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The Galaxy of Interstellar is a nation led by Fleet Commander Espoir on the continent of Antarctica. The Galaxy of Interstellar's government is a Democracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Galaxy of Interstellar favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Galaxy of Interstellar is the Bus Tokens. At 382 days old, The Galaxy of Interstellar is an ancient nation. The Galaxy of Interstellar has a population of 2,047,017 and a land area of 28,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 73.11. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Current FA, Milcom, and Leader of Psi
Fellow Weeb

Do you want an attrition war or a spy operation? Message me!
Come here for peace? dm me on discord or in-game to discuss
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Nothing Vulgar, Max 2,000 characters

rerolled nation- No, I won't tell you who I used to be :D
Formerly known as Proximity - (6/24/2019 - 2/6/2020)


Interstellar (9/27/19 - 1/23/20)
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Heaven's Gate (1/23/20 - 2/13/2020)
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World Task Force (2/13/2020 - 2/25/2020)
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Psi (2/25/2020 - 3/31/2020)
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Arrgh (3/31/2020 - Present
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7k tanks and 114 ships at 1400 score - 11/20/2019
Top 500(#490) - 1/28/2020(2337.80)
Peak Score - 2490 - 3/31/2020

My only ever war loss-

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1)05/27/2020 04:04 pm Arrgh BankInterstellarSouth Appalachia$102,800,000.0050,000.002,307.1617,852.033,300.00285.82857.76620.0010,345.1220,286.044,127.329,112.15
2)05/07/2020 10:55 pm InterstellarArrgh BankInterstellar$35,000,000.0050,000.002,307.1610,852.033,300.00285.82857.76620.007,845.1220,286.044,127.329,112.15
3)05/07/2020 10:52 pm Psi BankInterstellarJonland$34,482,670.5852,108.50531.67273.532,637.91278.65856.82602.107,150.8217,713.222,982.328,038.69
4)04/24/2020 12:54 pm InterstellarArrgh BankInterstellar$25,000,,
5)04/20/2020 06:17 pm Arrgh BankInterstellarSwedgeland$,500.001,000.001,000.00
6)04/13/2020 07:08 pm InterstellarArrgh BankInterstellar$,
7)04/13/2020 12:59 pm InterstellarArrgh BankInterstellar$10,000,
8)04/10/2020 03:52 pm Arrgh BankInterstellarSwedgeland$32,200,
9)04/09/2020 10:06 pm The Knights of The Blood Oath BankInterstellarKingdom of Kendromia$3,
10)04/09/2020 03:00 pm Arrgh BankInterstellarSwedgeland$,000.000.00
11)04/09/2020 10:48 am Arrgh BankInterstellarThe Irken Empire$,000.001,000.000.001,000.00
12)04/08/2020 06:24 am InterstellarArrgh BankInterstellar$25,000,
13)04/07/2020 07:48 pm InterstellarArrgh BankInterstellar$10,000,
14)04/07/2020 07:23 pm InterstellarArrgh BankInterstellar$30,000,,500.003,500.002,000.002,000.00
15)04/04/2020 08:38 pm Arrgh BankInterstellarSwedgeland$17,800,,000.002,000.000.003,000.00

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