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The People's Republic of Markovia is a nation led by Sir Sam Cooper on the continent of South America. The People's Republic of Markovia's government is a Dictatorship with very liberal social policies. Economically, The People's Republic of Markovia favors moderate policies. The official currency of The People's Republic of Markovia is the Bitcoin. At 338 days old, The People's Republic of Markovia is an old nation. The People's Republic of Markovia has a population of 1,862,812 and a land area of 40,800.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 45.66. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

The People's Republic of Markovia

Markovia is a nation founded after a long violent revolution led by Sir Sam Cooper against the corrupt and incapable former leaders.

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The Year of Revolution : 2016 (3rd Re-roll)

📈Alliance History📈

United Revolutionary Armies ☭

The Socialist Union ☭

The Fighting Pacifists 🕊️

Ragnarok 🛡️

Orbis State Troopers 👮‍♂️

Rose 🌹

The Dixie Union 🏴󠁩󠁳󠀸󠁿

The Immortals ☥

Arrgh! 🏴‍☠️

⚔️War History⚔️


Collapse in the Mines

The Great Leak War

Not Ending Piracy

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1)08/03/2020 05:41 am MarkoviaArrgh BankMarkovia$40,000,,000.000.00
2)08/01/2020 08:09 pm United Socialist Nations BankMarkoviaKrakostoa$578,188.00158.0018.
3)08/01/2020 02:03 pm Horsemen BankMarkoviaKingdom of Dorama$6,189,725.007,
4)08/01/2020 02:03 pm Carthago BankMarkoviaWayuu$13,257.0022.000.0017.
5)08/01/2020 12:58 pm Assyrian Empire BankMarkoviaModern Soviet Union$589,153.00345.0057.003.0047.008.0022.000.0044.00192.00415.0034.00
6)07/30/2020 05:20 am MarkoviaArrgh BankMarkovia$,000.008,
7)07/28/2020 07:00 pm Arrgh BankMarkoviaRage$140,000,
8)07/28/2020 06:03 pm Global Alliance & Treaty Organization BankMarkoviaAusland$6,046,153.0067.0022.0098.0038.0066.00212.0016.00180.0054.00190.0026.00
9)07/28/2020 02:31 am Polaris BankMarkoviaRose Kingdom$869,249.00291.001.00239.00177.0011.005.0049.00150.00101.00160.0067.00
10)07/28/2020 02:29 am Schrute Farms BankMarkoviaLatvija$5,138,070.005,,062.00792.00855.00845.00
11)07/28/2020 02:27 am The Ampersand BankMarkoviaEarth Recolonisation Program$7,
12)07/22/2020 05:17 am MarkoviaArrgh BankMarkovia$50,000,
13)07/07/2020 06:02 pm Rose BankMarkoviaRepublic of Stone Land$756,476.00418.0036.0027.0042.0010.008.0035.0035.0040.0058.00135.00
14)07/07/2020 02:07 pm The Commonwealth BankMarkoviaSergio clones Empire$579,111.00930.
15)07/06/2020 06:17 pm The Knights Radiant BankMarkoviaAussie SPQR$369,573.00123.

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