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The Empire Of Ironfist is a nation led by Emperor Dillon I on the continent of North America. The Empire Of Ironfist's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, The Empire Of Ironfist favors moderate policies. The official currency of The Empire Of Ironfist is the Dollar. At 141 days old, The Empire Of Ironfist is a mature nation. The Empire Of Ironfist has a population of 1,716,152 and a land area of 15,975.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 107.43. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is plentiful with an approval rating of 91.6346%.

"Speak softly and carry around a big stick." -Theodore Roosevelt

I would recommend not attacking me as I have multiple friends that can counter you and another that will place a multi-million dollar bounty on you, not to mention one that has a nuke. Missiles will be launched at your nation by me free of charge. So ask yourself, "Is it REALLY worth attacking him?" The answer is no. I would recommend that you keep on scrolling.

Alcoholic beverages and cannabis are illegal. All citizens who have not committed a federal crime are allowed to possess firearms, but no explosive weapons are allowed. The government will provide scholarships for secondary education, provided the student puts forth community service and has shown that he/she is able to do well. Marriage is defined as between a male and female, and polygamy is illegal. Abortion is illegal, unless the woman was raped.

Yochu-Namana-Zuchi = Mutual Defense Plan/Open Trading
Butlandion Era = Mutual Defense Plan/ Open Trading
Lafinacus = Non-Attack Pact
Bad Unboxing = Open Trade

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1)06/26/2019 08:06 pm Rose BankIronfistLondon$929,837.00357.006.0015.0014.
2)06/26/2019 04:04 pm Rose BankIronfistIndi$432,092.00171.
3)06/26/2019 02:04 pm Rose BankIronfistDuchy of Karaco$709,014.00287.005.0012.0011.
4)06/25/2019 10:17 pm Knights Templar BankIronfistNew Macedonia$21,877.00171.
5)06/21/2019 11:12 pm European States BankIronfistSweeden$
6)06/19/2019 12:54 pm Empyrea BankIronfistCanterland$376,943.0020.0075.00152.00113.00116.0051.0033.0055.0073.0019.00238.00
7)06/03/2019 02:17 am BankIronfistVirgin Islands$141,282.00226.
8)05/31/2019 02:28 pm The Commonwealth BankIronfistThe United Sovereignty$23,531,
9)05/15/2019 11:07 am Ironfist BankIronfist$0.000.0030.005.0079.004.0050.0027.
10)05/12/2019 03:46 am Ironfist BankIronfist$0.000.0070.
11)05/02/2019 12:30 am The Dixie Union BankIronfistNickajack$3,570,
12)05/02/2019 12:28 am IronfistThe Dixie Union BankIronfist$,000.000.00
13)05/01/2019 10:43 pm The Dixie Union BankIronfistNickajack$12,000,
14)04/08/2019 10:31 pm United Alliance for Freedom BankIronfistItalian$3,657.
15)04/05/2019 12:42 am The Dixie Union BankIronfistQuigley$7,000,

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